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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. Reminiscence of The Past

    Reminiscence of The Past

    Celebrate your love and rekindle the past with a couple’s photography portrait session! This is an outdoor shoot where that gives you the opportunity to capture the moments even after years gone by.
    Commemorate the years spent together through all the ups and downs and seal it with lasting pictures. With the expertise of a renowned photographer in Malaysia, you will be given a chance to relive those moments that you once had with your loved one, and put it into a picture. Enjoy the great outdoors and the company of your loved one that will add to the long history of memorable experiences done together.
    Ignite that spark that had once made you fall head over heels for your other half and let a picture worth a thousand words to speak your love once more. Remember, “Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”
    This package includes:
    1 Coffee table album 8x10 inch (With Box)
    1 DVD with slide show and images
    1 A3 photo frame
    Note: Make up and hairdo is available with additional charges. Kindly contact our Pleasure Team Consultants for more information. This package is only available for couples aged 40 years old and above.


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    Code: RESROTPC

  2. Discover Scuba Diving for Four

    Discover Scuba Diving for Four

    Been talking about taking on the challenge of scuba diving with your friends several times? Well, now is the time to start taking on that challenge. Take that first step into becoming a real scuba diver.
    Of course though, you can’t just jump right into the open waters without prior training and experience. That is what this package is here for. Discover scuba diving is the first step for any aspiring divers to become a certified diver with PADI certified instructors to instruct and guide you through the basics of scuba diving as well as how to operate your gear. Safety is of utmost importance and that is why it is always conducted in a safe and controlled environment such as a pool. This course gives you a first-hand experience in learning the ropes and how to manoeuvre in the water with all those gear strapped on. But the most exciting part is the fact that you and your friends will be taking your first breathes underwater.
    Gather your friends and take the first step into the sport of scuba diving. You never know, it may be the start of a new passion.
    This package includes:
    Scuba gear and equipment
    PADI certified instructors to provide guidance and ensure safety at all times
    Usage of pool in Shah Alam Club
    A pocket calendar
    Note: All participants are to be 10 years old and above. Classes available daily at 10.00am. Any cancellations or no-shows are not refundable.


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    Code: KODSDF4

  3. Emergency First Response Course

    Emergency First Response Course

    Emergency First Response is one of the fastest growing international CPR training courses. So, if you are looking to get into becoming a PADI Divemaster or a PADI Rescue Diver, this is a course perfect for starting it.
    In this course, you and your friend will learn the basics of CPR skills for adults, children and infants as well as First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillator training. As a diver, it is important to have basic knowledge of such skills in order to prepare you for unforeseen circumstances. Learn the same patient care techniques practice by medical professionals but at a simpler level.
    This course will take half a day to complete and its thorough course module will focus on a combination of knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practices because there is hardly a better way to learn than to actually get in the thick of it.
    Prepare yourself for an emergency and learn how to save a life. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
    This package includes:
    Usage of equipment
    Course instruction by PADI certified instructors
    Become a recognized Emergency First Responder upon completion
    Course Module:
    Primary Care (CPR) Course
    Secondary Care (First Aid) Course
    Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Course
    Care for Children Course
    Note: Classes are suitable for participants of all ages and any cancellations or no-shows are not refundable. No prior medical experience needed.


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  1. Advanced Macaroons for 4

    Advanced Macaroons for 4

    Macaroons are becoming very popular nowadays. If you ask anyone, most of them will say that they have tried macaroons before. This delectable dessert is a mainstay in parties and afternoon tea functions that is sure to leave a sweet memory in the minds of the guests.
    This package is suitable for those who have the basic knowledge of how to make a macaroon and would like to be more creative and learn how to create a more attractive macaroon. During this class, you and your friends will be thought on how to make intricate macaroons from macaroon towers to macaroon lollipops and savouries for those with sweet tooth.
    If you love macaroons, this is the experience for you. Make macaroons that will tantalise the taste buds and leave others wanting more.
    This package includes:
    Lessons on how to make macaroon towers, lollipops, savouries and more
    Ingredients will be provided
    Tools and equipment will also be provided on the day
    Note: Classes are available on a daily basis and is suitable for kids and adults. Participants are required to bring an empty container to bring home their macaroons.


