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Pilot for a Day

"My girlfriend and I received this RedRibbon Days experience gift from a friend of ours for Christmas. I must say that we truly enjoyed the whole experience. Our pilot was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did a complete briefing on what we needed to know about the plane and how it operates. My girlfriend was the co-pilot for the day and she had a blast maneuvering the plane for a brief moment.To those aspiring to be a pilot, I would recommend this experience to start with. As for me, I wouldn't mind to go for this experience again :)"  

(Posted on 9/3/13)  Gunter 

Pilot for a day - 30 mins

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  1. An Organic Skincare Gift Voucher

    An Organic Skincare Gift Voucher

    In our busy lifestyle today, we tend to take for granted taking care of our bodies, particularly our precious skin. Skincare should be given utmost importance since it constitutes a vital role in our health.

    This shopping experience let you spoil yourself to something healthy! Herbolle are premium organic herbal products originated from Jeju Island in Korea - and has now found its way here in Malaysia. These are handmade, high-quality, organic herbal products such as natural cosmetics and bath products, mosquito repellent, soap, candle, herbal tea, etc. Jeju Farm is the largest and most vibrant growing organic herb farm in Korea. With the ideal combination of pure natural components and up-to-date cosmetic technology, you will definitely shop for only the best for your skin!

    Whether this is a treat for yourself or a gift for someone, this experience will not give you that guilt to shopping. Besides, who won’t love to get that healthy glowing skin!


    Package Includes:
    • Choose any organic skincare items from the store worth up to RM100 (including government tax and service charges)



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  2. A Posh Gel Nail Jam Experience

    A Posh Gel Nail Jam Experience

    Are you an avid fan of posh nail designs? Do you like your nails to always look fresh and trendy? Welcome! You are on the right page! This is for those fashionistas looking out for that exceptional manicure experience. Why exceptional you say? This manicure service uses not the usual nail polish but the Vika gel nail!

    Did you know that Girls Generation are also into Vika? Originated in Korea, gel nails are gaining popularity since they are longer lasting, practically scratch-proof and simply fabulous! Unlike other gel products, Vika gel nail jam stickers leave no damage to your nails but only class and shine! With over 20 designs to choose from, you’ll be having a fun time deciding which one you feel best. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind manicure experience and show off your superbly done nails!


    Package includes:
    • Manicure Service
    • Shaping
    • Cuticle Cut
    • Nail Tonic
    • Nail Jam
    • Gel Top Coat
    • Hand Massage

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  3. Meditation Retreat in Nature

    Meditation Retreat in Nature

    Imagine you are sitting in the forest surrounded by beautiful trees, breathing in fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling Mother Earth around you... do you feel your senses come alive?

    This beautiful retreat with nature starts with a walking meditation, followed by some uplifting activities and ends with a seated meditation. Experience its healing energy as you balance your body, mind and soul in the loving arms of Mother Earth.

    The joyful experience of group meditation in the beautiful forest far exceeds the benefits of practicing alone at home. Suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators, rejuvenate your senses as you take this journey with Mother Earth.

    JOIN US! Let's embrace the state of calmness; receive healing, inspiration and deep love in this meditation retreat.

    Venue : FRIM Kepong (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) – Location map:


    Important Note:

    • Gather Time : Sharp at 7.30am
    • Gather Point : Car Park at the 2nd turning on the LEFT after guardhouse. You will see “Taman Botani     Kepong” signboard at the turning. Meet at the hut.
    • Bring along drinking water & mat for meditation (eg: yoga mat)


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  1. Crystal Healing Circle Experience

    Crystal Healing Circle Experience

    Would you like to experience a remarkable sense of healing from crystals, along with its relaxation and the peace of mind it provides, not to mention how rejuvenating and more positive it leaves you and learn about crystal and what exactly are chakras?

    Crystals are wonderful natural elements that are found buried deeply within the Earth. Each and every crystal comes in different shapes, sizes and colour for different functional purposes & energy vibration.

    Crystals are very powerful to raise our energy and vibration to higher frequency. Thus, it is commonly used in alternative healing sessions. Placing different coloured crystals on different chakras brings about healing to our physical, mental and even emotional bodies.

    *Limited to 20 pax only

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  2. The Destress Experience

    The Destress Experience

    Is daily stress overwhelming you?

    Are you suffering from nerve wrecking exhaustion that drives you up the wall?

    Feeling extreme helpless, engulfed by the never ending stream of thoughts that simply doesn't seem to stop in your head?

    If the above describes your current situation, you have come to the right place! We have THE PERFECT SOLUTION specially customized for you! +Energy@Work - The Destress Experience is tailored to effectively take away the build up tension in your body, mind & heart, restoring your overall being back to its perfectly healthy state.

