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Glamping Rendezvous

First foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Red Ribbons for arranging such an wonderful experience. To further add on, I received EXCELLENT customer service from Ramyah which made the planning for this experience smooth sailing. The service was simply remarkable and should be adopted by all individuals in the service line.

On the other hand, Tanah Aina was simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the experience. The staff were well manner and possessed good hospitality. They were warm and welcoming. The environment was clean ( No flies were swatted) and the waitress were efficient and kept to  top cleanliness.

The experience was simply adventurous ( wasn't much rough and tough though... but enjoyable) and most importantly the concept of instilling about conserving the nature was an eye opener. 

To sum up, the ambiance in Tanah Aina was just breathtaking. Strongly recommended! Cheers and well done again!!


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  1. Pampering Speciality Thalgo Massage

    Pampering Speciality Thalgo Massage

    A lovely pampering session can sometimes be the cure to a weary mind. This package is the perfect experience for those who have been working too hard and just want to spend some time relaxing and recuperate from a long week of work.
    With products that are marine and plant based derived from the ocean’s natural resources, you will indulge in a session of pure relaxation to ease your troubles and truly rest your body, mind and soul. These Thalgo products are renowned for its attributes in helping one revitalise, heal and rebalance their health and well-being. Coupled with the finest service during your experience with unparalleled dedication, your needs will be carefully analysed into creating the best possible experience you can get at a spa.
    You will find yourself spoilt with the finest selections of treatments and services such as an aromatherapy massage and Thalgo essential oils, a relieving body scrub and usage of the steam room for 120 minutes that will rejuvenate your skin and give you that silky smooth skin you’ve always wanted. The ambience is just lovely as well, from the moment your step into our spa you will notice the class and taste that is our spa.
    Take pleasure in this wholesome experience and leave your worries behind and enter a state of pure serenity and soothing calmness that will make you feel light and free.
    This package includes:
    Aromatherapy massage
    Choices of Thalgo essential oils
    Steam room
    Body scrub
    Note: Pregnant women are advised to notify the spa prior to the experience to inform the masseurs of your pregnancy and what other precautions they need to take.


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  2. Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Having a little bit of sore muscles? Feeling a bit uncomfortable with your old sports injuries? To the athletes out there suffering from aching muscles, a deep tissue massage is just what you need.
    Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue. It focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles and therefore making it an ideal treatment for athletes who are involved in heavy physical activity.
    This treatment utilises firm strokes on deeper layers of muscle tissues and deep finger pressure focused on specific areas that ultimately helps to breakdown any “knots” in the muscles and grant a significant amount of relieve in the muscles.
    This treatment is a private treatment with just you and your therapist to fully achieve the desired results. Suitable for all athletes, you will feel brand new by the time you are done and ready to go back stronger.
    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.


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    Code: URDTMI

  3. Massage for the Expectant Mom

    Massage for the Expectant Mom

    Want to treat your lovely pregnant wife to something nice and relaxing? It is no easy feat bearing a child and so, why not help relieve some of the pressures of being an expectant mom by sending your wife to a massage tailored specifically for expectant moms?
    Obviously, your main concern is the safety of your wife and child but prenatal massage is like many other massage practices; its goal is to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and to just make expectant mothers feel good. The therapist is specially trained in prenatal massages that carefully attend to the needs of a pregnant woman.
    With a delicate touch and soft massages that helps to reduce anxiety and much attention is paid to the lower back, hips and neck to relieve muscle cramps. But this is as beneficial to the baby as it is to the mother. Studies have shown that a relaxing prenatal massage, the body naturally releases endorphins. These hormones traverse the placenta and ultimately soothe and relax the baby.
    It is important that an expectant mom feels as good as she possibly can and keep her spirits up and there are few better ways to do so than to indulge them in a therapeutic prenatal massage.
    Our spa recently won the Harper's Bazaar Spa Award 2013 for the category of Best Pre-Natal Massage amongst many other categories. So you can rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands of professional. 
    NOTE: This package is only available for pregnant women and you only need to advise the therapist on how far along you are with your pregnancy for them to adjust accordingly.


