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Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two 

"Hi team, I really had a good time at the Carcosa last week. I took my best friend and we really enjoyed the time there. Having tea in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, it was simply GREAT!. I wanted to also comment maybe the tea could have more variety of food being offered. Being ramadhan, maybe they could have thrown in some local kuih as well. Something for them to consider I guess. I am really thankful that you had this experience. I never would have thought that you can actually go there. So thank you again!! God Bless and keep up the good work.:) Cheers!" - Mandip Kaur 

Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two





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  1. A Kids Spabuloso Spa Party for Group of 5

    A Kids Spabuloso Spa Party for Group of 5

    Kids, they grow up so fast these days and before long, your daughter will be asking you to take her to a spa to be pampered like a lady should. Where exactly do you take her though for such an experience? Think no further than a spabuloso spa party for your daughter and her friends.

    Kick off the party with some welcome tea beverages (especially in this hot weather) before commencing their pamper treatment of a lime foot soak, an invigorating shoulder and back massages, mini manicure session and lastly, a DIY plaster of Paris clay making session. The party doesn’t end there though as snacks will be served with a choice of nuggets, hotdogs, Milo or cupcakes.

    Now, what is a party without some crazy fun picture taking opportunities right? So whip those cameras and start snapping away at the stars of the evening to cap off a memorable evening with friends.


    This package includes:

    • Lime foot soak
    • 30 minutes of shoulder and back massage
    • Mini manicure
    • DIY plaster of Paris clay making session


    Sample Itinerary:

    5.00pm – Arrival & welcome tea beverages
    5.30pm – Treatment begins
    8.00pm – Snack (Nuggets, hotdog, Milo or cupcakes)
    9.30pm – Picture taking session
    10.00pm – End of experience

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  2. A Kids Sassy Spa Experience for Group of 5

    A Kids Sassy Spa Experience for Group of 5

    Nothing pleases a lady like an amazing spa session and it gets even better when you get some girl time with your girlfriends. So why not treat your daughter and her friends to a sassy spa experience – an amazing experience to have fun with her girlfriends for 90 minutes because girls just want to have fun.

    So what does their sassy spa experience entail? First off, a lime foot soak because who doesn’t love a relaxing foot soak. This is then followed by a half hour of shoulder and back massage to ease up those tensed muscles. After which the five of them will have their pretty little nails beautified.

    All this while in comfort and in the company of your friends to chat about anything and everything, maybe even some friendly gossip about the latest happening in Hollywood.


    This package includes:

    • Lime foot soak
    • 30 minutes of shoulder and back massage
    • Mini manicure

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  3. An Eternal Life Retreat Experience

    An Eternal Life Retreat Experience

    The benefits of a regular and good massage have been well documented in recent times such as the ability to prolong one’s life. That is what the Eternal Life Retreat promises you.

    Applying pressure on reflex zones of the foot to improve circulation and to relief stiff knee, you will leave the spa feeling rejuvenated. Moreover the massage can help improve vitality, restore muscle tone and detoxify the body. Without neglecting the other precious parts of your body, this massage also treats your eyes to compliment its foot soak, reflexology and body massage before being topped off with a refreshing shower.


    This package includes:

    • Foot soak
    • Eye pillow retreat
    • Foot reflexology
    • Signature massage
    • Shower

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  1. An Aromann Sports Massage Experience

    An Aromann Sports Massage Experience

    Is your knee cranking up from last week’s futsal? Or maybe you have been suffering from a niggling shoulder injury from basketball. Regardless of the injury, Aromann sports massage aims to not only soothe your discomfort for it but also look to prevent further sports-related injuries from happening.

    Sports massages are a special breed of massages specifically tailored to support sports injuries but it does much more for you in the long run than you might expect. Preventing injuries, working with soreness and enhancing your overall performance on and off the field are just some of the benefits.

    Ultimately though, you want to know what you are getting into so here it is; a deep tissue massage working in tandem with passive stretching to maximize results. It helps to prepare and stimulate your muscle groups used during sporting activities and increases range of motion.

    This will do away with your annoyingly sore shoulder or knee so that you can outscore your opponents any day any time!

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  2. A Refreshing Senses Retreat

    A Refreshing Senses Retreat

    Need a little pick me up? Had a long tiring week at work and you just feel like blowing off some steam? Then refresh your senses with this amazingly tranquil experience that will keep you feeling fresh for the week to come.

    Your experience starts off with a conditioning body scrub that softens, refines and revitalizes the skin texture leaving it feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch. You then proceed to experience a relaxing foot soak and eye pillow treatment before rounding it off with a body massage. All of which combines to help relax the mind, body and soul.

