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Glamping Rendezvous

First foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Red Ribbons for arranging such an wonderful experience. To further add on, I received EXCELLENT customer service from Ramyah which made the planning for this experience smooth sailing. The service was simply remarkable and should be adopted by all individuals in the service line.

On the other hand, Tanah Aina was simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the experience. The staff were well manner and possessed good hospitality. They were warm and welcoming. The environment was clean ( No flies were swatted) and the waitress were efficient and kept to  top cleanliness.

The experience was simply adventurous ( wasn't much rough and tough though... but enjoyable) and most importantly the concept of instilling about conserving the nature was an eye opener. 

To sum up, the ambiance in Tanah Aina was just breathtaking. Strongly recommended! Cheers and well done again!!


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  1. Truefitt & Hill’s Exclusive Combination

    Truefitt & Hill’s Exclusive Combination

    To some,shaving is an art and if you are one of the few who share this belief then try Truefitt & Hill which is a renowned barbershop regarded as one of the world’s oldest. For over 200 years, Truefitt & Hill has provided discerning gentlemen with only the finest in grooming services.

    Don’t just stop at our shaving experience but sit back and rest as your feet soaks in a purifying foot bath before having your feet pedicured to perfection and nails buffed to look clean and polished. This is followed by a skin smoothing massage to relax those tensed muscles. After which, you will be treated to a Truefitt & Hill’s exclusive Spa Manicure that will help relax, nourish and leave your hands thoroughly pampered and revitalized.Your service is then perfected with a nail buff and a moisturizing massage.

    Last but not least how is it possible to leave the place without Truefitt & Hill head massage that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and helps relieve tightness around your neck and shoulders, which helps increase blood circulation. This is followed by a face massage that leaves your skin looking bright, supple and fresh. Complete your Truefitt & Hill experience with a complimentary shoe shining experience so take a few more minutes to relax and enjoy while you have your shoes polished.

    Package Includes:
    • 1x The Ultimate Shaving Experience (45 Minutes)
    • 1x Spa Manicure (75 Minutes)
    • 1x Spa Pedicure (75 Minutes)
    • 1x Head Massage (30 Minutes)
    • 1x Face Massage (30 Minutes)
    • A complimentary shoe shine service

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    Code: NTHT&HECI

  2. A Mobile Spa Bridal Shower Experience

    A Mobile Spa Bridal Shower Experience

    Having a wedding is no easy task, the long and elaborate planning that goes into putting together quite possibly the happiest day of your life is an amazing feat altogether. Sometimes after months of preparation, it is finally time to unwind and have some fun before the big day. It is even better when you get to do so with a bridal shower in your own home.

    What could be better than being pampered in the comfort of your own home? Indeed, spas are designed to be as relaxing and comfortable as can be but there is just no place quite like home. Thus, the idea of having a bridal shower and spa experience at home is just one too good to pass up. Our professionals will prep you up and make you glow even more for the big day. A full body scrub (or lulur), 60 minutes of full body massage and a foot & bath scrub for the bride is just what is needed but we can’t forget the friends too, the pillars of support and helping hands throughout. That being said, your friends will also be able to enjoy a 30 minute half body massage and a foot bath & scrub to equally alleviate the stress.

    So it is time to leave the stress behind and relax! There is no place like home so why not make your home the centre of your relaxing spa bridal shower experience as well!


    This package includes :

    • Spa robes
    • Full body scrub or lulur, 60 minutes full body massage and foot bath & scrub (For bride ONLY)
    • 30 minutes half body massage and foot bath & scrub (For crew of 4 ONLY)


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  3. A Bliss Out Experience

    A Bliss Out Experience

    The best stress relief in Kuala Lumpur : Floatatation + Award winning massage. A crowd favourite at BE, voted "Best Wellness Center" in Malaysia. 

    How does flotation work? well, unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from the forces of gravity. Every single muscle in the body is allowed to relax. With ear plugs in and, if you wish, the tank’s interior lights off, the quietness and the darkness allow the mind to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible. This in turn balances the brain: that is, it reduces the activity in the left (logical) side of the brain and increases activity in the right (creative) side. For the first time, both sides of your brain are in total harmony. When you consider that we normally only use 11% of our total brain power, you can see that a session in the tank enables us to tap into a huge, previously unavailable source of creativity, imagination, self-visualisation and problem solving.

    Finally to top off this mind altering experience is their deep relaxation massage. The perfect ending to a perfect experience. This experience was voted by Harpers Bazaar 2015 award for "Best City Escapade".


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 60 mins Dead Sea floatation and
    • 1 x 60 mins Deep relaxation massage


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  1. The 4 Hand Miracle Massage Experience

    The 4 Hand Miracle Massage Experience

    This amazing massage was awarded "The Most Pampering Body Massage" by Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2015. This experience is sure to leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated because let’s face it there’s nothing more pampering than a good massage at the end of a long, tiring week at work and it makes a great gift for friends and loved ones.

    Using palm strokes and thumb pressure, our skilled therapists work on your body's key pressure points. Having the touch of two sets of hands working away those knots and daily stresses is a feeling like no other. Rest assured that you will definitely feel completely rejuvenated after this relaxing massage.

    BE was awarded "Best Wellness Center" in Malaysia. It is, a place where you can recapture your spirit, reclaim your mind and soul and revitalize your body. Be Urban Wellness is an exclusive place to escape from everyday life and retreat into a sanctuary filled with an ambience of soothing sounds and caressing aromas.

    Package includes:

     • 1 x 60 minute amazing body massage by two therapist



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  2. Pamper & Preen for 6 @ RM800

    Pamper & Preen for 6 @ RM800

    Working too hard that you have neglected your beauty needs? Some attention is much needed to your hands and feet at least once or twice a month to keep them looking neat and impeccable. Or perhaps a special day is just around the corner - and looking your very best is absolutely essential. Whether you are looking to host a bridal shower, girly day out or a baby shower - this venue is perfect to cater to all your party needs! Our therapist knows the best treatment for your hands and feet - so you can head out in your sexiest stilettos and shake your hands proudly without having the need to hide your dull nails!

    Look no further for that oasis to celebrate, truly unwind and prepare to be pampered! We are the perfect place that offers luxurious manicures and pedicures that will make you the center of attention!

    So, head down with your 5 other girlfriends and let us indulge you further with a Hi-Tea set with sparkling drinks - so you can just put your legs up, relax and be pampered.


    This package includes:

    • Trimming and shaping
    • Cuticle cleaning
    • Foot file
    • Light massage and polish finishing
    • Hi-tea set with sparkling drinks
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