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Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two 

"Hi team, I really had a good time at the Carcosa last week. I took my best friend and we really enjoyed the time there. Having tea in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, it was simply GREAT!. I wanted to also comment maybe the tea could have more variety of food being offered. Being ramadhan, maybe they could have thrown in some local kuih as well. Something for them to consider I guess. I am really thankful that you had this experience. I never would have thought that you can actually go there. So thank you again!! God Bless and keep up the good work.:) Cheers!" - Mandip Kaur 

Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two





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  1. An Occasion to Celebrate

    An Occasion to Celebrate

    It isn’t often that we have an occasion to celebrate so when we do, it helps and comforts us to know that there is a nifty little “hauz” to go to for celebrations. Peruse of the space afforded by Monster in the Hauz and have every little detail taken care of.

    Details such as having a buffet style menu with 7 dishes to choose from as well as 2 choices of drinks ranging from juice to tea, cordial drinks and sweet soup ensure that you will only need to bring your appetite and enthusiasm for a great time here. Lastly, you can’t have a celebration without themed decorations so be sure to let us know early enough of what look you’re going for in this party.

    At times, less is more and this is the same in this case because the less you have to worry about, the more you find it an enjoyable time with friends. Therefore, why burden yourself with the petty planning rather than having the monsters in the “hauz” put everything in place for you.


    This package includes:

    • Buffet style with 7 dishes
    • 2 types of drinks served (1 juice/tea/cordial drink and sweet soup)
    • Themed decorations based on request and availability


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  2. A Surprise Party Experience for Group of Ten

    A Surprise Party Experience for Group of Ten

    Planning a surprise party for a friend can be a tough thing to do – having to not only do all the planning but also the inviting, the ordering of food and of course, decorations before having to clean up. Instead you could just have us do it for you!

    Banners, flowers, food, decorations, drinks and finally a cake if there is a birthday to celebrate – all the mainstays of a surprise birthday party will be taken care of. Just bring your friends and enjoy yourself like you would in your own home minus the cleaning up. Now, when we say like you would in your own home we do mean it. Simplistic interior designs and decorations make the place look as homely as possible.

    So really, all you have to do is just call us up and let us know what you want. Grilled pork burgers, spagheti and fine wine to entertain not just the unsuspecting birthday person but also their friends.


    This package includes:

    • Banner
    • Flowers
    • Cake
    • Themed decoration based on request and availability
    • 2 bottles of wine
    • Food


    Important Note: This experience is available on Monday to Saturday from 12.00pm – 11.00pm and is closed on Sundays.

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    Code: KHASPEFGO10

  3. Flower Arrangement Class for 4

    Flower Arrangement Class for 4

    They say handmade gifts are a rare and special thing. The time, effort and thought that go into making a gift for that special someone or a friend who really needs it is much appreciated. It is a common gesture to send a fruit basket and flowers to someone for whatever the occasion but rather than buy one, why not make one?

    This experience can even be useful for guys. How so? Imagine the joy your partner will have when they receive and find out that you, as a guy, took the effort to personally make her a fruit basket and flowers – it’ll be sure to quell even the most heated of arguments afterwards.

    So invest 3 hours of your time to learn how to arrange your very own fruit basket and flowers, you never know when this skill might come in handy. A little too shy to go at it alone? Bring your friends along!


    This package includes:

    • Arranging of fruit baskets and congratulatory flowers
    • Flowers, tools and baskets will be provided
    • Supervision ever-present


    Important Note: This experience is available on Monday to Saturday from 12.00pm – 11.00pm and is closed on Sundays.


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  1. Creative Nail Art Design for 4

    Creative Nail Art Design for 4

    It is time to get a little creative juice flowing and paint your nails. Discover the many techniques and designs to dress your nails for the occasion, so to say. This experience is a comprehensive 2 part course that will take you through all that you need to know about creative nail art.

