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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. A Taste of Little Korea for Two

    A Taste of Little Korea for Two

    Korean culture has been spreading all over the world in the past few years from music to food so, it is not difficult to imagine a number of Korean restaurants popping up in your neighbourhood and even more actively seeking out a place to indulge in it. This is just one of many places offering delicious Korean cuisines.
    Step into a little piece of Korea in the form of this restaurant, authentic Korean food with an ambience that is cosy and comfortable. How good is the food? Judging by the frequent Korean customers, it has to be quite authentic and delicious indeed because why else would Koreans frequent the restaurant unless it was good. 
    This experience is an easy and flexible way to dine on Korean food. How so? Basically, you are entitled to redeem any item off the menu worth up to the denomination of your voucher. The problem with set menus is that it may not appeal to everyone and the best way to avoid this is to have you pick what you want. You could pick the Korean Scallion Pancake or the Ju Mool Luck (Rib Eye in House Marinated Sauce), the choice is entirely yours. Suitable for those looking to experiment and try various dishes and you could even order a Soju to accompany your meal.
    As with all Korean BBQ restaurants, you won’t have to cook your own meat. The waiters will cook it right in front of you and cut up the meat once it is done. With a cosy ambience, great service and authentic Korean food; you and your partner will hardly go wrong dining here.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM150
    NOTE: Any access of RM150 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day. This is a non-halal restaurant.
    Note: This price is inclusive of GST and service taxes
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  2. Lunch at Little Korea for Two

    Lunch at Little Korea for Two

    Do you always face the problem of thinking what to eat for lunch? Malaysia has no shortages of food but sometimes, you just run out of ideas on what to eat. Don’t you just wish you could eat something different than the usual for once? How about lunch at Little Korea?
    Are you interested to mix it up a little bit? Of course you are! Why else would you be reading this if not. You won’t just be dining at any other normal restaurant. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you will get a glimpse of what Korea is like with lovely Korean decors right down to their pots and cups.
    However, what gives you a better feel (and taste) of Korea is evidently the food! With authentic and delicious Korean dishes, you are bound to come back for more. The menu offers a wide variety of Korean dishes that would tantalise your taste buds. To give a more complete experience, the ambience is cosy and comfortable that helps settle you in almost immediately. Suitable for those who are busy but would still like a delicious lunch to keep them going for the rest of the day.
    A chance to feel what Korea is like with the right decors and food. You and your colleagues will hardly go wrong dining in Little Korea.

    Note : This is a non-halal restaurant.
    Note: This price is inclusive of GST and service taxes
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    Code: KLKLALKC

  3. Private Dining at Little Korea for 4

    Private Dining at Little Korea for 4

    Celebrating a birthday pretty soon? Looking for the perfect place for a family or friends gathering? This package offers you and your family or friends to indulge in great food, comfortable surroundings and good company giving you a little piece of Korea.
    Upon your entrance into this cute little place, you and your group will be greeted by a homely ambience with decorations adorning the restaurant bringing with it a little bit of enchantment. Get a mouthful of authentic Korean food while dining in your very own private room that ensures that you and your family or friends get all the privacy you are looking for – perfect for a quiet little celebration with only the closest to you.
    Contrary to the name, ‘Little Korea’ is not so little after all when it comes to the portions of their food and you can be guaranteed a full stomach once you are done indulging here. Basically, you and your group are entitled to order anything off the menu worth up to the denomination of your voucher. This helps avoid the issue of having a set meal that is not quite to your liking, you simply just pick whatever it is you would like or want to try.
    So, if you are planning a celebration or gathering over here, you will be guaranteed an absolutely lip-smacking taste of Korea. There are few places that offer a more authentic and delicious Korean dining experience than Little Korea.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM300
    Dine in your own private room
    Complimentary Korean pancake will be served during a birthday party (Verification will be required)
    NOTE: Any access of RM300 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day. This is a non-halal restaurant.
     Note: This price is inclusive of GST and service taxes
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    Code: KLKPDALKF4

