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Discover Windsurfing 

"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

Discover Windsurfing

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  1. Ultimate Laser Tag - Corporate Battle

    Ultimate Laser Tag - Corporate Battle

    Are you looking for ways to entertain your clients or things to do to foster team closeness? If you are looking for something different that will surely get your clients and staff talking about it for many months to come, then this is the must-do experience!

    Laser Tag is probably the most exciting live game that simulates an actual battlefield. It is similar to the classic and still well-loved PC games wherein you strategize with your team on how to defeat your opponent. Laser Tag team missions also require team strategy but on a live, actual battlefield arena. Laser Tag is the cooler, painless and high-technology version of paint ball games.

    In a more technical definition, Laser Tag is a team or individual activity that involves the use of hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. So this means no pain as targeting or shooting is done via light or simply put, laser. Normally, before each mission starts, players will be oriented on how to use the devices properly and skillfully. First-time players do not need to worry as our professionals will guide you on how you can make laser tag an exciting and fun-filled activity with your friends. Laser Tag is a physical activity which is safe and painless, and can be played easily by anyone.


    This package include:

    • 4 battles of Laser Tag (approximately 10 minutes per battle)
    • Complimentary 1 Laser Tag battle
    • Equipment (vest with hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device)
    • Food & Beverages - Choice of nasi lemak OR burgers, fries and juices
    • Complimentary water bottle for each participant


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  2. Nymphia 4WD Adventure

    Nymphia 4WD Adventure

    Looking for a quick fix 4WD adventure? Just 30 – 40 minutes away from the hustling smog of Damansara and Kuala Lumpur, you get to experience 4WD mobility in fresh jade green forest. If you've always wanted to feel what those Camel Trophy mud slickers do with their machines, here you will get to go through hill climbs, mud holes, single log bridge crossings and undulated terrains. At times you will need to pull out some cable to winch out a sticky muddy hole.

    This trip is not for those nice office boys with ties and long sleeves, you want to know what makes it tick for these Mud Sluggers, come join this short excursion. You’ve seen them on TV, now experience it smack in your face.

    Upon arrival you will be briefed by our 4WD specialist .Our professional drivers will bring you through the trail till you reach Nymphia River. Here, you willl enjoy a stop over and get washed up in Nymphia’s clear water pool with some picnic snacks. On the way back, the driver may just allow you to have some hands on experience in a controlled area.

    This experience includes:

    • 4 passengers to 1 mean machine (1 in front, 3 in the back seat)
    • Picnic snacks
    • Hands on driving in the controlled area
    • Be nice to our driver and they’ll leave you with top notch tips and tricks of 4 wheeling :)

    NOTE : We require a minimum of 4 pax (or minimum cost of 4 pax) to proceed with this adventure




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    Code: OAN4WDAG4

  3. Tandem Trike Paramotor

    Tandem Trike Paramotor

    Love to fly and need a rush of adrenalin? Tandem Trike Paramotor is completely different to any flying escapade you have experienced before. The time is now for you to experience the excitement of taking the sky to uncover one of the best forms of flying.

    Paramotoring, which is also known as “Powered Paragliding” combines motor, propeller, harness and seat, all strapped to a paragliding wing which will help lift you up in air. This experience is suitable for beginners as you will be flying tandem (which means, you do not need to do anything or know anything - all you need to do is sit tight and enjoy the experience), together with an experienced instructor.

    The paramotor can fly up to about 3000 to 4000 feet up in the air, so you can imagine the views within this height! You can choose to do all 3 sorties/runs by yourself or grab your mates along and share the experience together! 

    Go ahead and give this exhilarating experience to someone you know who loves to defy gravity or even to yourself. It’s a great way to set eyes on beautiful surroundings of both land and water and experience how it feels like to be free as a bird! Ready for take off ?

    Note: Minimum of 3 pax or 1 participants to do 3 runs/sorties. Flying season is from April to October.

    Important Note: There will be a 10 % cancellation fee imposed once a booking has been made.


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    Code: PDCTTPI

  1. Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Ever dreamt of being a shoe designer but that wasn’t the path you took way back when? It is never too late to realize your dream today! To all the shoe-holic girlies out there, this designing and shoe-making experience will offer you everything you need to know about shoes. Best of all, you will be going through this experience with the guidance of a true shoe-designer in Malaysia. She is known for designing and making stylish yet comfortable designs that screams fabulosity!

    During this experience, you will be spending 4 hours with the shoe designer on learning the ropes on becoming a shoe designer. You will be learning the whole process of making a shoe from (sketching, choosing material, heel design, height etc.) and the designer will be with you every step of the way. The entire process from start to finish will take place at the boutique designed to give you a hands on experience on making your very own pair of shoes!

    At the end of the experience, you are to bring home two pairs of shoes. One of which is ready-made by the designer from her wide array of collection and the other would be the pair that you have personally made and designed. You may collect it at the designer’s shoe boutique upon completion.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Crash course on designing and making a pair of shoe
    •    All shoe-making related materials will be provided
    •    2 pairs of shoes (1 ready-made shoe from collection and 1 designed by you)


    Note: This Experience can only commence from 3.00 pm onwards.


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  2. Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    It is time for all the mothers out there to be treated like a queen! After all, they deserve all the praise, care and love for bringing us into the world. We can often find a stylish looking pair of shoes at any walk-in shoe boutiques as many times, it will look good but very often, our feet will have to pay for it later. This is why this experience is perfect for all the mum’s out there to have total faith in looking for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Moreover, it is designer shoes that is hand-made to fit your feet like a second skin so long gone are the days where we are the slaves of the shoes we own. Not forgetting that the daughter will also get to select a pair of shoes from the designer’s collection at the end of this experience.