    You don’t even have to go at it alone! Rope in 3 of your friends and learn how to design nail arts for each other, if you will. The course will take it you through A-to-Z of the creative nail art world from techniques to reshape your nails, the proper usage of nail polish and design arrangements to the importance of colour combinations, glitter accessorizing and decorations. Over the course, you will learn several designs to arm you with the know-how for everyday life. These designs include sponge designs, pen dotting designs and painted nail art.

    Lastly, you have the luxury of doing all these without having to go through the trouble of bringing your own kits – a variety of nail products are at your disposal. You leave as you came, free handed except when you do leave, it is with prettier nails.


    Package includes:

    - A comprehensive 2 lessons course on creative nail art designing (3 hours per lesson)

    • Nail reshaping
    • Nail polish usage
    • Design arrangements
    • Colour combination
    • Glittering nail art
    • Art deco
    • Sponge design (Galaxy nail)
    • Dotting pen usage (Polka dot, flower, mickey mouse)
    • Painted nail art (Animal print, rose, lady bug, strawberry)                                                                       

    - A variety of nail products to peruse (Nail case, nail acrylic paint, nail brush, etc.)

    Note: This package is valid for adults ONLY.


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    Code: KHNGCNADF4

  2. My Elephant Dining Experience - RM300

    My Elephant Dining Experience - RM300

    Craving for Thai food lately? Well, let us satiate that craving for you with this experience. There are plenty of places in Kuala Lumpur where you can find Thai cuisine but this isn’t just any other Thai cuisine. Tease your taste buds with an explosion of flavours of quality authentic Thai cuisine with a healthy twist.

    The ambience of this restaurant is much like a fusion café; with a modern touch, predominant shades of monochrome being the theme. Simple yet neat and comfortable, the restaurant carries with it dim lightings and quirky furnishings that all adds to the comfort of dining.

    This package entitles you and your friends/family to enjoy anything off the a la carte menu for up to the amount of RM300. This grants you'll tremendous flexibility and freedom in deciding what you will be having on the day as opposed to a pre-set menu. Gone are the days of having to pay for a dish you are not particularly fond of. Try anything from the crowd favourite duck curry with lychee and dragon fruit or the salt-baked fish or anything else on the menu that may entice you enough.

    Regardless of what you choose to have, each dish will be worthy of your time and with great ambience to go with it, a great night is definitely on the cards.

    This package includes:

    • Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM300

    NOTE: Government tax and service charges will also be costed into your RM300 voucher and any access of RM300 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.


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    Code: CSMEMEDERM300

  3. Pinch Me I’m in a Lamborghini Murcielago

    Pinch Me I’m in a  Lamborghini Murcielago

    If there is one thing that really gets our gears moving (guys especially), it is the sight of fast cars. Needless to say, these fast cars are generally considered to be a sexy piece of masterful engineering as well so it really isn’t that difficult to see why it gets our engines revving. Well, how about the chance to be driven around in one of the most revered and recognizable cars in the world?

    Speak the name Lamborghini and you will have to search far and wide for someone who does not recognize the name and the prestige it carries. The proverbial Italian bull charging through the streets and much like its living counterpart, commanding the way through and having all eyes set upon it. The dream of getting in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 is a unanimous one regardless of age, gender or preference.

    With 5 hours to spare, a lot of ground to cover and a whole load of fuel to burn, this serves as the perfect experience to accompany you to those prestigious and special events you have planned for the day. Attending a ball? We say be the ball! Wedding? What better way to scream to the world that you’re getting married than to let out a ripping roar from this mechanical bull.

    Best thing about this package is the fact that it does not restrict you to a particular place. Quite simply, you could literally be chauffeured to Ipoh and back as long as you do so in 5 hours (and we’re sure you can do it what with so much horsepower at your disposal).

