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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

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  1. A Lavish English Holiday For Two

    A Lavish English Holiday For Two

    The English are known for many things, the posh and lavish lifestyle is one of them. So, just how lavish are we talking when we call this a lavish English holiday? We’re talking the best experience of the posh life you can possibly find in Penang!

    For example, you will be spending 3 days and 2 nights in the embodiment of the grandiosity and elegance of the British colonial era, a special place and time for Malaysia’s very own Pearl of the Orient. Situated in the most prominent district of Penang, this fine establishment serves as a strategic starting point for visitors of George Town being mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle of shopping complexes, food havens, famed attractions and entertainment outlets.

    The lavishness though, is in your quarters – the Victory Annexe Studio Suite, a club floor suite with a balcony and luxurious marble bathroom with twin vanities. Like the English, a change with the times is essential but so is keeping with the heritage that has made it what it is. Thus, the Victory Annexe is designed with the rich heritage in mind yet offering the modern conveniences to fully encapsulate the modern-classic concept that is so revered. Complete with high speed wifi broadband connection, a mesmerizing infinity pool that faces the majestic Andaman Sea, a fully-equipped gym and last but not least, the E&O Gallery – a gallery telling the tales of Penang in a ground-breaking and unique way.

    Nothing exudes class and grandeur more than a stay in the Victory Annexe and this is further protruded by the exclusivity of having your fine breakfast in the Planters Lounge, a private lounge where all of the elegance comes together in one room.

    You will be hard pressed to find a more unique place to spend your time in Penang. After all, authenticity is magnetic and this we guarantee you IS!


    This package includes:

    • 3D/2N stay in the Victory Annexe – Studio Suite
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages from in-suite mini bar
    • Personal in-suite coffee machine
    • Guests of Victory Annexe have exclusive access to the Planters Lounge which serves complimentary breakfast, all day coffee and tea and evening cocktails


    NOTE: Check-in time is after 3.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.


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  2. 3D/2N Couples Glamping Getaway at the Bamboo House

    3D/2N Couples Glamping Getaway at the Bamboo House

    Pahang – the go-to holiday destination for most Klang Valley people and here is just one more reason as to why that is. When you are finding holidays by the beach to be a bit stale, you can always switch up by going glamping in Pahang.

    Glamorous camping is, at the moment, a huge trend for most urban dwellers; often coming in the form of a quick getaway into the woods but minus the tough bits like setting up your own tent or cooking your meals. This experience will one-up the competition by providing you with a full-board chalet in the woods – think beds, pillows, blankets, towels, toiletries and air conditioning. You are still in the heart of Mother Nature but you also feel comfortable enough to enjoy yourself. It has to be said though that this is no 5-star hotel stay and one should still expect to get a little dirty from time to time.

    As for the resort, you will be staying in Tanah Aina Resort set atop the hills (1,700 metres above sea level to be exact). This ultimately means fresh air, cool weather and an unprecedented view of the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. When it is nightfall, enjoy cool air and winds from as low as 25 degrees Celcius. Add that with the quietness of rainforest at night and you have a recipe for perhaps the soundest night of sleeping you have had in months. And when the Sun starts to shine again, you are woken by the songs of nature from winds shuffling the trees to birds chirping away.

    Lastly, recreational activities – you can’t have a retreat to the jungle without getting hands-on with it. Enjoy guided jungle trekking into the jungle and to the waterfall where you can take the leap of faith, literally! The leap of faith is a 15 feet platform that stands directly above the lagoon of the waterfall. What a way to start your dip into the cooling waters of the jungle. If you still feel like you need to, you can revisit the jungle with more guided walks at night and in the morning or visit the recreational room of the resort for a game of billiards.

    Don’t you just agree that it can be just the romantic weekend you and your partner needs, sitting out in the balcony staring into the jungle canopy with nothing but the company of each other?


