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Glamping Rendezvous

First foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Red Ribbons for arranging such an wonderful experience. To further add on, I received EXCELLENT customer service from Ramyah which made the planning for this experience smooth sailing. The service was simply remarkable and should be adopted by all individuals in the service line.

On the other hand, Tanah Aina was simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the experience. The staff were well manner and possessed good hospitality. They were warm and welcoming. The environment was clean ( No flies were swatted) and the waitress were efficient and kept to  top cleanliness.

The experience was simply adventurous ( wasn't much rough and tough though... but enjoyable) and most importantly the concept of instilling about conserving the nature was an eye opener. 

To sum up, the ambiance in Tanah Aina was just breathtaking. Strongly recommended! Cheers and well done again!!


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  1. The Extra Mile : 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse Delivery

    The Extra Mile : 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse Delivery

    With the year fast approaching the end, there’s nothing we love more than the joys that the holidays bring; from the holiday cheer to the copious amounts of food that we all look forward to. Only problem with the holidays though is the after effects that it sadly leaves us with and the one such side effect of the holiday season that we are all no stranger to is the extra pounds that we inherit as a result of it. This is why we have decided to feature this incredibly happy healthy solution to your holiday woes. 

    The core belief behind Juice’d is “Bringing colors to a healthy lifestyle”. They believe that everyone can eat healthy and live healthy. As a matter of fact they believe eating healthy doesn’t mean that taste should take a backseat. And so they have set forth to incorporate good taste and good health into their juices and snacks. Juice’d by GI Juicery uses combinations of high nutrient vegetables and fruits to formulate good taste and good benefits for all its customers. All thier juices are created with recipes with various items, like Chia Seed, Burdock Root, Water Cress to ensure that your body gets the right amount of goodness it requires. Their juices are cold pressed to ensure that nutrients are not lost during the preparation so that you can benefit everything that nature has to offer.

    With that in mind go ahead and indulge in the merriment of the holidays and know that this experience is readily available for you soon as it is all over. Best part of it all, is that it will be delivered right to your door step!


    Package includes / Itinerary: 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse
    • 14 bottles of Juice’d
    • 1 Cleanse Guide
    o Indulge in a healthy food alternative that cleanses toxin from the body
    o Juices are produce daily with no preservatives, no stabilizers, no heat and no chemicals.
    o Rich in enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.
    o Juices are produce via cold pressed technology that retains juice at it’s ideal and purest quality.
    o Results: Weight loss, increased energy, glowing skin, better immune system, quality sleep, digestion.
    o Helps in reducing the risk of blood pressure and heart disease.



    • Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia ONLY.
    • Image is for illustration purposes only.


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  2. Muscle Ease Massage

    Muscle Ease Massage

    Kind of over-stretched in yoga last night? That pulled lower back muscle has got you walking like a hobo? A Mandara moment is what you need then – a Mandara muscle ease massage to well… ease those muscles!

    Muscle tension is ironed out with this intense muscle easing massage. Releasing built up tension in the scalp, back and shoulders, whilst stretching out aches and pains in the arms and legs. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving benefits, restoring your sense of well-being. Whether you`ve overdone it at the gym or work, this intensely therapeutic massage eases tense shoulders, back knots and aches.

    At Mandara spa while our therapists and aestheticians bestow their expert touch upon your physical body, its effect resonates through the core of your being. Much can happen in a Mandara moment. What are you waiting for?


    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.

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    Code: KHMSMEMI

  3. Ocean Detox Wrap

    Ocean Detox Wrap

    The name Mandara comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend about the gods' quest to find the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. Mandara Spa has embraced this legend with unique and exotic spa treatments and rituals that reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of ancient, mystical times.

    This particular exotic treatment uses seaweed and clay to stimulate your lymphatic system in the body, purge impurities and send a blast of minerals straight into your skin. This is then followed by a foil wrap that acts as an enabler for eliminating toxins while at the same time cleansing your mind with a scalp massage. Once done, take a refreshing bath and sip on some soothing tea and just slip into a deep trance-like state.

    Lie down, close your eyes, let your mind slip and slowly sink into the heavens all the while being massaged with a purifying blend of essential oils. Like the calm of the ocean and the refreshing charm it brings, your body and mind is gently wrapped and detoxed of all your discomforts.


