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Pilot for a Day

"My girlfriend and I received this RedRibbon Days experience gift from a friend of ours for Christmas. I must say that we truly enjoyed the whole experience. Our pilot was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did a complete briefing on what we needed to know about the plane and how it operates. My girlfriend was the co-pilot for the day and she had a blast maneuvering the plane for a brief moment.To those aspiring to be a pilot, I would recommend this experience to start with. As for me, I wouldn't mind to go for this experience again :)"  

(Posted on 9/3/13)  Gunter 

Pilot for a day - 30 mins

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Pilot for a Day - 30 Mins on a 4 Seater Cessna

Pilot for a Day - 30 Mins on a 4 Seater Cessna

Product Code: AAPFAD30M4SCG3

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A flying experience where you not only get a feel of being a pilot, but also get to invite two of your closest friends or loved ones to join in as passengers! This experience package is perfect for those who've always wanted to learn how to fly a plane. A great experience to get a glimpse of how to fly and who knows, maybe after the session, you may want to sign up for a pilot license?

On the day, you will be greeted by your pilot who will bring you to the hangar area where the plane is parked. If you're lucky, you will also get to see up close other private planes, jets and even helicopters.

Before you begin your flight, the pilot will take you through a pre-flight briefing session which will take about 10-15 minutes.

After your briefing, you are now ready to take-off and experience how it feels like to be a pilot! This part of the experience will take about 30 minutes, including taxing and landing the plane on the runway. You will personally see how a pilot controls a plane to take-off and land. The best part is you may get a chance to help manoeuvre the plane in the 'safe zone' - an aviation term for when the plane has stabilised and is up in the air. Depending on how confident you are, the pilot will allow participants to take over the controls 80% of the time as he will only be in charge of take-off and landing. Depending on sky traffic, total time in the air usually lasts for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

Once you land, there will be a short de-brief and Q&A session between you and your pilot. This may be a beginning of a life long passion and the chance to fulfill the dreams of your loved one! Help him or her realise their dreams with the thrilling experience!

IMPORTANT: Please note that cancellation and reschedules has to be done 72 hours prior to the scheduled experience. Vouchers will become void for any no show or last minute cancellations.

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Key Info


Subang Skypark

Valid for

3 pax (1 sitting in front acting as pilot for a day, 2 passengers at the back)

Participant Guidelines

This experience is only for participants age 15 years old (with parents / guardian) and above.

Please provide your FULL NAME as per IC/Passport and IC NO./PASSPORT NO. upon activation of your voucher. This info is required for us to prepare passes to enter the hangar area. Please also provide details of the people who will be accompanying you.

For pregnant mothers, please advise us of the progress of your pregnancy before booking your experience. Pregnancy more than 28 weeks MUST provide a doctor's certificate. However, we will refuse carriage for pregnancy 36 weeks and above. For Senior Citizens, you MUST be certified fit to travel by qualified doctors or physician Please inform the Pleasure Team customer service team of any medical conditions on booking.In compliance with standard aviation regulations, restrictions may apply to passengers who are pregnant or suffering medical conditions such as breathing difficulties or heart problems.


All our operations are subject to cancellation at any time if the weather conditions are not favorable to fly. It is highly recommended that this experience is carried out in the morning due to better wind conditions.

In the event where your experience has to be cancelled due bad weather, we will reschedule your experience to another time or day without additional charges.


We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance. For weekend bookings, we only operate on Saturdays from 9am until 1pm.

Please note: You will be required to provide at least 1 week notice should you need to cancel or re-schedule. If not, we will incur a rescheduling fee.

The service provider has the right to re-schedule your experience in the event that maintenance works / repair works need to be carried out to the planes OR in the case of technical glitches pertaining to the aircraft on the day of the experience.

Number on Days

During your briefing session you may be part of a group, but for the flying session it will be just you, the pilot and your friends.

Duration of Experience

On-ground briefing : Estimated 10-15 minutes
Note : There may be other participants during the session. Although the flight is a one-on-one session, briefing will be conducted together as a group. If anyone in the group has more questions to ask or require further explanation, then briefing session may take longer.

• Takeoff : Estimated 5 – 10 minutes
Note : Take-off is when the plane is taxi-ing on the runway. Because we are also sharing the same runway as Subang Skypark, priority is given to other commercial aircrafts (i.e. Fireflyz). Depending on traffic and schedule on the day, there are cases where you would have to wait on the runway for clearance from the air control tower prior to take-off. Taxi-ing the plane from the hangar to the take-off point will also take about 5 minutes.

• Flight : Estimated 15-20 minutes
Note : In the air, the pilot will try his best to stay as long as he can (for up to 25 mins), but please do note that there may be cases where you may have to stay longer in the air (due to high traffic of other commercial aircrafts). It is very rare that it would be shorter than 20 minutes, but it may happen if wind conditions are unsuitable. All this depends on airport tower control instructions which the pilot has to abide to.

• Landing : Estimated 5 – 10 minutes
Note : Similar to take-off, we’d have to wait for clearance from the airport control tower. Once the aircraft is landed, taxi-ing back to the hangar area will take about 5 minutes.

• Q&A : Estimated 5 – 10 minutes
Note : Depending on whether participant has any questions to ask the pilot

• In an ideal situation (less air traffic, perfect weather condition) the whole experience will take about 45 minutes (this is including from arrival time, registering with the airport guards and entering the hangar area). We usually allocate 5-10 minutes for this. Sometimes it may take a shorter time.
• If you are the only participant on the day, the registration upon arrival at the guard house and on-ground briefing may take a shorter time.
• If there are other participants on the day, it may take a longer time to gather everyone together upon arrival and during briefing.
• If air traffic is heavy, then the total duration of the experience may take up to 1 hour.

Dress Code

Trousers, long jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses (sleeveless, singlet, mini skirt, hot pants and heels are strictly not allowed) Sunglasses are highly recommended.

Extra Info

This voucher is valid for six months from date of purchase. This experience is governed under the DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) rules and regulation and is conducted by highly trained pilots.
You will be required to sign an indemnity form prior to carrying out this experience.
We will provide booking details upon activation of your voucher.

Price includes Landing Fee, Fuel Surcharge and Air Traffic Booking.


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