    This package includes:

    • 3 days, 2 nights stay in the Bamboo House
    • 4 buffet meals for 2 pax (2x Kampung style lunch, 2x evening tea, 2x BBQ dinner and 2x breakfast)
    • Guided jungle trekking into the waterfall
    • Guided night and morning walk to top of the hill (weather dependent)
    • Transfer from car park to resort.


    Note: Please note that weekends are usually a busier period and you may have to wait for a short time for your activities and meals. Check-in and check-out time is 12.00pm. Lunch and Dinner are compulsory for all guests.


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  3. 3D 2N Dreamy Tropical Garden Getaway For Two

    3D 2N Dreamy Tropical Garden Getaway For Two

    Discover a unique and romantic stay set amongst a few acres of luscious tropical gardens which offer you and your lovely partner a peaceful and comfortable environment.

    Be taken aback by the cascading sounds of water falling from the tilted wall flowing directly into a landscaped salt-water pool, surrounded by tall shady trees. The environment and ambience of your holiday home for the next two days creates a nice and relaxing feel-good factor that will put anyone at ease and relaxation. Take time experiencing a majestic view overlooking the garden from the hotel’s courtyard.

    Your Courtyard Queen room is spacious, spic and span clean and tastefully furnished with a host of modern amenities for your comfort. These amenities includes wifi surrounding the entire premise, a flat screen LCD TV with satellite channels, hot and cold showers as well as tea and coffee making facilities. If the day is hot, take a quick cool dip into the inviting pool to cool off from the heat.

    A romantic getaway like no other, you and your partner will feel ever closer to each other and you can show them how much you care just by experiencing and sharing a moment that is truly unique.
    This package includes:

    • 3 days, 2 night stay in the Courtyard Queen room
    • 1x Queen sized bed
    • 2x Breakfast for 2 pax
    • Room amenities includes flat screen LCD TV with satellite channels, wifi, hot and cold showers and tea and
      coffee making facilities

    NOTE: Price quoted is inclusive of government tax and service charges.


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    Code: KBHR3D2NDTGGF2

  1. 3D/2N Horse Riding Country Getaway for Two – Manor Suite

    3D/2N Horse Riding Country Getaway for Two – Manor Suite

    It always seem like a dream does it not, to one day have the opportunity to just live in your own delightful manor by the countryside? While not many eventually end up doing so, it does speak to all of us living in the city. The constant buzzing and hectic lifestyle of a city dweller can get weary and so we crave for an escape.

    Your escape is finally here, albeit for the weekend only. Hidden in Kulai, Johor is the Riders Lodge Resort – a large stately manor providing a total of 24 rooms for those of us looking for a quick getaway from the Garden City of Lights and you will have the cream of the crop by spending it in the Manor Suite reserved only for the most esteemed and discerning of guests. The Manor Suite is a beautifully designed and spacious suite complete with teak wooden floors, a private full bathtub and shower together with a spacious veranda to gaze out into the beauty that is the pristine countryside. While staying in your stately manor, you will have the opportunity to get a change not just in scenery but also in lifestyle and taste starting from farmhouse breakfasts, delightful lunches and gourmet dinners. Lastly, enjoy a relaxing ride on your very horse as you walk or trot your way through lush grasses and an unbeatable view.

    No, you are not dreaming! You are indeed staying in a stately manor with only the best services and experiences as an avenue for you to retreat back into the arms of Mother Nature and the sweet serenity of the countryside with your loved one.


    This package includes:

    • 3D/2N stay in the Manor Suite
    • 2 days farmhouse breakfast
    • 2 delightful lunches
    • 2 gourmet dinners
    • 2 trail rides or group lessons or pony tail rides
    • Spa pool and country home hospitality
    • Daily housekeeping
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  2. 3D/2N Horse Riding Country Getaway for Two – Verandah Room

    3D/2N Horse Riding Country Getaway for Two – Verandah Room

    Bid farewell to city lights and welcome the fresh air, clear skies and untouched natural beauty of Kulai in Johor for a weekend. Set in the beautiful and world-class Riders Lodge Resort; spend 3 days and 2 nights in paradise and away from familiar places and faces – a refreshing change of scenery. 

