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"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

Discover Windsurfing

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  1. Pinch Me I’m in a Lamborghini Murcielago

    Pinch Me I’m in a  Lamborghini Murcielago

    If there is one thing that really gets our gears moving (guys especially), it is the sight of fast cars. Needless to say, these fast cars are generally considered to be a sexy piece of masterful engineering as well so it really isn’t that difficult to see why it gets our engines revving. Well, how about the chance to be driven around in one of the most revered and recognizable cars in the world?

    Speak the name Lamborghini and you will have to search far and wide for someone who does not recognize the name and the prestige it carries. The proverbial Italian bull charging through the streets and much like its living counterpart, commanding the way through and having all eyes set upon it. The dream of getting in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 is a unanimous one regardless of age, gender or preference.

    With 5 hours to spare, a lot of ground to cover and a whole load of fuel to burn, this serves as the perfect experience to accompany you to those prestigious and special events you have planned for the day. Attending a ball? We say be the ball! Wedding? What better way to scream to the world that you’re getting married than to let out a ripping roar from this mechanical bull.

    Best thing about this package is the fact that it does not restrict you to a particular place. Quite simply, you could literally be chauffeured to Ipoh and back as long as you do so in 5 hours (and we’re sure you can do it what with so much horsepower at your disposal).

    A power displacement of 6.5 litres and launch control to give you a powerful boost from standing start; this fine car reaches a whopping speed in excess of 300 km/h; the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 clearly knows about speed but what it excels in equally is to blend performance with style. So much style that it is one of the most desirable cars in the world and it is in this car that you can finally colour your friends with envy. If you could, you would right. So yes, go ahead and pinch yourself; you are not dreaming, you really are cruising through the streets in a Lamborghini Murcielago!


    This package includes:

    • 5 hours chauffeured driven Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 (Yellow colour)
    • Be driven to anywhere you want as long as it is within the 5 hours
    • The car sits up to a maximum of 2 pax (inclusive of chauffeur)


    NOTE: We have a wide selection of cars available for rental, kindly contact our Pleasure Team to find out more.


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  2. Sepang Circuit Tour

    Sepang Circuit Tour

    It is no secret that the Sepang International Circuit is one of the best circuits in the world with world-class designs, facilities and team. It has played host to countless of motorsport events from everyday amateur races to playing on the world stage such as the Moto GP and Formula One. All that is glossy and wonderful but what really goes on behind closed doors? This experience empowers you with that knowledge. 

    Kick your tour off at the National Automobile Museum before heading over to the Grandstand. This is then followed by a tour to the Corporate Suites where you will see the VIPs lounge as the likes of Sebastian Vettel speeds pass them. The tour is not over yet as you will next visit the Race Control Room to get an up-close look into how crews work. The rest of the tour will take you through the Time Keeping Room, Media Centre and Paddock area where the magic happens during races.

    The tour will also present you with perfect opportunities for photos such as having your picture taken at the podium where legends like Michael Schumacher have celebrated many victories in the past as well as the Perdana Suite reserved for Royalties and Foreign Dignitaries. If you are lucky, you will even get the chance to walk onto the starting grid of the track for yet another picture perfect moment.

    Now you can boast having stood on the same podium where Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have stood many times as well as touching the very same tarmac these million dollar machines burn rubber on.


    This package includes:

    • A comprehensive tour of the Sepang International Circuit
    • Guide will take you through the National Automobile Museum, Grandstand, Corporate Suites, Race Control Room, Time Keeping Room, Paddock Area and Media Centre.
    • Photo taking session at the Podium
    • An exclusive visit to the Perdana Suite
    • Photo taking session on the starting grid of the track (only if track is vacant)


    Note: Experience is available on Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm.


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  3. Go Kart Endurance Race for 10

    Go Kart Endurance Race for 10

    If you have ever experienced driving a go kart then you would know that there is never enough. When you are on it, nothing else except the goal of crossing the finish line first is on your mind. Well then how about a go kart experience that gives you ample of time to race and prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed the fastest in the pack? Sounds wonderful don’t it?

    Held at the Sepang International Karting Circuit, each lap is 1.247km long and offers high speed turns and several straights for you to really put your foot through the pedal. Before you get to put on the helmet and release your speed demon, a briefing session is in order. Just the basics on how to handle a go kart as well as the safety rules to abide by and then it’s off to your first taste of speed – a 10 minute practice and qualifying session so be sure to do your best and grab that pole position.