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    Code: LTGCSAMF4

  2. Corporate Cooking Class for 6

    Corporate Cooking Class for 6

    Want to reward your staff for a job well done? Or maybe you just want to strengthen the bonds of your team? Whatever it is, this class will help create a sense of togetherness among each other and reward them with a relaxing day.
    With plenty of opportunity for them to mingle around and get to know each other better, even the most reserved of your team members will feel more comfortable. It also helps build teamwork and responsibilities with them being task with making either sushi, pizza or a cake that requires them to work cohesively as a unit.
    So treat your team to a great time and show them that it is not all about work. After all, a happy work force is an efficient work force.
    This package includes:
    Participants will learn how to make pizza, sushi or a cake
    All ingredients will be provided
    Note: Classes are available on a daily basis. Participants will need to bring an empty container along for them to bring their art back.

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    Code: LTGCSCCCF6

  3. Kids Cooking Class for 6

    Kids Cooking Class for 6

    Kids nowadays are learning much faster and they are maturing faster every day. Due to the abundance of things kids are exposed to nowadays, they learn faster by imitating what they see and thus, discover their calling at an earlier age. This is for those young kids who aspire to be a chef in the future.
    Let your kids explore this experience especially if they are interested in all the cooking shows they have seen. They will be taught the basic techniques of cooking an angry bird bento. Give your kids an outlet to enjoy and explore their creative side. There will also be a session where they learn to work together and coordinate in 2 separate groups to give them a feel of working as a team.
    A great and fun way for kids to explore their own creativity and bring out the best in them and maybe at the end of the day you will be smiling when they bring back their fruit of labour for you to taste. At that time you will realise how much they have grown and they might just turn out to be the next Junior Master Chef.
    This package includes:
    Kids will be taught about cooking an angry bird bento
    Kids will be divided into 2 groups, kids below and above 10 years old
    Note: Classes are available on a daily basis. Kids will need to bring an empty container along for them to bring their art back.


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    Code: LTGCSKCCF6

  1. Private Cooking Class for 4

    Private Cooking Class for 4

    Planning a day out with your friends but have no ideas on what to do? Or maybe you just want to improve your cooking skills? Attend this private cooking class with your friends and learn a thing or two about cooking.
    Gather 3 other friends and spend a few hours learning how to cook some great cuisines. Choose from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese or Western styles and learn to prepare a feast fit for the royals. You and your friends will learn to cook a total of 3 to 4 dishes from your chosen styles from soups, side dishes, main dishes and desserts.
    Forget about always having to eat out or order take outs and prepare a scrumptious meal for your guests in the future.
    This package includes:
    Lessons on how to cook Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese or Western dishes
    You will be able to cook 3 – 4 dishes of your chosen style
    Every dish includes a main dish, side dish, soup and dessert
    Proper kitchen attire will be provided upon arrival
    Note: This class is suitable for kids or adults and is available on a daily basis. Participants will have to bring an empty container to pack their cooked meals.


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    Code: LTGCSPCCF4

  2. Sushi Party for 12

    Sushi Party for 12

    Always wanted to learn how to make sushi but don’t want to go for it alone? Then don’t! Just gather your family or friends and spend a few hours learning the trade.
    This class will teach you the basics of sushi making and build your craft. This package is designed with convenience in mind especially for the busier of groups. In a few hours you will acquire the know-how of sushi craft and you don’t even have to bring anything with you, aside from your enthusiasm of course. Ingredients, tools and equipment will be provided on the day by the school.
    So, come one come all and enjoy yourselves with this sushi making class with your family and friends. Walk away one sushi happier and a unique set of skills and you can prepare your very own sushi feast next time.
    This package includes:
    Lessons on the unique craft of sushi making
    Ingredients will be provided
    Tools and equipment will also be provided by the school
    Note: Classes are available on a daily basis. Additional charges may apply if location is outside of KL.


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    Code: LTGCSSPF12

  3. Spa Mani & Pedi Retreat

    Spa Mani & Pedi Retreat

    We are so busy most of the time that we forget to have some ‘me’ time occasionally. More often than not, we neglect the little things that make us happy – a mani pedi especially! This package is perfect for busy professionals.
    Take 2 hours on a weekend to go for this spa manicure and pedicure treatment. A great way to keep your nails healthy but it’s not all about the nails with an exfoliation treatment as well to remove dead skin cells that has caused you so much discomfort of late. Enjoy a massage and mask for your hands and feet that will rejuvenate your skin as well as relax your muscles.
    You are also treated to a choice of either wine or sparkling juice and cupcake or pastry that makes this moment of relaxation even sweeter.
    This package includes:
    1x Spa Manicure
    1x Spa Pedicure
    Choice of Wine or Sparkling Juice
    Choice of Cupcake or Pastry
    NOTE: Salon does not operate on Mondays. Edible/consumable items are subject to availability from the salon which will be confirmed upon booking.


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