    The exorbitant manor houses a total of 24 lovely rooms and one of which, you will be occupying for the weekend known as the Verandah room. The room is intricately designed with teak wooden floors, private full bathtub and shower as well as your very own veranda to relax in, perhaps read a book while sitting out there enjoying your cup of tea. Additionally, you will be treated an array of luxurious meals from breakfast straight through to lunch and dinner. The hook of it all though is the horse riding experiences; rather have you walk along the countryside we offer you the opportunity to ride a horse through it. Take a leisurely stroll while on your noble steed and take in all of the beauty Mother Nature has bestowed upon us and frequently forgotten.

    This weekend trip is a great getaway experience to de-stress and watch the sunset while enjoying a Mojito and the quiet serenity of the countryside with your loved one.


    This package includes:

    •  3D/2N stay in the Verandah Room
    • 2 days farmhouse breakfast
    • 2 delightful lunches
    • 2 gourmet dinners
    • 2 trail rides or group lessons or pony tail rides
    • Spa pool and country home hospitality
    • Daily housekeeping 
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  3. A One of a Kind Birthday Safari Getaway for Two

    A One of a Kind Birthday Safari Getaway for Two

    Sick and tired of the same old birthday routine of meeting your friends at the bar you always go to for drinks or even dinner at your favourite restaurant? Perhaps a change in scenery is in order and by scenery, we do literally mean scenery. Spend a night (or two if you like it) in an integrated resort city in Pahang.

    Sprawled across 727 acres of secondary jungle in Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang, this nifty resort is your one location to multiple attractions. Apart from being nestled among the many natural and cultural attractions eagerly sought after by visitors locally and abroad, it is also home to the largest water theme park in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Additionally, you can visit the safari park showcasing the stars of the park – the first and only white lions in the country.

    Now, that is a birthday unlike any other – the chance to get up close and personal with the only white lions in Malaysia. Your birthday treat doesn’t just end there though as you are also treated to a ½ kg birthday cake. As for the room, your Studio Deluxe Room comes complete with modern amenities and a caressing bed. If you are ever feeling restless, you can head over to the PS Zone; a place that will appeal to the gamer in you (even if you are not one) – complete with racing seats, a flat screen tv, a PS3 and a full blown Logitech racing wheel with pedals and gears.

    A comforting place to stay, natural and cultural attractions, white lions and a birthday cake; what is not to love about this one of a kind birthday getaway for two?


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Studio Deluxe Room
    • 1 complimentary ½ kg birthday cake
    • Free entrance to water park and safari park for the birthday person


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  1. A Family Birthday Safari Getaway for Four

    A Family Birthday Safari Getaway for Four

    Longing for a quick weekend getaway with the family? Someone in the family is celebrating their birthday and you don’t want to disappoint them? Then don’t! This family birthday getaway for four promises a thrilling yet comforting experience over the weekend.

    Don’t worry; you don’t have to travel far as well. Located in Kuantan, Pahang this integrated resort city is sprawled across 727 acres of secondary jungle spanning the resort itself, restaurants, the largest water park in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and a safari park boasting the first and only white lions in the country. It is also strategically located within close proximity to the many natural and cultural attractions that is surely an eye opener.

    Your stay will be in that of the Family Deluxe Room equipped with modern amenities as well as a breakfast for four. When it comes to celebrating the birthday person’s big day, they will be treated to a delicious 1 kg birthday cake prepared for them by the resort and also free entrance to the aforementioned water park and safari park. As far as entertainment goes, outside of the provided entertainments, you can always visit the snooker centre, arcade zone, karaoke rooms and even the PS zone – a room complete with PS3s, Logitech racing wheels and pedals, a flatscreen tv and a racing seat.

    This integrated resort city serves up both the modern and the natural attractions to all and you don’t even have to go out of your way to get it!