    Once that is done, the endurance race is finally ready to begin. With a total of 10 karts racing, you will have 60 minutes to secure victory. We all know the feeling of being in the lead and before you know it, the race is over leaving you feeling like you could have still improved your overall time. That will not be a problem here because with 60 minutes to spare, you will have ample opportunity to best your fastest lap over and over again. If though, you do make a mistake and lose a position you can collect yourself knowing that you still have time to make up for it.

    Fair warning though, it may be harder than it looks. After all, 60 minutes at high speeds is much longer than you think and nothing short of full concentration will ensure victory for you. So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? If you are then gather your friends and prove them wrong!


    This package includes:

    • Briefing session
    • Practice & qualifying session (10 minutes)
    • Endurance race (60 minutes)
    • 3-5 members per team
    • 200cc 4 stroke engine go kart
    • Race management and time keeping


    Note: Kindly check the ‘Key Info’ for the full list participant guidelines prior to purchasing this experience.

    Disclaimer : Participants are required to sign an Indemnity form


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    Code: KHSICGKERF10G10

  1. Go Kart Race Adventure Experience for Group of 10

    Go Kart Race Adventure Experience for Group of 10

    A quick and easy weekend adventure to spice things up in your group, this go kart race adventure is suitable for beginners and regulars alike. Enjoy a competitive day out with your friends at the Sepang International Karting Circuit designed to give you the complete racing experience from practice rounds to qualifying sessions and the final race itself to crown a new champion.

    Unleash the 200cc 4 stroke engine go kart on the 1.247km long kart circuit and fight to the very last turn for what will be the sweetest victory you will ever have over your buddies. Reaching speeds of up to 80km/h, enjoy the thrills of shooting past your friends in style. Swerve through the corners and hear your tires screech or feel the sudden lift off the ground as you hit the chicanes hard just like you see in Formula One races.

    As with all go karting experiences, a safety briefing is to be conducted prior to the start of the session. This is then followed by a practice session for all to get familiar with the track as well as the go kart before the first real test of your driving skills – the qualifying round. The qualifying round will give everyone 12 minutes to determine their starting position so be sure to treat like a real race and grab that pole position. Then comes time for the green lights to glow and before long it is go time!


    This package includes:

    • Briefing session
    • Practice session (12 minutes)
    • Qualifying session (12 minutes)
    • Final Race session (12 laps)
    • 200cc 4 stroke engine go kart
    • Race management and time keeping

    Note: Kindly check the ‘Key Info’ for the full list participant guidelines prior to purchasing this experience.

    • Participants are required to sign an Indemnity form.


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  2. KL Tower Observation Deck and F1 Simulator Experience for Family of 4

    KL Tower Observation Deck and F1 Simulator Experience for Family of 4

    Looking for an ideal gift for the birthday boy/girl? Why not be different and give the birthday boy/girl and the whole family of 4 an experience rather than the conventional, boring toys? Instead of giving yet another gadget or giving them something that they already might have, why not give them an experience at the KL Tower Observation Deck and the experience of driving a F1 Car Simulator? 

    The views at above 276 meters above ground at the observation deck is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking irregardless of when you are up there. Whether it is witnessing the sunset or the majestic night view of KL city, it is an unmissable experience! 

    If the majestic view is still not enough, then go behind the wheel of an F1 racecar and get the opportunity to drive and feel for a moment what a Formula 1 race car driver feels behind the wheel on that fast track! Perhaps for a moment or two, you can imagine yourself as Michael Schummacher or Sebastian Vettel. 

    This package includes:- 


    • Observation Deck for 2 adults & 2 kids 
    • F1 Simulator Experience for 2 Adults) & 2 kids 


    Note:  Price indicated for this package is only for Malaysians. 

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  3. Chauffeured Hummer H2

    Chauffeured Hummer H2

    Size really does matters - and if you are after the baddest car in the market may we present to you the monstrous Hummer H2, a military all-purpose vehicle redesigned for the needs of civilian use. With it's distinctive design and appearance a Hummer is one that never go unnoticed. This gigantic beast offered an unmatched ability to tackle challenging terrains but still performs swiftly well on paved roads. You demand the utmost supreme authority whenever and wherever you take this giant for a ride let it be a special function or just a simple dinner you will be grabbing headlines. Put it simply, this ride is going to make you roll like a superstar!  

