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Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two 

"Hi team, I really had a good time at the Carcosa last week. I took my best friend and we really enjoyed the time there. Having tea in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, it was simply GREAT!. I wanted to also comment maybe the tea could have more variety of food being offered. Being ramadhan, maybe they could have thrown in some local kuih as well. Something for them to consider I guess. I am really thankful that you had this experience. I never would have thought that you can actually go there. So thank you again!! God Bless and keep up the good work.:) Cheers!" - Mandip Kaur 

Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two





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  1. Perfect Hideaway for Group of Six at Fig Tree Hill

    Perfect Hideaway for Group of Six at Fig Tree Hill

    It has been far too long since you have last spent time with nature but that streak is about to end. Say goodbye to the concrete jungle for a night (or two, if you wish) and find yourself in the warm embrace of nature once again.

    Find yourself lost in the lush green valley of rich tropical surroundings in Sungai Ara, Penang for the perfect hideaway. This sanctuary can boast with conviction that the grass may not always be greener on the other side because you can hardly find any other place in Penang with such lush greeneries. No matter how many times you look at it, the beauty of nature hits home every time with sceneries of a placid estuary and tropical surroundings.

    Thus, spending a night here truly is an experience altogether. Spacious, beautiful, serene and most importantly eco-friendly; the Cempaka Traditional Villa will prove a worthy vacation home-away-from-home. While the idea is to spend some time away from the city and more time with nature, you will still have access to well-equipped facilities and an ever-attentive group of staff to cater to your every whim. As you wake from your slumber, trudge down the steps (made out of old train tracks), grab yourself a cup of coffee and step out to your balcony overlooking the resort. Greeted by the cool morning air of nature with scenic views and the morning sun shining upon your face – tell us that does not sound heavenly! A 30-minute drive from Georgetown is looking more and more like a fair trade-off now.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Cempaka Traditional Villa (overlooks the resort)
    • Air-conditioning and TV
    • Garden, swimming pool and gymnasium


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.

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  2. Tranquil Retreat For Group of Six In Penang

    Tranquil Retreat For Group of Six In Penang

    Take a trip to the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia for a tranquil retreat from the frantic pace of the city. Penang, a place where East meets West, is one of the hotbeds for vacations in the country and with treasures as precious as this it comes as no surprise.

    The resort has dedicated tremendous effort into building these traditional villas for the public and done so without affecting the integrity of the valley embodying this resort. It is by no means an easy task to upkeep these villas yet the comfort is of the highest order. Well furnished and equipped with quality amenities, you will probably not have a more comfortable encounter with nature. The highlight however, is nature itself and it is all around you. From tropical gardens to a pond-like swimming pool and a unique gymnasium; you are never out of reach with nature.

    As for the villa, your experience will entail a night in the Kemboja Traditional Villa set beside the stream that runs through the resort and a bottle of wine to make for a more memorable experience. As do all villas, you will find that space is something you have in abundance and fresh air is not even an issue here. It is especially tranquil when you spend time on the balcony where you are afforded views of the lush greeneries and clear skies almost inducing the God-perspective.

    Is it any wonder why people desire to have their own home tucked away in the mountains to retreat to every now and then? Sometimes a change of pace is all we need to rejuvenate our lives and this experience does that to absolute precision.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Kemboja Room (by the stream)
    • Air-conditioning and TV
    • Garden, swimming pool and gymnasium


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.



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  3. Relaxing Trip For Group of Six At The Fig Tree Hill Resort

    Relaxing Trip For Group of Six At The Fig Tree Hill Resort

    Majestic is the best adjective for this experience. There really is no better way to describe this experience. Picture a traditional villa made mainly out of timber ensconced in the welcoming arms of Mother Nature equipped with modern amenities – the best of both worlds.

    Your villa, the Lily Traditional Villa, is set by the resort’s pond-like swimming pool that will be the place you call home for the coming days. Start your experience perhaps by taking a lovely stroll along the resort grounds and take in as much of the fresh air as you can. Cool off and go for a swim or just sip on that bottle of wine on your balcony. Do whatever you want even if that means enjoying the air-conditioning in the comfort of your villa as you flip through the channels on a lazy Sunday. Come nightfall though and you will probably be fast asleep. It is hard not to dive into slumber with the moonlight shining through your villa, the cool breeze (should you choose not to close the windows) and rustling of leaves acting as your lullaby and the plush bed caressing you.