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Family Deluxe Room
    • Breakfast for four
    • Complimentary 1 kg birthday cake
    • Free entrance to water park and safari park for the birthday person


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  2. Funky Tubotel Langkawi Escape for Two

    Funky Tubotel Langkawi Escape for Two

    While this is a hotel stay in Langkawi, this is by no means a conventional hotel stay. Prepare yourself for a unique vacation experience as this is the funky Tubotel Langkawi escape. What makes this an unconventional and funky vacation experience? How about the fact that you are no longer staying in a boring beige box of a room?

    Good, now that we have gotten your attention we can get down to business. Tubotel boasts a unique theme and design. There are plenty of hotels in Langkawi what with it being one of the top tourists hotspots of Malaysia so to compete with its competitors, the founders of Tubotel decided to carve out its own niche and that niche comes in the form of tube-shaped rooms.

    Spend 3 days, 2 nights in a tube-shaped room that is not only a refreshing change of scenery with regards to hotel rooms but also offering a scenic sea view that makes this all the more surreal. Taking minimalist accommodation to the maximum, you are afforded the amenities and facilities of most hotels but with an extremely reasonable rate. Together with this package is breakfast for two starting with a tranquil espresso on the water’s edge and a hearty Mediterranean meal to start each day at Tubotel.

    The hotel is also conveniently located with Pantai Cenang but a short 10 minute walk and a short drive away from the Underwater World. Other attractions within the vicinity are the cable car stations (25 minutes’ drive) and Kuah Town (35 minutes’ drive). Making your way to Tubotel is an ease being just 5 minutes’ drive away from Langkawi Airport.

    Lastly, if the relaxing beach bum vacation style is not quite what you are looking then you can always partake in the various sea sports activities and island hopping tours. After all, we did promise you a funky Tubotel Langkawi escape.


    This package includes:

    3D/2N stay in a sea view room

    Breakfast for two


    Note: Check-in time is after 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm. Price quoted is inclusive of service charge. Island hopping tours can be arranged but will incur additional charges on top of the packaged price above.

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    Code: KTLFTLEC

  3. Modern Heritage Family Vacation

    Modern Heritage Family Vacation

    Dive into the world of antiquity and old world charms with this experience, taking you and your family to the historic state of Melaka. That is not to say you will be sleeping in anything less than luxurious because this is after all a modern heritage family vacation.

    Housed in a historic building, your home-away-from-home showcases the fine cultures of the Peranakan traditions such as the Chinese Baroque and Chinese Palladin Style House. What sets this boutique hotel apart is its ability to transport you back in time to the yesteryears of Melaka and this is evident from the moment you walk in; antique furniture, Chinese Victorian and Dutch interior designs gives it a certain allure that is hard to come by. Additionally, the hotel is but a short distance away from the ever-popular Jonker Street as well as historic landmarks (Christ Church and A’Famosa) and the Mahkota shopping mall.

    To further hammer across the modern heritage experience is a spacious room that brings out the best of worlds, exuding old world charms with its detailed carvings and dark wood furnishings together with modern amenities. With 2 Queen sized beds, this room is perfect for your family of 4 giving all of you ample room to freely move around the room. Lay in bed watching your favourite shows on the flat screen TV or catch up on the latest news with wifi connectivity. Looking to get some air rather than staying in the room? Fret not and trudge the streets of Melaka in search of local delicacies or sit in the hotel’s courtyard with a cup of tea to admire what is often lost to us, a moment of peace and tranquillity.

    Soaked up the peace and tranquillity, the old world charms and alluring Peranakan culture to forever hold with you a special place in your mind for this home-away-from-home because there is nothing quite like a modern heritage family vacation with your loved ones.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Heritage Family Room
    • 2x Queen size beds
    • 1x Breakfast for 4 pax
    • Room provides wifi, air-conditioner, flat-screen TV with Astro channels, coffee, tea and complimentary can drinks


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm. Price quoted is inclusive of government tax and service charges.



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