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"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

Discover Windsurfing

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  1. A Mind Blowing Aji Experience!

    A Mind Blowing Aji Experience!

    Enjoy a mind blowing “aji” in Unkaizan, perhaps one of the best Japanese restaurants one can possibly find in Langkawi. What is “aji” though? It is literally translated into “taste” and that is what this experience promises you – a mind blowing taste of the Japanese culinary experience.

    Located close by to the Main Street of Pantai Tengah, Unkaizan offers so much more than just mind blowing taste as you will be excited by the beautiful views of the jungle and sea on either side. The restaurants bears with it 3 sections of seating from the first and second floors offering a comfortable dining experience indoors with air-conditioning but you didn’t come all the way to Langkawi for that. You came for the breath-taking views and that's exactly what you will get while seated at the Garden Terrace of the restaurant catching glimpse of the sunset and the sea breeze.

    Now, the Japanese are known for being immaculate in all that they do and for always striving for perfection. So you know you are in for a treat when Chef Katsuji Takabayashi is helming the kitchen. Artistic, delicate and well-versed in his craft; you can expect nothing short of spectacular. Pick your very own seafood fresh from the tank the moment you walk in to the restaurant. Feeling hard pressed to pick out what you order? Fret not as you get to order anything off the menu for up to RM300. Maybe a plate of ebi tempura (deep fried prawns), a bowl of shake kamameshi (rice cooked with salmon) and a serving of moriawase kumo (assorted sushi and soup) to accompany you for the night. Cap an extraordinary night of Japanese culinary master class with some quality sake as you gaze beyond the horizons.

    This wholesome experience is not only one for the palates but rather all five senses as each and every detail is taken into consideration from the taste of its Japanese cuisine to the taste in decorations, location and service giving you a wholesome experience and mind blowing taste in life.


    This package includes:

    • You are free to order any item off the menu for up to RM300.00


    Note: This experience is not redeemable for cash value and any unused credit is not refundable. Any excess in the bill will be settled by your good self on the day.


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  2. A Revolving Dining Experience at WMS360

    A Revolving Dining Experience at WMS360

    If you are ever in Alor Setar, Kedah it is safe to say that you will most definitely see the Alor Setar Tower. The second tallest building in Malaysia and the 19th tallest communications tower in the world, few know that it also houses a beautiful revolving restaurant.
    That little hidden gem shall be the setting for your 3 course meal. Choose between a beef or lamb for your main course and dine away in the sky. This revolving dining experience also comes with welcome drinks and of course, unprecedented views of the city, mountains and ocean that Kedah is famous for.
    Let’s face it; it isn’t every day that you get to dine high up in the sky with a 360 degrees unobstructed view of your surroundings without having to move an inch from your seat.
    This package includes:
    • A 3 course meal (Choice of beef/lamb)
    • 3 types of drinks – welcome drink, juice, coffee/tea
    • 2 tickets to the Alor Setar Tower
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    Code: KHWMS360ARDEWMS360

  3. 2 Course Dining Experience at WMS360

    2 Course Dining Experience at WMS360

    Getting tired of the same old food at the same old restaurants? If so, it is probably time to have a change of taste but also a change of scenery and scenery you will get! Have yourself a wonderful dining experience in the Alor Setar Tower – one of Kedah’s main attractions.
    Make your way up the Alor Setar Tower and immediately be welcomed by the friendly staff of WMS360 together with welcome drinks. Take your seat, chat a little and most of all, gaze out into the beautiful sky and architecture of Alor Setar. Did we say the tower revolves as well? Yes, it does and that means, you will be getting a 360 degrees view of the city and you don’t even have to move from your seat.
    Now imagine that, a 2 course meal with your partner with an ever-changing view of the towering city skyline, pristine forests and mountains and of course, the mesmerizing sceneries of the ocean and beaches. A meal in a restaurant you have had countless times but a meal in the clouds with unobstructed views, now that’s a first!
    This package includes:
    • A 2 course meal
    • 3 types of drinks – welcome drink, juice, coffee/tea
    • 2 tickets to the Alor Setar Tower
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    Code: KHWMS3602CDEWMS360

  1. I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

    I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

    Enjoy a 3 course meal at WMS360 in Alor Setar Tower, Kedah and view the city of Alor Setar like never before. This dining experience has everything you want and love – chicken (because who doesn’t love chicken), an amazing view of the city and a lovely restaurant to spend some time with your partner. Surprise your partner with a 3 course meal while suspended in 166 meters above the ground but within the comforts of a comfortable restaurant with a unique perspective of the city.
    This package includes:
    • A 3 course meal (Chicken ONLY)
    • 3 types of drinks – welcome drink, juice, coffee/tea
    • 2 tickets to the Alor Setar Tower
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    Code: KHWMS360IFLCT

  2. Spin My World

    Spin My World

    Isn’t it wonderful when we have that special someone in our life that just makes our world go round? How it seems like our life revolves around making them a part of our lives. Well, it couldn’t be more apt to convey that message to that special person than to treat them to a special kind of dining experience – one filled with surprises, great food and a unique setting. The Alor Setar Tower is home to a revolving restaurant that offers a panoramic view of the city complete with a 3 course meal and of course the surprises – a bouquet of roses and a cake to be presented when the time is right. Under complete privacy (minimal crowd and an isolated locale, namely 166 meters up in the sky), there is hardly a more personal way to spend that special occasion together.
    This package includes:
    • A 3 course meal (Choice of beef/lamb)
    • 3 types of drinks – welcome drink, juice, coffee/tea
    • 2 tickets to the Alor Setar Tower
    • A bouquet of roses
    • A cake (250gm) for that special occasion
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    Code: KHWMS360SMWC

  3. 2D/1N Escape to Tranquillity

    2D/1N Escape to Tranquillity

    At Zamani’s Place, spending the night is not just another guest in another hotel; it is a whole new experience defeating conventions of the cold confined rooms of hotels. This luxurious private resort in the agricultural district of Yan, Kedah is the perfect choice for a private, peaceful and tranquil retreat for all.