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Having a little bit of sore muscles? Feeling a bit uncomfortable with your old sports injuries? To the athletes out there suffering from aching muscles, a deep tissue massage is just what you need.
    Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue. It focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles and therefore making it an ideal treatment for athletes who are involved in heavy physical activity.
    This treatment utilises firm strokes on deeper layers of muscle tissues and deep finger pressure focused on specific areas that ultimately helps to breakdown any “knots” in the muscles and grant a significant amount of relieve in the muscles.
    This treatment is a private treatment with just you and your therapist to fully achieve the desired results. Suitable for all athletes, you will feel brand new by the time you are done and ready to go back stronger.
    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.


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    Code: URDTMI

  2. Massage for the Expectant Mom

    Massage for the Expectant Mom

    Want to treat your lovely pregnant wife to something nice and relaxing? It is no easy feat bearing a child and so, why not help relieve some of the pressures of being an expectant mom by sending your wife to a massage tailored specifically for expectant moms?
    Obviously, your main concern is the safety of your wife and child but prenatal massage is like many other massage practices; its goal is to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and to just make expectant mothers feel good. The therapist is specially trained in prenatal massages that carefully attend to the needs of a pregnant woman.
    With a delicate touch and soft massages that helps to reduce anxiety and much attention is paid to the lower back, hips and neck to relieve muscle cramps. But this is as beneficial to the baby as it is to the mother. Studies have shown that a relaxing prenatal massage, the body naturally releases endorphins. These hormones traverse the placenta and ultimately soothe and relax the baby.
    It is important that an expectant mom feels as good as she possibly can and keep her spirits up and there are few better ways to do so than to indulge them in a therapeutic prenatal massage.
    Our spa recently won the Harper's Bazaar Spa Award 2013 for the category of Best Pre-Natal Massage amongst many other categories. So you can rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands of professional. 
    NOTE: This package is only available for pregnant women and you only need to advise the therapist on how far along you are with your pregnancy for them to adjust accordingly.


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    Code: URMFTEMI

  3. Urban Foot Reflexology

    Urban Foot Reflexology

    Been running all over the place lately and causing discomfort to your feet? We forget how much pressure we exert on our feet and the importance of keeping our feet healthy.
    Foot reflexology is an advanced treatment that helps cure foot soreness and stress accumulated by the daily activities and pressure. Specific pressure points on the feet are massaged to assist in the relief of stress and tension greatly improving circulation and foster a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.
    This treatment is a private treatment with just you and your therapist to fully achieve the desired results. The wellbeing of feet should not be overlooked to avoid any aches and problems in the future and keep your feet firmly on the ground for any challenges that you will face.
    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.


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    Code: URUFRI

  1. RM50 My Elephant Dining Experience

    RM50 My Elephant Dining Experience

    It is time for a change but change in what? Perhaps a change in taste could be worth your while? Rather than dining at the same place as you always have, why not enjoy the My Elephant Dining Experience where you get to taste the eclectic and unique flavours of their country in undoubtedly the best place in Kuala Lumpur to have Thai cuisine.
    Voted as the Best Thai in the Time Out KL Food Awards in 2012, My Elephant Aman Suria is a class above when it comes to authentic Thai cuisine. Dim lights and modernistic furnishings help put a canopy of idealistic and dreamy atmosphere over the restaurant while also showing its creativity through the paintings and toys that ties back to its namesake. The restaurant is comfortable and clean as well as quietly enchanting to give its patrons a rather serene dining experience.
    Once you are comfortably seated, you are now ready to order and with so many choices to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. However, you won’t have to go through this as you are free to enjoy anything off the a la carte menu during your dinner. Think about it, ample choices to sample and savour various delectable dishes! It can be said that their deep fried chicken strips flavourfully scented with Thai spices is one of the first dish to order for those who have dined here before. Perhaps you could order the My Elephant special green curry chicken served with brown rice if you don't quite fancy the deep fried chicken or anything else off the menu for that matter.
    The authenticity and tastefulness of My Elephant Aman Suria could very well have ruined you for any other Thai restaurant in Kuala Lumpur but then again, with such good food here, there really is no need to dine anywhere else when it comes to Thai cuisine.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM50
    Note: This price is inclusive of GST and service taxes
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    Code: KMERM50MEDE