    Alignment - During the process, negativity within your system will be removed & an overall alignment of your energy field will be performed.

    Clarity & Empowerment – A specially designed workshop tailored to give you clarity & empower you with effective stress management tools.

    It is our firm belief that you should be empowered with the ability to be able to help yourself during your daily lives.


    Package Includes : 

    • 2 private session &
    • 1 mini workshop 


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  3. The Attractive Experience

    The Attractive Experience

    Have you ever felt it is hard to attract the right relationship?
    Are you tired of looping in unwanted recurring relationship problems?
    Do you wish to experience loving & fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life?

    If your answer is yes to all of the above, you have come to the right place. +Energy@Relationship - The Attractive Experience is dedicated to help you break unwanted recurring patterns in your relationships, change your attraction vibration from within and raise your positive vibrations to attract what you desire in your life!

    Join us in celebrating the new year with a NEW YOU, where you BECOME the POSITIVE MAGNET that attracts all the goodness to YOU!

    Alignment - During the process, negativity within your system will be taken out & an overall alignment of your energy field will be performed.

    Clarity - Followed by a session of coaching to help you gain clarity on issues that you are currently facing.

    Empowerment - Lastly you will be empowered through our workshops. We truly believe that you should be empowered with the ability to help youself during your daily lives.


     Package Includes : 

    • 2 private sessions
    • 1 full day workshop &
    • 1 mini workshop 


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  1. Plaits And Celebrity Styling Lessons

    Plaits And Celebrity Styling Lessons

    Always wanted the ‘Diva’ hairstyle look or perhaps the ‘Celebrity’ hairstyle looks? Worry not! In this experience you will learn how to master the techniques of plaiting to create the ‘Wow’ factor. You will learn how to do rope plaits and fashion plaits, using 2, 3 or 4 strands along with Red carpet themed hairstyles with integrated plaits and braids. Ideal for everyday styling, parties, proms or nights out.

    In this lesson you will learn:-

    • Demonstration of styling techniques on mannequin head
    • Practical hands-on long hair heads to create several plaited looks and express red carpet themed hair styles


    This package includes:
    • 3 hours (hands-on tutorial class)
    • All tools and cosmetics will be provided.
    • Each participant gets RM50 cash voucher

    Schedule :
    Mon-Fri – 2pm to 5pm / 7pm to 10pm
    Sat-Sun – 10am to 1pm / 3pm to 6pm

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  2. Easy Everyday Hairstyles

    Easy Everyday Hairstyles

    Most of us would like cute and unique hairstyles to wear at work or school. This experience is designed for beginners to create some quick, fun ways to style your hair. A style that’s easy to pull off in 10 or 15 minutes in the morning won’t be the same for everyone. For instance, if you have thick and curly hair, straightening your hair everyday could take significantly longer than that. Making some slight modification on what your hair naturally tends to do will be the fastest and easiest way to style your hair, as well as helping you avoid long-term damage to it.

    In this lesson you will learn:-

    • The tools and equipment needed for hair styling
    • Technique of curling or straightening or basic hair bun depending on individual hair condition and hair length.
    • Create 3 classic hair styles – Pony Tails, Bun and up-dos, Braids
    • Placing suitable hair accessories
    • Hygiene and helpful tips with advice


    This package includes:
    • 3 hours (hands-on tutorial class)
    • All tools and cosmetics will be provided.
    • Each participant gets RM50 cash voucher

    Schedule :
    Mon-Fri – 2pm to 5pm / 7pm to 10pm
    Sat-Sun – 10am to 1pm / 3pm to 6pm

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  3. Colorful Party Make-up Look Lessons

    Colorful Party Make-up Look Lessons

    You’ve got your party dress, the perfect pair of shoes and now all you are thinking about is party make-up to make you look and feel gorgeous? This experience will follow through our step-by-step guide that will help you to achieve a fabulous party make-up look on yourself!

     In this lesson you will learn:-

    • Choosing the right foundation
    • Application of concealer cream
    • Loose powder for long lasting makeup
    • Drawing of eyebrows and brow grooming techniques
    • Application of colourful eye shadows colours and false eyelash
    • Enhancing eye shapes: eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara application
    • Techniques of lip liner and lipstick application
    • Latest techniques of face shaping, contouring and blusher application
    • Working with professional makeup brushes

    This package includes:
    • 3 hours (hands-on tutorial class)
    • All tools and cosmetics will be provided.
    • Each participant gets RM50 cash voucher

    Schedule :
    Mon-Fri – 2pm to 5pm / 7pm to 10pm
    Sat-Sun – 10am to 1pm / 3pm to 6pm


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