    NOTE: The spa caters to both men and women.

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    Code: KHMSODWI

  1. Pawsome Manicure

    Pawsome Manicure

    Pet grooming has come a long way and today we see pets as equals in the household from dressing them up with clothes and accessories to some stylish cuts – pets are becoming increasingly fashionable. So, just like you, your pet can get a manicure too and this is the pawsome manicure perfect for them.

    Drop your pet off at our grooming centre, a comfortable centre for animals and for the next couple of hours have us pamper and treat your pet like royalty. Choose from a variety of colours for your pet’s nails making them look cleaner, more attractive and fashionable. Oh and did we mention it will keep you and your furniture free from scratches?


    This package includes:

    • A relaxing manicure therapy for your pet
    • Choose from a variety of colours for your pet’s nails


    NOTE: Do inform us of any allergies or health conditions your pet may have prior to the experience.


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    Code: KHPPPMI

  2. K-9 Pamper Experience

    K-9 Pamper Experience

    We all have best friends, is yours waiting eagerly for you back home? Dogs, man’s best friend, are always waiting and always loving unconditionally – they bring us joy regardless of good or bad times. Perhaps it is time we pamper them back for all that they have done for us.

    Take your best friend to Dataran Ara Damansara for a full body pamper experience with our experienced groomers. The groomers are of course animal lovers as well so you know your pet is in good hands. This K-9 experience will ensure your dog gets the haircut it deserves. Not only will your pet feel comfortable and refreshed by the end of it, it will also look prettier than ever and despite what others might believe, dogs are self-aware animals thus having a sense of confidence. So imagine yourself looking absolutely stunning and how that does a world of good for your own confidence – the same applies for your K-9 friend too.

    So go ahead, bring your best friend down because here all are welcome and we certainly look forward to being friends with that adorable dog of yours.


    This package includes:

    • Full body clipping
    • Full body scissoring
    • Nail trimming
    • Ear hair removal
    • Ear cleaning
    • Cleaning of anal gland
    • Shaving of paw pad, private part and stomach
    • Bathing
    • Blow drying


    NOTE: This package is valid for dogs less than 8kg. For dogs heavier than 8kg, kindly contact our Pleasure Team Consultants to get a quotation.


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    Code: KHPPK9PEI

  3. The Palatable Flames of the Bulgogi

    The Palatable Flames of the Bulgogi

    Whoa! Watch out, we have got a fire to fight. Bring along some fire extinguishers and plenty of water because by the time you are done, your mouth will be feeling like the surface of the Sun. This is a blazing hot dining experience at the Bulgogi Brothers.

    There are millions of people in the world who love spicy food and Malaysia happens to have a high concentration of this sub-species of humans so an aptly named fire meat (literal translation of the word Bulgogi) restaurant is one that is hard to resist. Often times, these lovers of the palatable flames actively seek out and challenge themselves to spicy food and laying waste to contenders like the Tabasco sauce, Sriracha sauce and Jalapenos (or Cili Padi).

    The Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean restaurant with outlets all over the world and seeing as Malaysians love spicy food, there is always going to be a place for Bulgogi Brothers here. Before you begin your trial by fire, you will be served a welcome dish and tea followed by 6 side dishes (otherwise known as Banchan in Korea). These are refillable so have at it while deciding what to order. Once you have placed your order, the fire meat will be expertly grilled in front of you although; you need not wait long as the meat have been seasoned and meticulously prepared prior to your arrival.

    So, for a hundred bucks, dare you take on the challenge of the fire meat? Try as you may, there is no quelling the palatable flames of the Bulgogi. That being said, we always welcome any challengers.


    This package includes:

    • This experience allows you to choose any food & beverages from the a-la-carte menu worth up to RM100.00

    NOTE: Voucher value is exclusive of goods and service tax.