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    Code: URMFTEMI

  1. Urban Foot Reflexology

    Urban Foot Reflexology

    Been running all over the place lately and causing discomfort to your feet? We forget how much pressure we exert on our feet and the importance of keeping our feet healthy.
    Foot reflexology is an advanced treatment that helps cure foot soreness and stress accumulated by the daily activities and pressure. Specific pressure points on the feet are massaged to assist in the relief of stress and tension greatly improving circulation and foster a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.
    This treatment is a private treatment with just you and your therapist to fully achieve the desired results. The wellbeing of feet should not be overlooked to avoid any aches and problems in the future and keep your feet firmly on the ground for any challenges that you will face.
    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.


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    Code: URUFRI

  2. Oxygen Facial Therapy

    Oxygen Facial Therapy

    We live in the city so it is no surprise that our skin is exposed all forms of bacteria and strains. This can cause damage to our skin such as dull complexions, dehydrated skin and a host of other negative effects. A great way to care for your facial skin is to take up a treatment of Oxygen Oasis therapy.
    So, what exactly is Oxygen Oasis therapy? You see, as we age oxygen does not make it into our skin cells as quickly and efficiently as before thus leading to unwanted wrinkles and we don’t need to tell you that our appearance acts as a form of business card and speaks volumes in today’s world. When we do not receive enough oxygen for our skin, it becomes more sensitive to environmental factors thus making the wrinkles becoming more visible and having red patches due to irritation. What the oxygen facial therapy is designed to do is to supplement the amount of oxygen the skin needs to reduce wrinkles, red patches and dehydration.
    This facial therapy is suitable for all skin types and conditions working for both men and women. The skin feels rejuvenated, hydrated, refreshed and improves complexion overall. This facial therapy is known to have quick effects on the skin with your skin reacting to it far quicker. All those problems of damaged skin, sagging and uneven skin tones will be reduced significantly. Painless and non-abrasive, this treatment is designed to provide a stress-free and relaxing experience altogether.
    Roll back the years on your skin and bid farewell to such problems for as long as you maintain this treatment. Feel rejuvenated, confident and exuberant after this experience. This form of treatment is so effective that celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Justin Timberlake among others have taken up this treatment on a regular basis.
    This package includes:
    An Oxygen facial therapy for 2 hours
    Professionally trained and experienced therapists
    NOTE: This package is for 1 session only. For future sessions, arrangements can be made directly with the therapist.
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    Code: KVFOFTI

  3. Full Body Relaxing & Re-Energizing Treatment

    Full Body Relaxing & Re-Energizing Treatment

    Feeling a little sore from sitting too long in the office everyday? Want a relaxing massage that will re-energize your body completely? Then this package is right up your alley! A Bellabaci cupping therapy with many health benefits to ease your aching problems and rejuvenate your body entirely.
    A Bellabaci cup is a silicone hand-squeezed vacuum cup which creates suction on the surface of the body. This suction creates a rush of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin which helps increase lympathic circulation that drains away taste products and materials. It is a popular and widely used treatment for muscles and digestive related issues as well as adiposity.
    The results are remarkable as stagnation is eliminated, cellular metabolism and dermal respiration is intensified. Your skin’s elasticity and muscular functionality is improved. The Bellabaci cupping therapy also helps tones the skin, removes toxins and generally relaxes and rejuvenates the body – perfect for those sore uscles and joint pains from constantly sitting for long hours or from a sports injury. It works wonders on the back, legs, abdomen and arms as it loosens adhesions, improves joint mobility, range of movement and also has a positive effect on arthritis.
    How would you feel afterwards? You will experience deep warmth and tingling sensation long after the treatment has ended. The effects on the nervous system are very sedating and you will descend into a profound state of relaxation.
    A revitalized and rejuvenated you can freely say goodbye to sore muscles and joints, unwanted body weight and less flattering skin conditions. This treatment is designed to treat the root of the cause and help relax and re-energize your entire body, keeping your body in check for life’s challenges.
    This package includes:
    A Bellabaci cupping therapy
    Professionally trained and experienced therapists
    NOTE: This package is for 1 session only. For future sessions, arrangements can be made directly with the therapist.
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  1. Complete Vanity Fair Treatment