    A quick 1 hour and 30 minutes of refreshing senses retreat because you know what they say; a well-rested and happy you is a better you!


    This package includes:

    • Foot soak
    • Body scrub
    • Traditional massage
    • Eye pillow retreat
    • Shower

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    Code: KHASARSR

  3. An Aromanntherapy Massage Experience

    An Aromanntherapy Massage Experience

    In the past few decades, spas have been on the up and up but the focus has always been mainly on women. What about the men? That is exactly the question that has been asked in the last few years and slowly but surely we are seeing more and more spas catering to men as well.

    One such is Aromann Spa, a spa centre dedicated to the wellbeing of men much like women’s spa. So without further ado we introduce to you the Aromanntheraphy massage. The 1 hour aromatherapy massage is a powerful massage therapy that combines different massage techniques using natural aromatherapy oils. This massage relaxes, balance and harmonises the overall body and boost the overall wellbeing to release stress. The aromatherapy oils assists to support the overall functions within the muscle to promote and inhibit infections as well.

    Treat yourself to a wonderful evening because men deserve to be pampered as well and who wouldn’t love feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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    Code: KHASAAME

  1. An Aromann Reflex Experience

    An Aromann Reflex Experience

    Reflexology is widely regarded as an effective and inexpensive medium for relieving stress. Stress to areas that we take for granted most such as your feet, these stresses are prevalent in almost every one of us and yet we don’t pay enough attention to it.

    That is where Aromann Spa comes in to play; they will pay the necessary attention to these areas for you! Utilizing the many techniques, the reflexology treatment will focus on the reflex points of your foot and sole designed to purposefully relax and stimulate specific pressure points and in turn leads to better facilitation of your organs within the body.

    Thus, we suggest that for 1 hour, you take off your shoes and kick back while our professional masseurs work tirelessly to bring reflex-nirvana to you.

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    Code: KHASAARE

  2. Hypnotic In-House Body Massage

    Hypnotic In-House Body Massage

    Everybody deserves a rest and some time to just relax every once in a while. None more so than you! We can keep pushing and striving forward but life is for the living and there’s no point droning away every day of your life. So take a back seat in life and enjoy the moment as it comes with this experience.

    Catering to your comfort and preference is the spa’s mission and so, granting you a choice to pamper yourself in this grandiose massage with or without the use of body oils. You will know why we say this is a grandiose massage when you actually experience it. With expertly trained masseurs and using techniques such as kneading, stretching, tapping and friction; you will be hypnotized into a state of trance as you slowly slip into deep musings.

    Endless hours of work can cause a lot of stress and this will take its toll on anyone, with this hypnotic massage you can feel the tensions and stress slowly seeping out of your muscles giving you a blissful sensation. No matter the reason, everyone deserves a little rest stop along the ever-upward road of livelihood. And yes, we mean you too!

    This package includes:

    • Female masseurs only
    • 1 hour of relaxing in-house full body massage (This experience is only available on weekdays)

    Note: Women less than 3 months into their pregnancy are not advised to undergo this massage and any women in pregnancy are not advised to use essential oils.


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  3. Kids Mani-Pedi Party for 10

    Kids Mani-Pedi Party for 10

    Have a birthday party to plan? Running out of ideas? Well then a kids mani-pedi party sounds just like what you need right now! Forget having to call several parties to arrange for you the many facets of a birthday party because we have got it all down for you from the cake to a mani-pedi indulgence.

    Your little angel may be growing another year older but that does not change the fact that she will always be your little angel so treat her and her friends to a pampering day out on that special occasion. This includes spoiling them to a manicure and pedicure session before beautifying those shiny nails with some nail art. If they feel like being creative, the tattoo drawing session is all ready to go as well.
    What about the food? You can’t have a party without food. Fret not as we have also got you covered on that front with butterfly sandwiches, mini cake pops, Jell-O’s and juices. Further spoil them with goodie bags and some birthday activities such as dancing, cake cutting and games to partake in.
    So really, all you have to do is call us up and let us know what you need (even if you have a particular theme/colour in mind) and the rest is history. Just have your daughter call up her friends and prepare for an amazing kids mani-pedi party for 10.
    This package includes:
    Classic Manicure & Pedicure for 10
    Nail Art for 10
    Tattoo Drawing for 10
    Food & Drinks (Butterfly sandwich, mini cake pops, jelly in a cup and juice)
    Goodie bags for 10
    Birthday activities (Dancing, cake cutting and games)
    Theme colour (Subject to availability)
    NOTE: Package valid for children aged between 8 to 12 years old.
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    Code: K26SNWSKMPPF10

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