    Ideally located off a small country road in the rice bowl of Malaysia, the resort is surrounded by padi fields and overlooking the Straits of Malacca with the majestic Jerai Mountain as its backdrop – a sight that is truly unlike any other. Here, the pride of being personal is in every detail, every corner, every nook and cranny. Walk through the gardens and you will find a story in each detail from imprints on walkways to dates scribbled on cemented paths. Zamani’s Place also boast the only swimming pool in the area and is as beautiful an architectural feat as you will ever find; using a host of raw materials such as timber logs, dead corals, sea washed pebbles and more creatively integrated into the building itself.

    Being such a personal resort, all rooms are of equal value thus, you are afforded the choice of either the twin or double room with complimentary breakfast. The rooms are outfitted with modern amenities including satellite TV and the comforts of a plush bed with air-conditioning running through the room. Though you are only staying in its rooms, the entire resort is open to you to peruse and there are many hidden secrets to be discovered traversing the resort. Come time to eat and there will be no shortages of authentic and delicious local delicacies. A short bicycle ride into the neighbouring villages and you will find delights in the form of cat fish curry, mee rebus and keropok lekor (fish crackers) to name a few.

    As you sleep you are lulled to slumber with the peaceful sounds of the waves and winds crashing while the local chickens and geese serve as your morning call. Zamani’s Place is in a class of its own that promises a relaxed environment to sit back and enjoy the finer details of life.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in a twin/double room
    • Complimentary breakfast for two
    • Modern room amenities includes hot & cold shower, coffee & tea making amenity, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, TV, mini bar and a digital coded safe


    . more >

    Code: KHZP2D1NETTC

  1. The Extra Mile : 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse Delivery

    The Extra Mile : 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse Delivery

    With the year fast approaching the end, there’s nothing we love more than the joys that the holidays bring; from the holiday cheer to the copious amounts of food that we all look forward to. Only problem with the holidays though is the after effects that it sadly leaves us with and the one such side effect of the holiday season that we are all no stranger to is the extra pounds that we inherit as a result of it. This is why we have decided to feature this incredibly happy healthy solution to your holiday woes. 

    The core belief behind Juice’d is “Bringing colors to a healthy lifestyle”. They believe that everyone can eat healthy and live healthy. As a matter of fact they believe eating healthy doesn’t mean that taste should take a backseat. And so they have set forth to incorporate good taste and good health into their juices and snacks. Juice’d by GI Juicery uses combinations of high nutrient vegetables and fruits to formulate good taste and good benefits for all its customers. All thier juices are created with recipes with various items, like Chia Seed, Burdock Root, Water Cress to ensure that your body gets the right amount of goodness it requires. Their juices are cold pressed to ensure that nutrients are not lost during the preparation so that you can benefit everything that nature has to offer.

    With that in mind go ahead and indulge in the merriment of the holidays and know that this experience is readily available for you soon as it is all over. Best part of it all, is that it will be delivered right to your door step!


    Package includes / Itinerary: 2 Days Juice’d Cleanse
    • 14 bottles of Juice’d
    • 1 Cleanse Guide
    o Indulge in a healthy food alternative that cleanses toxin from the body
    o Juices are produce daily with no preservatives, no stabilizers, no heat and no chemicals.
    o Rich in enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.
    o Juices are produce via cold pressed technology that retains juice at it’s ideal and purest quality.
    o Results: Weight loss, increased energy, glowing skin, better immune system, quality sleep, digestion.
    o Helps in reducing the risk of blood pressure and heart disease.



    • Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia ONLY.
    • Image is for illustration purposes only.


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  2. Self Sail a Catamaran for Group of 4

    Self Sail a Catamaran for Group of 4

    If sailing is on your bucket list or if you're one of those people who've always toyed with the idea of retiring and spending your days on a boat then this experience is pefect for you. Go ahead and rack up some real-world experience of beeing on the high seas with a group of friends or relatives. 

    This experience allows you to mann your own vessel with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face and with the water at your feet?

    There really is just no better way to get a taste of sailing than with this exciting experience at one of the most serene sailing venues in the country.


    This package includes:

    •  Life vests



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  3. Learn to Sail for Group of 3

    Learn to Sail for Group of 3

    Do you find yourself toying with the idea of what it would be like to master a boat of your own on the open seas? slicing through the water with the power of the wind? Nothing much compares to the feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face whilst you’re out there on the open waters.

    Well wait no more! We here at RedRibbon Days are happy to introduce to you this experience where you'll learn something new and experience the joy of sailing under the supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor. All and all a wonderfull experience which can be bought for a loved one or for those who are looking for a new experience to add to their bucket list.


    This package includes:

    • Instructor / Guides
    • Life jackets


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