    During this experience, the shop will be closed to the mother and daughter for one hour on a private shoe shopping. There will be a personal consultation conducted by the designer herself to create the perfect pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes for the mother whilst the customer will also be exposed to a wide array of shoes in the shop.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Personal consultation by designer.
    •    Mother will be bringing home 2 pairs of designer shoes [one (1) of which is custom made and one (1) from the ready available collection] *it may take 2-3 weeks for completion of custom made shoes.
    •    Daughter will be bringing home one (1) pair of shoes from the ready available collection.

     Note: GST of 6% will be charged on top of the published price at the end of the buying process.

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  3. Custom Made Designer Shoes for Wedding

    Custom Made Designer Shoes for Wedding

    Do not know what to get as a gift to the lovely bride and groom to be? Forget about the Chinas and things they might not even use, ever! This experience is the perfect gift if you want them to have one of the most essential accessories taken care of in preparation of the wedding, shoes! On the biggest day of one’s life, they would want to make sure that everything is perfect by bringing to you something that will definitely fit the bill. This experience enables the bride to custom make her very own pair of wedding shoes because she would know what she wants in a pair of shoes to match her beautiful dress. If she doesn’t, fret not for the actual designer will be alongside her at every step of the way. The bride will be involved in the whole process of creating her custom made shoes, consulted by the designer herself.

    Not forgetting the groom, he will be exposed to a wide array of designer shoes already available in the shoe boutique. This will be an intimate experience for it is also a time for the bride and groom to spend some quality time together. Are you ready to give something they will remember for life?

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Personal consultation by designer
    •    Bride will be bringing home one (1) pair of designer shoes (Custom Made - *it may take 2-3 weeks for completion of custom made shoes)
    •    Groom will be bringing home one (1) pair of shoes from the ready available collection


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  1. Beginners Clay Figurines Workshop for Group of 6

    Beginners Clay Figurines Workshop for Group of 6

    Looking for activities to help stimulate the growth of your child? Or maybe you just want your child to have an outlet to express their creativity. Whatever it is, this 2 hour clay moulding workshop will definitely be a fun learning experience for your child.

    Bring your child and their friends for this lovely workshop on clay moulding. During these 2 hours, they will be guided by dedicated teachers to make 2 clay figurines of their choice with various designs to choose from such as Bunny the Rabbit, Hush Puppy, Angry Birds and many more. The clay materials as well as tools will be provided on the day by the teachers and this class is designed to engage children into active learning.

    Aside from being an outlet for your child to express their creativity, it also helps them to build confidence in their own abilities as well as develop social skills to interact with a group and better their coordination. You never know, your child might turn out to be the next Picasso.

    This package includes:

    •    Clay materials
    •    Tools for usage during the workshop
    •    Lesson on how to make 2 clay figurines (Examples: Bunny the Rabbit, Hush Puppy, Little Kitten, Lady Bugs, Butterfly, Teddy Bear, Angry Birds and more)

    Note: GST will be charged at the end of the buying process.

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  2. The Art of Clay Figurines for Group of 6

    The Art of Clay Figurines for Group of 6

    This experience is perfect for those who admire the intricate art of clay figurine mouldings. For those with passion for arts, you will learn the art of clay moulding for 2 hours.

    Gather your family or friends and take this class where you will be guided by dedicated teachers to create your own clay figurines from scratch. There are many examples to choose from such as Bunny the Rabbit, Hush Puppy, Cute Little Dolls and many more. During this class, clay materials and tools will be provided on the day.
    So, discover the basic techniques of clay figurines making. Mind you, it may seem easy but it is more challenging than expected as the figurines require high level of details and patience to complete. But the feeling of creating your own work of art is one of a fulfilling one. Come discover your inner Picasso.
    This package includes:
    Clay materials
    Tools for usage during the workshop
    Lesson on how to make 2 clay figurines (Examples: Bunny the Rabbit, Hush Puppy, Little Kitten, Teddy Bear, Cute Little Dolly and more)
    Note: Workshops are only available on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and Public Holidays. This workshop is eligible for kids 12 years old and above.


    Note: GST will be charged at the end of the buying process

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  3. His & Hers Evening

    His & Hers Evening

    Looking for a romantic treat for that special someone? Or maybe you just want to get out of that rut and do something spontaneous? Nothing is more romantic than a couple’s private massage. Surprise your other half with this and show them how much you care.

    It is time to spice things up and do something out of the norm, forget the same old couple activities. Treat your partner to a relaxing full body massage and what better way to spend time together than to do be getting the same treatment right next to her! Everybody needs to unwind and relax every once in a while and you are no exception, so enjoy this romantic time together in a private room made specifically for couples. After enjoying your massage, prepare to indulge yourself in an utterly delightful rose petal bubble bath to complete your rejuvenating experience.
    No need to scratch your head over what to do together and just relax and spend some quality time together without any hassle. Sweep your partner off their feet and indulge in a romantic treat.
    This package includes:
    Female masseurs only
    1 and a half hours of relaxing full body massage
    A 20 minute rose petal bubble bath after the massage
    Private couple room
    • This massage is strictly meant for couples (ie: one male and one female)
    • Women less than 3 months into their pregnancy are not advised to undergo this massage and any women in pregnancy are not advised to use essential oils.
    • For Happy Mansion PJ, the 20 minute rose petal bubble bath will be substituted by an infrared sauna in the cabin.

    Note: GST will be charged at the end of the buying process

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