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Pilot for a Day

"My girlfriend and I received this RedRibbon Days experience gift from a friend of ours for Christmas. I must say that we truly enjoyed the whole experience. Our pilot was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did a complete briefing on what we needed to know about the plane and how it operates. My girlfriend was the co-pilot for the day and she had a blast maneuvering the plane for a brief moment.To those aspiring to be a pilot, I would recommend this experience to start with. As for me, I wouldn't mind to go for this experience again :)"  

(Posted on 9/3/13)  Gunter 

Pilot for a day - 30 mins

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  1. A Mobile Spa Bridal Shower Experience

    A Mobile Spa Bridal Shower Experience

    Having a wedding is no easy task, the long and elaborate planning that goes into putting together quite possibly the happiest day of your life is an amazing feat altogether. Sometimes after months of preparation, it is finally time to unwind and have some fun before the big day. It is even better when you get to do so with a bridal shower in your own home.

    What could be better than being pampered in the comfort of your own home? Indeed, spas are designed to be as relaxing and comfortable as can be but there is just no place quite like home. Thus, the idea of having a bridal shower and spa experience at home is just one too good to pass up. Our professionals will prep you up and make you glow even more for the big day. A full body scrub (or lulur), 60 minutes of full body massage and a foot & bath scrub for the bride is just what is needed but we can’t forget the friends too, the pillars of support and helping hands throughout. That being said, your friends will also be able to enjoy a 30 minute half body massage and a foot bath & scrub to equally alleviate the stress.

    So it is time to leave the stress behind and relax! There is no place like home so why not make your home the centre of your relaxing spa bridal shower experience as well!


    This package includes :

    • Spa robes
    • Full body scrub or lulur, 60 minutes full body massage and foot bath & scrub (For bride ONLY)
    • 30 minutes half body massage and foot bath & scrub (For crew of 4 ONLY)


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  2. The Ultimate at Home Kids Spa Party Experience

    The Ultimate at Home Kids Spa Party Experience

    Introducing the ultimate at home kids spa party experience, yes it is no exaggeration when we say ultimate. This experience is specifically catered for a kid’s party that brings with it the whole shebang and the best part, all of this is done within the comforts of your own home.

    Why go out when you can have yourself a wonderfully amazing spa party that promises everything you want and need? The little princesses will be treated by our professionals to a mini manicure, mini pedicure, a relaxing foot bath & scrub, a revitalising face mask & cucumber eye mask, a hand & foot massage and lastly a make-up makeover because why shouldn’t they look just like real life princesses. You get what you pay for and in this instance that is THE ultimate at home kids spa party experience

    By the end of the experience, they will not only feel great but look just as good too – silky smooth skin, beautiful nails and the confidence to match it.


    This package includes:

    • Mini manicure
    • Mini pedicure
    • Foot bath and scrub
    • Face mask and cucumber eye mask
    • Hand and foot massage
    • Make-up makeover


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  3. The Bath Project For Kids

    The Bath Project For Kids

    Kids will be kids and love to get their hands dirty, to get hands-on with whatever they are doing so why not grant them that wish. Put their energy and creativity to get use by bringing them to a beauty bar workshop to learn the basics of how beauty products are made.

    Consider this a different form of art that kids can get into that is just as rewarding as your conventional art classes. Using only natural ingredients spend 60 minutes to make their very own all-natural beauty product. Products range from making a soap to shower gel, lotion and body butter. With all the ingredients and materials provided, child friendly and safe as well, along with a professional; your kids will have a unique experience of making their own beauty products which they can then peruse after the workshop.

    Art workshops are known to help develop creativity and this is no exception albeit art in a different manner. Nonetheless, we assure you that your kids will have a blast making their own beauty products just the way they like it.


    This package includes :

    • DIY class of beauty products using natural ingredients
    • A choice of TWO of the following topics to focus on
    o DIY Soap
    o DIY Shower Gel
    o DIY Lotion
    o DIY Body Butter

    NOTE: All materials are completely kid friendly and safe. We also accept suggestions for other forms of beauty products to be made. Check with our Pleasure Team Consultant for more varieties.

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  1. Project Bath Works for Group of 10 Kids

    Project Bath Works for Group of 10 Kids

    Are your kids bursting with energy, creativity and confidence? Why not help them channel that energy into something beneficial, namely a DIY workshop with her friends on the process of making beauty products? This might even spark her interest enough to set her on a path to becoming the next Anita Roddick.

    Using materials that are kid friendly and safe along with a professional, your children are in safe and fun hands for the duration of the experience. The workshop will detail the steps of producing a choice of two products from a list of four – a choice of either the bath salts, body scrub, massage oil or face mask. These products will be made entirely from natural ingredients and of course, there are many more choices but upon advise and with added cost.

    We do also welcome your suggestions on any particular beauty product you would like to learn how to make so don’t be shy now! Regardless, this workshop promises to not only be a fun experience but also an eye-opening one for all who are interested in one day becoming the next Anita Roddick.


    This package includes:

    DIY class of beauty products using natural ingredients.
    Choose any of the TWO following topics to focus on:

    • DIY Bath Salts
    • DIY Body Scrub
    • DIY Massage Oil
    • DIY Face Mask


    NOTE: All materials are completely kid friendly and safe. We also accept suggestions for other forms of beauty products to be made. Check with our Pleasure Team Consultant for more varieties.


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  2. A Mobile SPA Party Fit for a Princess

    A Mobile SPA Party Fit for a Princess

    Your daughter is having a slumber party and you don’t exactly have the time to take them out for a pampering mani-pedi any time soon. Rather than making the troublesome journey out for their mani-pedi party, wouldn’t you rather just have them do it at home?