  2. Mexican Dining Experience – RM100

    Mexican Dining Experience – RM100

    Find yourself needing a change of taste? Or maybe you just want to try the famed Mexican cuisine? It is after all, something that we don’t have every day. Mexican cuisine is known for its variety of flavours, colourful decorations and variety of spices and ingredients. This experience offers you the chance to enjoy great Mexican cuisines and Margaritas in Kuala Lumpur.
    The restaurant is situated in Kuala Lumpur and has been carefully decorated with bright welcoming colours. Feel the culture of Mexico from the moment you take your place with an abundance of colourful decors to fascinate you and put you and your partner at ease and comfort. The décor is complimented with easy-going tunes that create an atmosphere of a little Mexico.
    But of course, the most important thing is the food – Mexican food is after all one of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. That speaks volumes considering how their culture is so well portrayed onto their food. The restaurant carries with it a good selection of steaks, ribs, stews and seafood. There are also other specialities such as El Presidente and Millionaire Margaritas. With so many choices, what would you choose? Why not, a few? That is the beauty of this experience! To give you a great Mexican dining experience, you and your partner will be able to choose anything off the menu for up to RM100 so you can mix and match things up and savour the various taste of Mexican cuisine.
    Beautiful decors and a variety of great Mexican cuisine, this is a true Mexican dining experience. Taste and feel the culture of one of the world’s most famous and popular cuisines that is your once upon a time in Mexico.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM100 inclusive of taxes
    NOTE: Any excess of RM100 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.


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    Code: KLCMDERM100C

  3. Mexican Dining Experience – RM200

    Mexican Dining Experience – RM200

    Are you all about experiencing the various foods of the world? How about experiencing the flavours of Mexico? Enjoy this great Mexican dining experience your family or friends and taste for yourself just why exactly Mexican cuisine is regarded as one of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. The many flavours, the colourful decorations and abundance in spices and ingredients at this restaurant are like your trip to Mexico.
    A casual place where you can dig into some great Mexican cuisines, the restaurant is available in Ampang, Subang Jaya and Damansara Heights. With easily accessible outlets, you can now tick “convenience” off your list but of course there’s the food aspect but we’ll get to that in a bit. Just to paint a picture for you, the restaurant is decked out with great decors giving you a feel of Mexico from hanging guitars to a beautiful chandelier made out of tequila bottles. Amazing isn’t it? It is after all a Mexican restaurant so you can expect some light tunes and colourful decors to take your mind to Mexico.
    Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for. The food – needless to say, Mexican food is so varied that you can’t just settle on 1 dish and so, this experience gives you and your fellow eaters the chance to sample multiple dishes of Mexico. For RM200, you will be entitled to order anything off the menu that amounts to that and this gives you freedom and choices in choosing what you’d want most. While we’re at it, we feel that we should recommend you order the sweet and juicy mussels in coriander and habanero or perhaps the superbly tender beef marinated and charbroiled to falling-off-the-bone perfection.
    Hungry yet? Why wait? Grab 3 of your family or friends and enjoy a real Mexican dining experience – the colours, the music and of course, the great food. Not to mention that this is THE place to go to for some of the best Margaritas in town! So, “Viva Mexico” and enjoy the great food and awesome Margaritas!
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM200 inclusive of taxes
    NOTE: Any access of RM200 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.
    . more >

    Code: KLCMDERM200F4

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