    Complete Vanity Fair Treatment

    Most of us know that sun exposure or more commonly known as ultraviolet (UV) light is bad for the skin and causes pigmentation. But UV rays can also be damaging to collagen and elastin fibres with up to 89% of visible ageing are caused by sun exposure, which results in loss of radiance, wrinkles and pigmented spots. It is safe to say that UV light is skin’s main enemy.
    The UV De-Age Total-Resurface treatment is an ancient micro-organism used to “de-age” your skin making it look younger, healthier and more vibrant. To further compliment this treatment you will be going through is a 160ml bottle of Water Shock Comforting Emulsion Cleanser consisting of five key ingredients with the main ingredient being the Alpine “Wild Water”. This Alpine “Wild Water” is a skin-friendly water containing precious minerals such as magnesium and calcium as well as high content gold that helps strengthen and boost the skin’s metabolism while detoxifying it.
    The Cell Shock Eye treatment is a refreshing serum that helps structure the delicate eye area which is prone to signs of aging. The entire eye zone is immediately lifted and its tone is increased over time, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. To go with this treatment is the Cell Shock Neck Firming treatment, a silky and refreshing cream which helps to stimulate, regenerate and lift the skin of the vulnerable neck and chin area leaving the skin distinctively soft and refined.
    Now, a complete vanity fair treatment wouldn’t be complete without a manicure and pedicure session to keep your hands and feet looking as delicate as ever followed by a relaxing hair was and blow dry to give you a complete transformation.
    By the end of this experience, you will come out feeling like a new person completely rejuvenated and looking sharp and elegant. Younger, healthier and brighter skin together with softly refined skin and silky smooth hair to ensure you look your best taking on the world.
    This package includes:
    UV De-Age Total-Resurface Treatment
    160ml bottle of Water Shock Comforting Emulsion Cleanser
    Cell Shock Eye Treatment
    Cell Shock Neck Firming Treatment
    Manicure and Pedicure
    Hair Wash and Blow Dry (Additional charges may be incurred for hair longer than shoulder length)
    Professionally trained and experienced therapists
    NOTE: This package is for 1 session only. For future sessions, arrangements can be made directly with the therapist.


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    Code: KVFCVFTI

  2. Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Scalp Treatment

    Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Scalp Treatment

    One of the reasons many frequent a hair treatment is simply because it can be rather therapeutic, after a long week of work we can relax and have our hair and scalp treated to rejuvenate ourselves. This is one of those times but it is also no ordinary hair scalp treatment. Using virgin coconut oil, this is very well one of the most therapeutic treatments you can get.
    So what makes virgin coconut oil so special? Well, coconut oil is hands down one of the most effective hair treatments for a very wide variety of hair issues. It is 100% natural, free of silicones, alcohol and other chemicals that may in turn aggravate sensitive skin and hair. It works incredibly well for repairing damaged hair from the stress it goes through from being over-processed, exposure to heat and also helps treat naturally dry hair. Coconut oil is also an anti-fungal which acts as a natural anti-dandruff treatment.
    With that being said, it also requires a therapist who knows how to effectively use virgin coconut oil and in this regard, you will be in excellent hands. All the therapists in this spa are professionally trained and experienced therapists who will ensure you get the best treatment possible. Together with the treatment is a hair wash and blow dry as well.
    By the end of your experience, you will feel the difference with healthier hair and skin, increased body, shine and manageability with less breakage, tangles and split ends to your hair. On top of that, you can now say goodbye to sensitive and dry skin and persisting dandruff problems.
    This package includes:
    A hair & scalp treatment using virgin coconut oil for 1 hour
    Hair wash & blow dry
    Professionally trained and experienced therapists
    NOTE: This package is for 1 session only. For future sessions, arrangements can be made directly with the therapist.


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  3. Hypnotic In-House Body Massage

    Hypnotic In-House Body Massage

    Everybody deserves a rest and some time to just relax every once in a while. None more so than you! We can keep pushing and striving forward but life is for the living and there’s no point droning away every day of your life. So take a back seat in life and enjoy the moment as it comes with this experience.
    Catering to your comfort and preference is the spa’s mission and so, granting you a choice to pamper yourself in this grandiose massage with or without the use of body oils. You will know why we say this is a grandiose massage when you actually experience it. With expertly trained masseurs and using techniques such as kneading, stretching, tapping and friction; you will be hypnotized into a state of trance as you slowly slip into deep musings.
    Endless hours of work can cause a lot of stress and this will take its toll on anyone, with this hypnotic massage you can feel the tensions and stress slowly seeping out of your muscles giving you a blissful sensation. No matter the reason, everyone deserves a little rest stop along the ever-upward road of livelihood. And yes, we mean you too!
    This package includes:
    Female masseurs only
    1 hour of relaxing in-house full body massage (This experience is only available on the weekends)
    Note: Women less than 3 months into their pregnancy are not advised to undergo this massage and any women in pregnancy are not advised to use essential oils.
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