    A power displacement of 6.5 litres and launch control to give you a powerful boost from standing start; this fine car reaches a whopping speed in excess of 300 km/h; the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 clearly knows about speed but what it excels in equally is to blend performance with style. So much style that it is one of the most desirable cars in the world and it is in this car that you can finally colour your friends with envy. If you could, you would right. So yes, go ahead and pinch yourself; you are not dreaming, you really are cruising through the streets in a Lamborghini Murcielago!


    This package includes:

    • 5 hours chauffeured driven Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 (Yellow colour)
    • Be driven to anywhere you want as long as it is within the 5 hours
    • The car sits up to a maximum of 2 pax (inclusive of chauffeur)


    NOTE: We have a wide selection of cars available for rental, kindly contact our Pleasure Team to find out more.


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  1. Hair Makeover and Extension Experience

    Hair Makeover and Extension Experience

    Seeking for a change to that mundane hair? Not liking the way your hair flows in that dress? Get an expert hair makeover and extension experience to drastically change the way it looks!

    Choose between having clip on extensions or braided extensions. For those of you looking to buy this for your girlfriends and wives, you must feeling a little confused now as to the difference between the two. Just to save you the trouble, clip on extensions are the least permanent extensions and can be worn all-day and all-night. Its versatility means it is the perfect choice for most occasions. The other being braided extensions – this technique is less time consuming so makes for the perfect choice for those busy and powerful women looking for a quick fix to their bad hair day. These extensions also come in various classic colours such as copper, light brown, black and extra-light blonde.

    Bid farewell to your mundane hair, pull up to work looking considerably different and get the admiration of your peers with beautiful new locks!


    Package includes:

    • Style cut
    • Wash
    • Blow dry
    • Choice of either clip on extensions or braided extensions
    • A selection of classic colours (Copper, light brown, black and extra-light blonde)


    Note: This experience is valid for one session only.


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  2. Expert Hairstyling Makeover by Creative Director Callie Goh

    Expert Hairstyling Makeover by Creative Director Callie Goh

    Sometimes there is nothing we need more than a little makeover – a personal grooming pick-me-up so to say. Not only does it help change the way we feel about our current self but also change the way others perceive us. That though, is no easy feat and we understand that fully.

    It is for that very reason we have called in an expert for this makeover experience. Callie Goh is a stylist with over two decades of experience in hair styling and she is also one half of the dynamic duo of the well-respected Michael & Guys Hair Salons. Trust us when we say you couldn’t be in better care.

    Perhaps you have a function to attend or maybe you just want to change the way you look or even just because you would like to pamper yourself every now and then. Regardless, this makeover experience is the answer. What will transpire on the day is first and foremost, a cut and restyling of your luscious locks to breathe new life into your overall looks. It doesn’t just end there though as you will have a choice of a soft rebonding, a relaxer or colouring; all of which contributes to your new-found natural looking hair.

    Now that is what we call an expert hair styling makeover! Get that natural looking, extraordinary yet elegantly simple hairdo to equip you for any and all occasions!


    Package includes:

    • Cut and restyle
    • Choice of either a soft rebonding, relaxer OR colouring


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  3. A Hair Styling and Treatment Experience at Michael & Guys

    A Hair Styling and Treatment Experience at Michael & Guys

    Look and feel your best with this ultimate hair styling and treatment experience because why shouldn’t you. Get the full rundown in a prestigious hair salon with even better professionals in your choice of location from One Utama to Berjaya Times Square or Sungai Wang Plaza.

    So what exactly will you be enjoying in this experience? Just take your pick of the locations and have these professionals work their magic fingers. Kick off the experience with a style cut; don’t worry as the stylist will advise you on what look suits you best yet not disregarding your ideas. After which a thorough wash of the hair and blow dry to freshen you up. Lastly, hair treatments to ensure that your hair is as healthy as it has ever been and do away with those damaged roots.

    Walk down the street after this and rest easy knowing that your beautiful hair is the reason why people do a double-take when they pass you by.


    Package includes:

    • Style cut
    • Wash
    • Blow dry
    • Hair treatment


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