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  1. Be the VIPs at Torii’s – Group of 4

    Be the VIPs at Torii’s – Group of 4

    Would you just look at them, that group of sharply dressed people being wined and dined to perfection in there? I wonder who they are and what I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes, both literally and figuratively. Oh wait, that’s just a reflection, it is in fact you staring back at your own reflection.
    Indeed, for tonight you and your merry band of friends are the VIPs at Torii’s and man is life good or what. As you walk in the cast iron swing door, you are greeted with an atmospheric, wood accented sanctuary filled with the aromas of fine Japanese food. From there you are escorted to your not-so-humble abode – the VIP room. Fitted with brown sofas of the 1960s surrounded by Japanese-style wooden walls, the VIP room is on a separate world isolated from the rest for maximum privacy. One can say images of top executives with a cigar in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other pops into mind when presented with such a lavish room.
    Now, we can’t be having what everyone else is having, not for a VIP. For you VIPs, a customised menu will be prepared beforehand and is exclusive to you and you alone. Inform us prior to your arrival of your exquisite taste and the kitchen will work tirelessly to please your discerning taste buds. To ensure you will be carefully attended to every step of the way, the head chef himself will be hosting your sojourn and cater to your every whim.
    Oh bless the perks of being a VIP. Here at Torii’s, when you are a VIP you are the cream of the crop. Treating you with such style and substance, you may as well redefine the expression of dining in style to this experience at Torii.
    This package includes:
    • An exclusive bespoke menu hosted by the head chef (Menu is customised and not available to anyone else)
    • Being wined and dined in Torii’s VIP room
    Important Note : This experience requires one week's prior notice at the very least.
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  2. Experience Torii’s Hospitality for Two

    Experience Torii’s Hospitality for Two

    Torii in Japanese translates to a traditional Japanese gate leading into a shrine, a sanctuary of sorts. Here at Torii’s Restaurant, it is a different shrine altogether – a shrine for exquisite Japanese cuisine and utter class and comfort of an experience.
    Being in a place of utter class and comfort, we would love nothing more than to have you feel what it is like to experience the amazing hospitality of being a valued member of this esteemed establishment. As such, you and your partner will not be dining off the menu like everyone else presently there. No, you are instead treated to a bespoke menu; a menu specially customised just for you and your partner with the head chef being your humble host of the evening. Since the menu is meant to be a surprise, you will not be seeing it until you have activated your voucher. That being said, we do welcome you to tell us what you like as to help the head chef to make better use of the customisation. All of that topped off by a flight of whiskey to savour from the largest collection of Japanese single malt whiskeys in the city.
    To further add to the hospitality is the impeccable design of the restaurant which just exudes more class from its cast iron swing door to the atmospheric, wood accented sanctuary filled with the aromas of fine Japanese food. Hospitality is the relationship between the host and the guest and this Japanese-accented gastro-bar is pulling out all the stops to ensure that you leave Torii knowing full well what hospitality is at Torii’s.
    This package includes:
    • An exclusive bespoke menu hosted by the head chef (Menu is customised and not available to anyone else)
    • A whiskey flight for two
    Important Note : This experience requires one week's prior notice at the very least.
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    Code: KHTRETHC

  3. Sport Fishing Adventure for Four

    Sport Fishing Adventure for Four

    Gather your fishing buddies and spend a day in Hulu Langat in the privacy of your own chalet made just for the sport of fishing. Call forth the angler in you, set up your lines and rods, and get ready to catch yourself some big fishes!
    The fishing resort is known as a haven for anglers, a place where fishing enthusiasts can gather to share their passion and knowledge of fishing. Strategically hidden away between the mountains and away from the bustling cities, there is few better locations to fish – the uninterrupted and calm waters serve as the perfect arena for anglers and with nothing else to interfere, all there is left to do is for you to cast your lines and wait.
    4 hours with your buddies and no one else to disturb, this is the perfect getaway for guys to catch up over their busy lives and to facilitate your experience, we would rather making it as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Thus, all fishing gear will be provided but of course, we welcome you to bring your own gear too if you like. Just be sure to adhere to the guidelines.
    Additionally, you will also have your own private chalet to fish so as to keep this as personal as possible and your very own fishing guide to help you battle the waters and its inhabitants – the fishes! Though you are far away from the comforts of the city, there are still comforts to be had such as clean bathrooms, wash basins, chairs and fans.
    This package includes:
    • Private fishing platform 20ft x 15ft
    • Dining table with 6 chairs
    • 4 fishing rods
    • 5kg of fishing bait
    • 4 sets of hook & spring
    • 4 floats
    • Private fishing guide
    • Bathroom
    • Private chalet
    • 1 fishing net
    • 1 guest per angler
    NOTE: A deposit of RM500.00 OR driving license is needed for this experience, which will be refunded/returned in full should the rods returned be in good condition.


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