    Despite being ensconced in the valley of Sungai Ara, you are still afforded the luxuries of air-conditioning, TV and a warm bed to sleep in – this is what we meant by the best of both worlds. In fact, there is even a gymnasium for you to use adequately equipped with the usual gears but with a view that no other gym in the city can beat. So take a weekend off and head into warm embrace of Mother Nature. After all, you don’t experience this every day.

    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Lily Traditional Villa (by the pool)
    • Air-conditioning and TV
    • Garden, swimming pool and gymnasium


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.



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  1. An Authentic Sagar Dining Experience

    An Authentic Sagar Dining Experience

    Living by the motto of “your satisfaction is our pride” Sagar Restaurant has, for more than a decade, served up deliciously and hygienically prepared authentic Northern Indian cuisine to the folks not just in Kuala Lumpur but also Penang and Langkawi. It is always better to have options and this experience presents you with just that – from the many outlets across Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi to the extensive menu of some truly mouth-watering dishes.

    Bring your friends and have a feast like the Maharajas of India. Have the pick of the bunch by choosing only the best dishes from the menu for up to RM200 and your feast is officially underway. With so many to choose from though, what should you actually order? Some of their best dishes are the Tandoori Chicken, Sheekh Kebab, Palace on Wheels and Methi Fish. Follow it up with some sweet desserts such as the Gulab Jamun or Pista Kulfi and your royal feast can come to a happy conclusion.
    As for the environment, all of their outlets are spaciously and luxuriously furnished so much so that it feels like the Maharaja’s kitchen itself. This fine dining restaurant has played host to many indulgent dinner nights to exotic weddings, private parties and annual dinners. It just isn’t an authentic Sagar dining experience if you feel anything less than comfortable and that is their promise to you.
    This package includes:
    You may order any food and beverages from their a-la-carte menu worth up to RM200.
    Note: Price quoted is inclusive of government tax and service charges. This experience is available from Tuesday to Sunday 12.00pm – 3.00pm and 6.00pm – 10.30pm.
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  2. A Lavish English Holiday For Two

    A Lavish English Holiday For Two

    The English are known for many things, the posh and lavish lifestyle is one of them. So, just how lavish are we talking when we call this a lavish English holiday? We’re talking the best experience of the posh life you can possibly find in Penang!

    For example, you will be spending 3 days and 2 nights in the embodiment of the grandiosity and elegance of the British colonial era, a special place and time for Malaysia’s very own Pearl of the Orient. Situated in the most prominent district of Penang, this fine establishment serves as a strategic starting point for visitors of George Town being mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle of shopping complexes, food havens, famed attractions and entertainment outlets.

    The lavishness though, is in your quarters – the Victory Annexe Studio Suite, a club floor suite with a balcony and luxurious marble bathroom with twin vanities. Like the English, a change with the times is essential but so is keeping with the heritage that has made it what it is. Thus, the Victory Annexe is designed with the rich heritage in mind yet offering the modern conveniences to fully encapsulate the modern-classic concept that is so revered. Complete with high speed wifi broadband connection, a mesmerizing infinity pool that faces the majestic Andaman Sea, a fully-equipped gym and last but not least, the E&O Gallery – a gallery telling the tales of Penang in a ground-breaking and unique way.

    Nothing exudes class and grandeur more than a stay in the Victory Annexe and this is further protruded by the exclusivity of having your fine breakfast in the Planters Lounge, a private lounge where all of the elegance comes together in one room.

    You will be hard pressed to find a more unique place to spend your time in Penang. After all, authenticity is magnetic and this we guarantee you IS!


    This package includes:

    • 3D/2N stay in the Victory Annexe – Studio Suite
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages from in-suite mini bar
    • Personal in-suite coffee machine
    • Guests of Victory Annexe have exclusive access to the Planters Lounge which serves complimentary breakfast, all day coffee and tea and evening cocktails


    NOTE: Check-in time is after 3.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.


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  3. An Italian Dining Escapade

    An Italian Dining Escapade

    All good things in life are meant to be shared – as Chris McCandless once said, “Happiness is only real, when shared.” This also happens to be the life-long mantra of Italians. The more, the merrier. At Italiannies, their best ingredient is not in its food but its love to share a table with each and every one of you.

    That being said, food is of course also a top priority in Italiannies with mouth-watering salads, delectable pastas and wholesome pizzas. Here, the menu and food are designed for sharing staying true to the Italian culture of always sharing a table full of food, laughter and company. You are almost always encouraged to order with the sole purpose of sharing your meal with others and this gives you an opportunity to experience a varied dining experience.

