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Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two 

"Hi team, I really had a good time at the Carcosa last week. I took my best friend and we really enjoyed the time there. Having tea in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, it was simply GREAT!. I wanted to also comment maybe the tea could have more variety of food being offered. Being ramadhan, maybe they could have thrown in some local kuih as well. Something for them to consider I guess. I am really thankful that you had this experience. I never would have thought that you can actually go there. So thank you again!! God Bless and keep up the good work.:) Cheers!" - Mandip Kaur 

Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two





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  1. Urban Foot Reflexology

    Urban Foot Reflexology

    Been running all over the place lately and causing discomfort to your feet? We forget how much pressure we exert on our feet and the importance of keeping our feet healthy.
    Foot reflexology is an advanced treatment that helps cure foot soreness and stress accumulated by the daily activities and pressure. Specific pressure points on the feet are massaged to assist in the relief of stress and tension greatly improving circulation and foster a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.
    This treatment is a private treatment with just you and your therapist to fully achieve the desired results. The wellbeing of feet should not be overlooked to avoid any aches and problems in the future and keep your feet firmly on the ground for any challenges that you will face.
    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.


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    Code: URUFRI

  2. Fly Yoga Ten Sessions

    Fly Yoga Ten Sessions

    Ever thought about attaining peace of mind by practicing yoga in a more exciting yet challenging way? Well, look no further than our Fly Yoga Session – a ten-class pass with a certified yoga instructor, you’ll practice specific yoga poses utilising a suspended hammock. Each tricky and strenuous hour-long session will help you focus on your coordination and concentration skills with demanding asanas (yoga postures) that are the perfect way to advance your yoga knowledge.

    Utilizing the benefits of gravity to work on your core balance and body weight training, this rewarding and fun experience will leave you with numerous therapeutic, physiological benefits. Just be sure to complete all ten classes within eleven weeks of your first class. To sweeten the honey pot, this experience also entitles you to a complimentary Qi Gong session, so don’t miss out! This experience is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners.

    This experience includes:

    • Ten Yoga classes


    Tentative Schedule for classes:

    1. Tuesdays at 7.45 pm

    2. Wednesdays at 7.45 pm


    Note : RedRibbon Days will only arrange for the first session and you will have to arrange the remaining sessions with the instructor.

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    Code: AAYSTYSI

  3. Flyyoga Taster Experience

    Flyyoga Taster Experience

    Let’s face it – you’ve always been interested in yoga but the idea of trying it out on your own was always a little daunting. Well, fret no more – with our Flyyoga Taster Course you don’t have to go at it alone, as you’ll get to bring a partner along, whether it’s your better half, best friend or even a sibling!

    Common goals and peer pressure will work to your advantage with this experience! In your joint goal to indulge in the healthy, yoga way of life, you’ll have an instant companion to help spur each other on – whether your goal is losing stubborn weight, increasing flexibility or toning up your muscles.
    Utilising a suspended hammock, each class will have you and your partner focusing on coordination with demanding asanas (yoga postures) while concentrating on gravity, to help you work on your core balance and body weight training.

    You’ll leave each class with smiles and giggles on your faces as well as with unseen-but-there therapeutic and physiological benefits. This experience is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners.

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  1. Yoga of Your Choice

    Yoga of Your Choice

    Yoga – the art of transforming body and consciousness – was once considered a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline to achieve a state of permanent peace through breathing techniques, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

    Today, it is a global phenomenon practiced by millions seeking spiritual insight and better health. No matter if you’re a novice or a master yoga practitioner, the Yoga Of Your Choice experience will be sure to help you achieve your goals – whether you are looking to simply learn how to wake up well rested and energetic, or if you’re looking to gain body flexibility, good posture and muscle tone.

    Select from : 

    1. Hatha yoga
    2. Restorative yoga
    3. Flow yoga
    4. Tripsichore yoga


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    Code: AAYSYOYC

  2. Truefitt & Hill’s Exclusive Combination

    Truefitt & Hill’s Exclusive Combination

    To some,shaving is an art and if you are one of the few who share this belief then try Truefitt & Hill which is a renowned barbershop regarded as one of the world’s oldest. For over 200 years, Truefitt & Hill has provided discerning gentlemen with only the finest in grooming services.

