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Pilot for a Day

"My girlfriend and I received this RedRibbon Days experience gift from a friend of ours for Christmas. I must say that we truly enjoyed the whole experience. Our pilot was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did a complete briefing on what we needed to know about the plane and how it operates. My girlfriend was the co-pilot for the day and she had a blast maneuvering the plane for a brief moment.To those aspiring to be a pilot, I would recommend this experience to start with. As for me, I wouldn't mind to go for this experience again :)"  

(Posted on 9/3/13)  Gunter 

Pilot for a day - 30 mins

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  1. Surprise Birthday Jazzercise Class

    Surprise Birthday Jazzercise Class

    What is Jazzercise? Most people are familiar with the regime of Zumba fitness classes but few are aware of Jazzercise and as such, we offer you yet another unique experience to try.
    To put it simply, Jazzercise is a fitness class that incorporates the rhythm and touch of Jazz in its classes that ultimately helps to give a total body workout. Grab your friends and burn up to 600 calories in this fun and powerfully effective 60 minute workout. Combining dance-based cardio exercises with strength training and stretching, Jazzercise helps to sculpt, tone and lengthen muscles for maximum calorie burns. Each class is cleverly choreographed to today’s hottest music that blends a terrific fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing.
    Also included in this package is a birthday cake for any one of your friends celebrating their birthday soon. This cake is a surprise for them right after a tiring but fun session of Jazzercise. At the end of your session, the instructor will cart out the cake and you get the opportunity to see your friend completely surprised by this thoughtful gesture with everyone involved singing and wishing your friend a very happy birthday.
    Start dancing yourselves fit and change the shape of your body today with a touch of fun. Perfect for those looking to keep fit while having fun and who would like to give one of their friends a very pleasant surprise on that special day of theirs.
    This package includes:
    A 1 hour session of Jazzercise class for 5 pax
    Surprise birthday cake for the special person
    Cake will be brought out at the end of the class with the instructor leading everyone in singing the birthday song
    Note : We recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance. 


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    Code: KJSBJCG5

  2. Fly Yoga Ten Sessions

    Fly Yoga Ten Sessions

    Ever thought about attaining peace of mind by practicing yoga in a more exciting yet challenging way? Well, look no further than our Fly Yoga Session – a ten-class pass with a certified yoga instructor, you’ll practice specific yoga poses utilising a suspended hammock. Each tricky and strenuous hour-long session will help you focus on your coordination and concentration skills with demanding asanas (yoga postures) that are the perfect way to advance your yoga knowledge.

    Utilizing the benefits of gravity to work on your core balance and body weight training, this rewarding and fun experience will leave you with numerous therapeutic, physiological benefits. Just be sure to complete all ten classes within eleven weeks of your first class. To sweeten the honey pot, this experience also entitles you to a complimentary Qi Gong session, so don’t miss out! This experience is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners.

    This experience includes:

    • Ten Yoga classes


    Tentative Schedule for classes:

    1. Tuesdays at 7.45 pm

    2. Wednesdays at 7.45 pm


    Note : RedRibbon Days will only arrange for the first session and you will have to arrange the remaining sessions with the instructor.

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    Code: AAYSTYSI

  3. Flyyoga Taster Experience

    Flyyoga Taster Experience

    Let’s face it – you’ve always been interested in yoga but the idea of trying it out on your own was always a little daunting. Well, fret no more – with our Flyyoga Taster Course you don’t have to go at it alone, as you’ll get to bring a partner along, whether it’s your better half, best friend or even a sibling!

    Common goals and peer pressure will work to your advantage with this experience! In your joint goal to indulge in the healthy, yoga way of life, you’ll have an instant companion to help spur each other on – whether your goal is losing stubborn weight, increasing flexibility or toning up your muscles.
    Utilising a suspended hammock, each class will have you and your partner focusing on coordination with demanding asanas (yoga postures) while concentrating on gravity, to help you work on your core balance and body weight training.

    You’ll leave each class with smiles and giggles on your faces as well as with unseen-but-there therapeutic and physiological benefits. This experience is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners.

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  1. Yoga of Your Choice

    Yoga of Your Choice

    Yoga – the art of transforming body and consciousness – was once considered a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline to achieve a state of permanent peace through breathing techniques, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

    Today, it is a global phenomenon practiced by millions seeking spiritual insight and better health. No matter if you’re a novice or a master yoga practitioner, the Yoga Of Your Choice experience will be sure to help you achieve your goals – whether you are looking to simply learn how to wake up well rested and energetic, or if you’re looking to gain body flexibility, good posture and muscle tone.

    Select from : 

    1. Hatha yoga
    2. Restorative yoga
    3. Flow yoga
    4. Tripsichore yoga


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    Code: AAYSYOYC

  2. Belly Dancing Telegram

    Belly Dancing Telegram

    So you have picked up the perfect gift for that special someone but you now need to make sure that the gift is being delivered to the recipient's door step with the right impact. Whilst we can deliver our gift pack with our signature balloons and/or bespoke balloons, you may also be looking for that little extra punch and something truly memorable for that special recipient. 

    So we decided to bring the delivery fun a notch higher and package this truly memorable and flamboyant or rather outlandish belly dancing telegram. Imagine the look of excitement on the recipient's face when your gift arrives at the recipient's door step with a belly dancer - dancing away to your chosen songs suitable for the recipient! 

    This experience includes:

    • 1 belly dancer (dance to 3 songs)
    • Location is within Klang Valley only 
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  3. A Middle Eastern Soiree

    A Middle Eastern Soiree

    Celebrate the hen’s night for the bride to be’s up and coming wedding and get the girls together to shake and enjoy the sensual art of belly dancing. You and your friends will get the chance to mingle and learn the art of belly dancing by the most highly sought after Middle Eastern Dance instructor in Malaysia with experience and expertise in wide variety of field such as Arabian, Turkish, Kordish and Persian dance styles.

    This is one dance you can really get your hips moving, so let your hair down, and shake your way through the session with jingling belly dancing coin belts. Feel free to take a break from the work out and help yourselves to delicious Middle Eastern appetizers and refreshments .You never know, a few of the moves may just come in handy later on at other important functions with your loved ones.

    This package includes:

    • 3 hours Belly Dancing session
    • Middle Eastern appetizers and refreshments

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  1. Beat It to Michael Jackson Tunes

    Beat It to Michael Jackson Tunes

    Know a friend who just absolutely loves Michael Jackson? Rather than singing a happy birthday song to that person, why not have a professionally trained performer to come by and entertain your friend to some of Michael Jackson’s best tunes ever.

    Dressed for the occasion (in a MIchael Jackson outfit), armed with impeccable vocal control and a common love for the King of Pop; our performer will belt out classic tunes such as Beat It, Thriller and Smooth Criminal among many others to make the birthday celebrations a little less conventional and a little more funky.

    This package is of a 2-song performance by our very own local Michael Jackson. However, you can always request for a longer set with more songs of your choosing and of course, any particular dress code to suit the party theme.


    This experience includes:

    • 1 performer (2 songs)
    • Location is within Klang Valley only


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