    Now, considering you will be here with some friends, it is yet another priority of Italiannies to ensure you and your guests are as comfortable as can be. Much like when you have guests over your place, you would like for them to feel comfortable thus, an ambience resembling authentic everyday Italian households is the underlying theme of Italiannies. Couple that with an amiable group of staffs and you have yourself an affair fit for your family and friends.

    Step in and be greeted by sepia-toned family portraits, lacey curtains and dark wooden furniture which all add to the homely Italian ambience that has been so carefully cultivated. All that is left is for the room to fill up with the aroma of freshly cooked food and the tables with a joyous bunch.


    This package includes:

    • This experience allows you to choose any food & beverages from the a-la-carte menu worth up to RM100.00

    NOTE: Voucher value is inclusive of goods and service tax.

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  1. TGI Fridays!

    TGI Fridays!

    How we all wish everyday was a Friday? Well, with this dining experience that is how you would feel, and nothing less! Tex-Mex food at it’s best. Try walking into a lively environment, where friendly hosts welcome you.
    End your day with a table leaden with food from Salads to fajitas and yummy steaks. A must try is their burgers!  If you are a meat lover, try the Cowboy Triple Meat Burger. The name says it all with Tender pieces of slow-cooked BBQ beef, melted Colby cheese and roasted beef bacon piled high with horseradish sauce and crispy frizzled onions. That’s just one of the item off their menu.

    Wash it off with bottomless soft drinks, or why don’t you ask the bartender to make a cocktail for you. The Bartenders are able to make over 100 types of cocktails! So if you cant find your favourite, all you gotta do is ask and it shall be served. If you have some space left still, look up their dessert menu and the Brownie obsession is a must to end your meal. A great place for family and friends to hang out, have great food and drinks and enjoy the festive ambience and mood this dining experience creates for you. This casual dining experience with their fun and friendly staff on call, is also a great place to have a birthday party or any occasion and we are sure this will not be your last visit!


    This package includes:

    • This experience allows you to choose any food & beverages from the a-la-carte menu worth up to RM100.00

    NOTE: Voucher value is inclusive of goods and service tax.


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  2. A Deluxcious Fusion Delight for Two For RM250

    A Deluxcious Fusion Delight for Two For RM250

    We invite you to a sensory dining journey into the culinary world of fusion delights with this exquisite dining experience in the heart of Georgetown, Penang. At a glance, our exterior gives an amazing impression with its heritage forefront. Step inside, and your senses are bound to be lifted by our contemporary but soothing Balinese décor at this 1920s colonial mansion.

    Housed in a quaint double-storey colonial building along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, our Award winning Penangite Chef Keith Khoo has brought his experience in Singapore's prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel with him, to offer you a wide selection of fusion fare that you won't find anywhere else!

    Chef Keith Khoo's unique spa cuisine is made up of dishes that are healthy, yet exciting and with flavors and textures combined in a very distinctive way to tantalize your tastebuds. Our philosophy to good food is all about “Freshness”. The dishes are clean and light, not to mention the focus on the inherent natural flavors of the key ingredients. Our chef ensures that each dish meets a variety of dietary and nutritional goals.

    Come and over and experience a gastronomic adventure at its best. Try our signature favourites as such Seafood with Tomato Bisque and our Award winning rack of lamb. Our restaurant is pork-fee and we can also cater for vegetarians.

    This makes a perfect gift, especially for Penangites who just enjoy great food! This voucher allows you to dine anything from the ala-carte menu worth up to RM250.00. Go ahead and share this experience with someone special.

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  3. Seafront Dining Experience for Two

    Seafront Dining Experience for Two

    Penang Bridge – a hallmark of the Pearl of the Orient is also one of the most prominent landmarks of the country. You can consider it our equivalent to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Why is this relevant to this experience? That is because it will be your view while dining in Seafront Restaurant.

    The majestic views of the bridge, the gleaming ocean reflecting the beautiful sun as it sets beyond the horizon between two land masses – now that is a view! Found in an inconspicuous two-storey building, Seafront is a restaurant and bar in front of the sea offering an eclectic array of delectable Western fare. Surprising flavours are the surprises here but really that renders the surprise less of one. Yet it is still as unexpected as can be when you taste a hint of coffee from the brown sauce flowing down your roast beef.

    Choose between the casual patio that watches over the deep blue or the formal hall area downstairs for those with discerning tastes. Once you get settled in, you are handed your menus in which you are free to choose anything for you and your lovely partner in equal amount to your voucher.


    This package includes:

    • This experience allows you to choose any food and beverages from our a-la-carte menu worth up to RM100.00

    NOTE: Voucher value is inclusive of goods and service tax.

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