    Have our expert manicurists drop by your place and carry out a pampering kid’s spa party. Your daughter and 3 of her friends will be able to enjoy treatments of a mini manicure, mini pedicure and a foot bath and scrub for each of them. No need for the commute out or looking after your daughter and friends when you are all in the comfort of home.

    That being said, it is time to get comfortable and just enjoy the experience as our expert manicurists work their magic on those pretty nails.


    This package includes either one of the below options:

    Option 1 :                                                                                                                                                                                       

    • Mini manicure

    • Mini pedicure

    • Foot bath & scrub


    Option 2

    (This service is suitable for kids between 9-13 years old. Not advisable for kids below 9 years old.)                                                                                                                                                                                   

    • Foot bath & scrub                                                                                                                                                        

    • 30 minute Fullbody Massage


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  3. At Home Private Wine Appreciation Workshop

    At Home Private Wine Appreciation Workshop

    After a long day, the idea of just getting home and popping open that bottle of wine to enjoy while lounging on the couch seems like heaven on earth. While you may enjoy wine, how much about the drink do you actually know?

    Calling all wine enthusiasts! If you ever want to learn more about wine but you are too lazy to go out then this experience is for you! Have a wine sommelier from France pay you a visit at your home and teach you all there is to know about wine. Your wine sommelier, David Stephan, has almost 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge in wines and this time around looks to spread his knowledge to all who enjoy the drink as much as he does. Learn the proper way of tasting wine as opposed to just gulping down gallons of it at a go, the types of old world and new world wines to the wine glass etiquettes. All in all, this experience should only take about 2 to 3 hours but would seem shorter especially when you are enjoying yourself this much!

    It would be just like the good old times when you and your buddies sit around drinking except this time with more class and a little more understanding of why exactly wine is so revered all over the world.


    Topics to choose from:
    • How to taste wine like a pro – 5 different wines
    • Low vs High – 6 different wines (3 vs 3)
    • New World vs Old World Wines – 6 different wines (3 vs 3)
    • White Wines of the World – 5 different wines
    • Wine Glass Etiquette – 5 different wines


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    Code: KHWTAHPW

  1. Know Your Wine

    Know Your Wine

    Rather than going out to grab a couple of bottles of wine, why not have it delivered to your doorstep instead? Oh wait, you don’t know the first thing about picking out a good wine maybe? Fret not! Have an experienced wine sommelier handpick 6 bottles of wine and deliver it to your house! How does that sound?

    These 6 bottles of wine will be handpicked by the wine sommelier based on types of wine and preferences (if you have any, do tell!) ranging from red to white, rose or mix of all! Included in the package are tasting notes written by David Stephan, your experienced wine sommelier hailing from France and with almost 20 years of experience in the fine arts of wine. Additionally, there are also brief background snippets of the wines chosen as well as recommended food pairing and tips on all you need to know about wines.

    All that is left for you to do is to slip into something more comfortable, pop open a bottle and sip away on it while immersing yourself in the world of extraordinary wines.


    This package includes:

    • Classic package (6 bottles of wines handpicked by French sommelier David Stephan based on type preference – red, white, rosé or mix of all)
    • Bottles of wines will be delivered to your doorstep
    • Tasting notes written by David Stephan
    • Brief background about the wine
    • Recommended food pairing and tips


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    Code: KHWTKYW

  2. The Five Stars of Yuzen

    The Five Stars of Yuzen

    Just like achieving nirvana, achieving Yuzen revolves around few key elements. For this instance of achieving culinary nirvana, the good people of Yuzen Japanese Restaurant have tailor-made a menu that will bring you to food heaven.

    A five course dining experience with each dish designed specifically to give you euphoria unlike any other you have ever had. Your journey to food heaven begins with a surprise starter, something unexpected just like how you would never expect to find solace in something so simple yet significant. After the starter has done its job of setting your foot into the rabbit hole the journey continues with oyster vermicelli to further pull you in and take one step closer to food heaven. This is then followed by a mini Chirashi Sushi and scallop and foie gras in succession. You are nearly there! Can you taste the sweetness of heaven yet? By now, most would but if you are still some way off, the surprise dessert just tops it all off.

    Those coupled with a tranquil atmosphere will transport you to your very own kingdom of heaven. These five stars of the night are the cornerstones of achieving your very own food heaven, a nirvana of the taste buds – this is an experience of the five stars of Yuzen.


    Sample Menu:

    • Surprise Starter
    • Oyster Vermicelli
    • Mini Chirashi Sushi
    • Scallop and Foie Gras
    • Surprise Dessert


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  3. An Affair of Culinary Harmony and Fusion

    An Affair of Culinary Harmony and Fusion

    There is dining and then there is Yuzen dining. Yuzen dining is an ideal that is the belief brought about by the founders of Yuzen Japanese Restaurant – an ideal that matches the cutting precision of authentic Japanese cuisine with the unpredictable flair of fusion.

    So what can one expect from this affair of culinary harmony and fusion otherwise known as the Yuzen dining experience? Let us tell you what exactly to expect; fine dining, impeccable service and a serene ambience that culminates in a truly meditative state – think of it as a zen-like experience. Teriyaki crispy chicken, Hokkaido scallops and sea urchins, tuna tataki and a plethora of sushi; these are but some of the delicacies on offer and with RM200.00 to spend, it is an enticing vision altogether.

    Come and experience a culinary perfection honed through the ages of man, steel and cuisine equally balanced with a harmonious atmosphere that will give more than just an explosions of flavours for your palate.


    This package includes:

    • You can order anything off the menu for up to RM200.00

    NOTE: This experience is available from Monday to Saturday 12.00pm – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10.00pm.


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