    This package includes:

    •  5 hours chauffeured driven Hummer H2 (Black colour)
    • Be driven to anywhere you want as long as it is within the 5 hours (no mileage quota)
    • The car sits up to a maximum of 6 pax and can carry up to 5 passengers plus 1 chauffeur


    NOTE: This package is also available for a day rental. Kindly contact our Pleasure Team to find out more.

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    Code: AROCHH2G5

  1. Ferrari Thrill

    Ferrari Thrill

    Our Ferrari Thrill driving experience gives you the change to wrap your hands around the wheels of the evocative Ferrari Scuderia F430 - one of the most famous supercar in the world! Ferrari is renown for their racing success and since the glorifying days of Schumacher. 

    This experience includes:-

    • 5 hours drive of Ferrari Scuderia F430 (choice of either red or grey in color) 
    • Drive anywhere in KL up to 250km (mileage) 
    • You are allowed to bring along 1 passenger for this experience 


    Note: A security deposit of RM800 is to be paid on your experience day to the provider. Please read our Participants Guidelines for additional terms & conditions for this experience. 



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    Code: SROFHI

  2. Go-Kart Formula One Challenge

    Go-Kart Formula One Challenge

    Enjoy the sport of go-karting but don’t want to do it alone? Come race with your friends and feel the rush of a race driver. This racing adventure will satisfy any need for speed and pit your driving skills against one another.

    A competitive and fun sport for you and your friends to enjoy. It will give you some bragging rights after you out race each of them on the track. Driving a go-kart may seem easy but one will find out first-hand the challenges of a race driver.

    This racing adventure will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour with a 2 stroke engine 80cc go-kart with safety equipment. There will also be race management and timekeeping to show who will clearly be the winner of the race. So, no arguments on who was the better driver there. This entails a 12 minute practice session, 12 minutes of qualifying and 12 laps to race and determine the winner. All in the name of good fun, so be a sport and come with your friends to race!

    NOTE: This package is valid for 1 pax and requires a minimum of 10 pax for the race to proceed.

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    Code: KCKEGKF1CI

  3. Chauffeured Classic Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limo for a Day

    Chauffeured Classic Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limo for a Day

    We are so used to seeing and driving cars by now that we hardly see one that would make our heads turn but here is a definite car that will turn heads anywhere in the world. Introduced in 1980, the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is still turning heads 30 years later and today is your chance to travel in one of the few true Rolls Royce.
    True Rolls Royce? What does that even mean? To keep it simple, since the break-up of the Rolls Royce and Bentley combination, newer models of Rolls Royce cars are fitted with BMW engines but this classic is one that still carries Rolls Royce’s very own engine. The Silver Spirit has a throwback look that instantly distinguishes itself as a classic from the moment you lay eyes on it.
    Comfort and elegance is the main attributes of this car and that it delivers so well, few cars can ever emulate. The signature slim and delicate steering wheel coupled with its light power-steering makes this car an absolute joy to ride in. Apart from that, the car also has absurdly plush lambswool over-rugs, distressed leather seats and walnut door cappings and dashboards to trick your mind into thinking you are stepping into an overgrown meadow.
    Perfect for any occasion, imagine rolling up in style and class to your very own wedding or give it as a gift to your best friend who is about to get married. For 12 hours on the big day, be driven around in this timeless British classic where there is even enough space for your family and friends to join in. Seeing as you will be travelling in style, some privacy is also afforded with compartments that separates you and your guests with the chauffeur. This experience will make you feel just like a star!
    After 30 years from its introduction, the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is still a pleasure to travel in and the quality is still very much prevalent long after as evident from its quality hand crafted interiors. It is without any doubt, a car that causes heads to turn regardless.
    This package includes:
    12 hours chauffeured driven Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limo (Georgian Silver colour)
    Be driven to anywhere you want as long as it is within the 12 hours
    The car sits up to a maximum of 8 pax and can carry up to 7 passengers plus 1 chauffeur
    NOTE: There are more and different cars available for rental, kindly contact our Pleasure Team to find out more.
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