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Glamping Rendezvous

First foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Red Ribbons for arranging such an wonderful experience. To further add on, I received EXCELLENT customer service from Ramyah which made the planning for this experience smooth sailing. The service was simply remarkable and should be adopted by all individuals in the service line.

On the other hand, Tanah Aina was simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the experience. The staff were well manner and possessed good hospitality. They were warm and welcoming. The environment was clean ( No flies were swatted) and the waitress were efficient and kept to  top cleanliness.

The experience was simply adventurous ( wasn't much rough and tough though... but enjoyable) and most importantly the concept of instilling about conserving the nature was an eye opener. 

To sum up, the ambiance in Tanah Aina was just breathtaking. Strongly recommended! Cheers and well done again!!


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  1. Make Me a Disc Jockey

    Make Me a Disc Jockey

     Always wanted to feel what it’s like to create your own mixes and be the next Carl Cox, Tiesto, or Basement Jaxx of the local music scene, then we have just the experience for you! Our Make Me a Disc Jockey experience is perfectly designed for those who are looking for an intensive course to realise your dream at being a professional deejay. This course is also ideal for upcoming artistes and music enthusiasts alike to enable them to produce a distinctive and unique sound to their music.

    During your deejay-ing course you will have the opportunity to practise at the DJ workstation even outside of class hours to ensure plenty of hands-on experience during the duration of your 20-session course. To top it off, you will also have the guidance of a professional DJ that has been in the industry for over a decade with countless local DJs under his wings. We greatly encourage participants to have an idea of their musical preference whether it is Hip Hop, Dance, House, Electro or Drum and Bass, so that our professional tutor will be able to teach you accordingly.

    At the start of your course, you will first learn the basics of beatmatching. Your tutor will guide you step-by-step through the equipment and techniques you need to keep the dance floor rocking. Your class will be conducted in small groups to ensure plenty of one-to-one coaching and every student has their own decks and mixer in class to gain essential hands-on experience.

    You will learn these DJ skills exclusively on vinyl records then CDJ. After all, mixing was invented on vinyl and you can only truly understand the fundamentals by means of using it, without any digital read-outs to distract or guide you! Knowledge and skills gained while spinning vinyls can then be easily be shifted to digital media.

    Later in the course, our expert DJ will demonstrate the how to’s of using a turntable as a musical instrument. From simple scratches to complex routines and battle techniques, the course will demonstrate how scratching and beat juggling can add an extra dimension to your DJ repertoire. You can expect everything from teasers, drops, fills, spin backs, basic fader scratches including the forward cut and transform and even learning the ultimate skill of hyping up the crowd!

    This is definitely an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss, well at least not in this lifetime! Depending on your progress, those who are born a natural will probably be booked up by clubs in no time!



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    Code: BDJMMADJ

  2. Underground DJ Taster Course

    Underground DJ Taster Course

    Always wondered what it is like to spin behind the disc jockey booth at your favourite joint? Then we have just the experience for you! Our Underground DJ Taster Course will teach you various methods of beat mixing, blending and track selection from DJs with years of experience!

    Whether you just want to know how it's done or just feel the urge to experiment, there are a few underlying things about mixing which remain relevant across all musical genres.

    This DJ mixing taster course will teach you the tricks of the trade with a one-on-one lesson with one of pioneer DJs from the local scene at our downtown underground studio. Mix up those beats like of Timo Maas, Steve Aoki, and Armin Van Buuren or even create your very own distinctive mixing style.

    During this mixing taster course you will learn these things exclusively on vinyl records. After all, mixing was invented on vinyl and you can only truly understand the fundamentals by means of using it, without any digital read-outs to distract or guide you! Knowledge and skills gained while spinning vinyls can then be easily be shifted to digital media.

    This is your chance to put your hands on original records and spin them up, all the while gaining insights into where and how this phenomenon came about. To top it off, you will learn the how-to’s of crowd pleasing to get your crowd fired up!

    Take our word for it, you will be hosting your very own amateur dance party in no time!  





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    Code: BDJUDJTC

  3. Singing Telegram

    Singing Telegram

    Want to surprise the birthday girl or boy with their very own singing telegram? Our talented singers will liven up any party and will surely be a entertaining surprise for the celebrated birthday girl or boy!

    Our singing telegram is a versatile group that can play Classical, Standard, Jazz, Country, Oldies but Goodies, Mainstream, Blues and Broadway songs. They can captivate everyone's heart through their display of tremendous vocal harmony. With an endless repertoire in their armory of songs, they have conquered the flat forms of well-known hotel in the Philippines and abroad.

    So go ahead and call upon the service of our singing telegram who will mesmerise the birthday girl and boy as well as the audience! It's like having your very own band playing at your party.

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    Code: PSTI

  1. Recording Artist for a Day

    Recording Artist for a Day

    Are you curious to know how it feels like to be a recording artist? Always wished to be one? This experience gives you the opportunity to record yourself singing to a minus-1 (instrumental) track of your favourite song that can be presented as your very own demo track!

    Our recording studio is furnished with professional music production equipment. You will be ushered to a recording booth to be accustomed to the setting and equipment. The producer will then perform a recording trial run with your vocal samples. Following your warm-up, your recording begins. Upon completion, you will be invited to the control room where you will go through the entire recoded track.

    To make it more exciting, you can make also dedicate this song to your loved one! Voila! An experience you’ve been very eager to try! Perhaps this might spark for a path to professional singing? Yes?


    Package includes:
    - Karaoke Minus-One music
    - 2 hours recording studio time
    - Mixing
    - Song Format

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  2. Singing Diva for a Day

    Singing Diva for a Day

    Do you have that talent in singing? Have you ever dreamt of being a superstar someday singing your favourite songs? But how about imagine yourself singing an original song composed just for you?

    Lo and behold! A one-of-a-kind experience designed for those discerning singers who want to perform and feel how it’s like singing a song you can call your very own! A professional composer will compose a song of your preferred genre, music and language. Let the pros do the hard work for you – just show up and get in tuned for recording! Step up from singing in the shower to an actual recording studio!

    The great thing here is you can also dedicate this song to you your loved one! How does a composed dedication piece sound to you? Are you getting excited? Bring out that singing diva in you!


    Package includes:
    - Composed Song/Dedication Piece – Solo/Duet (2minutes)
    - New composition (genres/language – English/Malay/Chinese/Tamil)
    - Lyrics
    - Mixing

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