    Don’t just stop at our shaving experience but sit back and rest as your feet soaks in a purifying foot bath before having your feet pedicured to perfection and nails buffed to look clean and polished. This is followed by a skin smoothing massage to relax those tensed muscles. After which, you will be treated to a Truefitt & Hill’s exclusive Spa Manicure that will help relax, nourish and leave your hands thoroughly pampered and revitalized.Your service is then perfected with a nail buff and a moisturizing massage.

    Last but not least how is it possible to leave the place without Truefitt & Hill head massage that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and helps relieve tightness around your neck and shoulders, which helps increase blood circulation. This is followed by a face massage that leaves your skin looking bright, supple and fresh. Complete your Truefitt & Hill experience with a complimentary shoe shining experience so take a few more minutes to relax and enjoy while you have your shoes polished.

    Package Includes:
    • 1x The Ultimate Shaving Experience (45 Minutes)
    • 1x Spa Manicure (75 Minutes)
    • 1x Spa Pedicure (75 Minutes)
    • 1x Head Massage (30 Minutes)
    • 1x Face Massage (30 Minutes)
    • A complimentary shoe shine service

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    Code: NTHT&HECI

  3. Frangipani Body Glow (KL)

    Frangipani Body Glow (KL)

    You're too busy keeping up with your hectic daily life that you forgot to pamper that weaken body of yours? Oh? It's not you? Well, either way this experience is just perfect! Be it you or your loved ones or that special someone, this experience will not disappoint you!

    Entice that body to an exfoliation with a difference. Dryness of the skin will be sloughed away with warmed oils drizzled over your body along with the sumptuous Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow that will leave you energised and your skin purified after a shower. Your body will also be embalmed with Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Oil that simply melts that stress and tension away! Not just that, you will be rewarded with a relaxing scalp massage and a mini facial treatment while you are wrapped up in our fragrant cocoon!

    You will have to choose to carry out this experience from any of our 3 spa centre locations. Our Balinese massage will surely make you leave our spa centre in utter amazment at the end of the treatment! So grab yourself or reward your loved ones with this amazing experience!

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  1. Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial (KK)

    Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial (KK)

    Spot a wrinkle in your face? Is it the time to rejuvenate your face? Pamper yourself at Mandara Spa with Elemis Pro-Collagen Lift Facial. Led by the award winning efficacy for anti-aging and skincare range, Elemis' formulation are designed to dynamically treat the skin with proven result. The formula are made with both natural ingredients and scientific formula for maximum therapeutic activity.

    Clinically proven, after just one treatment, to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improves skin firmness by up to 57%. Uses professional strength  formulations for maximum efficacy, leaving a firmer, uplifted, more youthful looking appearance.

    The unique spa-therapy menu will offer you with an unparalled experience, and power-boosting facials to ensure visible results are achieved.

    Don't hesitate and embrace the new form of facial evolution.

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  2. Oxygen Therapy Massage (KK)

    Oxygen Therapy Massage (KK)

    Our luxurious spa is housed at The Magellan Sutera Resort, a spacious two-storey tropical spa with décor and architecture that fuses an eclectic mix of Asian influences. Warm woods and lush foliage create a tropical ambiance with a somewhat contemporary interpretation.

    Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by exotic aromas of spices and pure essential oils, and the gentle sounds of soothing music; that will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss. The Sabahan spa therapists possess genuine warmth and hospitality which together with their skills, make for a wonderfully heartwarming and enjoyable experience. Whether this treat is for yourself or a loved one, this is an experience that is pure bliss and provides a sensory adventure and uplifting escape.

    Energise and beat end-of-day fatigue. Breathing pure oxygen has been proven to boost the immune system and promote cell regeneration. Begin with a 20-minute inhalation of pure oxygen, simple yet powerful in balancing your body's energy. Combined with a relaxing massage to increase circulation and relieve tension, the treatment enhances mental clarity, alertness; whilst improving mood, concentration levels and overall well-being.

    Go ahead and have an unforgettable massage experience for you. This is the perfect experience like no other ordinary massages.

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  3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial (KL)

    Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial (KL)

    Have you ever wake up in the morning on a fine day just to realise that you have wrinkles on your face when you look in the mirror? Don’t you just hate to see it every time you looked in the mirror? This experience is the answer!

    Our Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improves skin firmness by up to 57% after just one treatment. Isn’t that awesome? It is also uses professional strength formulations for maximum efficacy, leaving a firmer, uplifted, more youthful looking appearance.

    Bid your farewell to that old looking skin and say hi to a younger looking skin! You will have to choose to carry out this experience from any of our 3 spa centre locations. What are you waiting for? Get this experience now!   

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