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Discover Windsurfing 

"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

Discover Windsurfing

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  1. Family Fun Science!

    Family Fun Science!

    Looking for something fun yet educational to do together with your child? This is the chance for you to bond with him or her while experiencing something new and giving them the opportunity to learn with Fun Science! 

    One of the main principles of Fun Science is to teach children how to re-use unwanted household products like plastic bottles as part of their project. Suitable for kids aged between 5 - 12 years old, this 1.5 hour workshop will teach the kids real experiments, fun learning, instill environmental consciousness, raise an interest in science - all with our creative teaching method. The best part, you will also get to join in the fun.

    This experience workshop is valid for 1 parent and 1 child. Example of activity projects you get to choose from:

    • Water Rocket
    • Water Fuel F1 Racing Car
    • Robots
    • Solar Powered Engine
    • Heat Power Engine
    • Leaf Vein Bookmark
    • DIY Environmental friendly Projector
    • Steamboat
    • Bouncing Bubbles
    • Mini Engine

    All materials will be provided, so go ahead and give this opportunity to your children - be it for an afternoon of fun science or a bonding day out with your child!


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    Code: CLCFFSC

  2. Discover Batik Art

    Discover Batik Art

    Experience batik making at its natural best at a handicraft village where original Batik techniques and materials are preserved and still practiced for everyone to enjoy, learn and experience. If you're in Kelantan for a holiday or getaway then you simply must experience this as since batik making is indigenous to Kelantan, so naturally the best place to learn this traditional art form would be right here in Kelantan!

    This experience is a simple yet fun batik painting session where you will not only learn how to draw and paint batk, but also experience a traditional culture unique to Kelantan.

    You'll be given a cotton cloth about the size of an A3 paper and some sample designs. You can also let those creative juices flow and create your very own unique design. Then your tutor will then demonstrate the techniques of canting (drawing using wax) and how the paint is applied on the cloth.

    There's no better memory of your trip other than experiencing for yourself this ancient art form, and the best part is, you will get to bring back your very own masterpiece - a piece of memory from this experience!

    Note : Your batik masterpiece will take some time to dry. Please advise the center on where you will be staying in Kota Bharu, for them to deliver your drawing to your hotel on the night of your experience.It's best that you start this experience in the morning for the painting to dry so the center can deliver at night on the same day.


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    Code: ZDDBAI

  3. Family Pottery for Group of 6

    Family Pottery for Group of 6

    Working can be stressful and time consuming. Trying to find time to spend some quality time together with your child? This simple yet fun experience will let you spend some quality time with your child. Surprise your child with this experience and bring them on a fun pottery class, no prior experience is needed.

    This beginner’s pottery workshop is designed to take you and your child through a fun journey. Explore the basic clay techniques and the use of the pottery wheel. Feel the joy of creating a ceramic art out of clay, all from scratch. This is perfect for a parent looking for something that both the parent and their child can get involved in and truly do something together to create a masterpiece. Children are always looking to spend time with their parents and this gives them the chance to do so.

    Pick up a unique skill set from four different methods of potters’ hand building and basic clay forming techniques to techniques on potter’s wheel. But this is so much more than just a pottery workshop, it’s the bond shared between a parent and child and the time shared. But it also helps the child to believe in their own abilities, think creatively and also stimulates active learning as it may be a personally meaningful experience for them.

    Bring your family or friends and their children to share this time together. Come enjoy some time with your child doing something fun yet simple that can mean more than you thought it could.


    Package Includes
                                                                                                                                                                                                               • One piece of work (or up to max of 750gm of clay)


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    Code: KCEFPG6

  1. Sculpture Fun for a Group of 6

    Sculpture Fun for a Group of 6

    Always wanted to sculpt art from scartch? Well, now's your chance to create your very own work of art. Furthermore what makes this more experience more special is that you will be doing it with friends. Time to unleash the inner-artist in you.

    Explore the art of sculpturing; learn the basics of the trait and all while having loads of fun with your mates. This experience is perfect for those looking to release express themselves and try something new. so go ahead and check one more item of your bucket list with this experience. Not only will you create a beautiful masterpiece together but the lot of you will have barrels of laughs getting muddy.

    So go ahead and sign up for this experience you'll be sure to take home a new skill, a master piece of your own creation and a memory worth so much more.

     Package Includes
    • One piece of work (or up to max of 750gm of clay)



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    Code: KCESFG6

  2. Cocktail Masterclass and Dinner at Ril's

    Cocktail Masterclass and Dinner at Ril's

    Time spent with friends must always be fun-filled and memorable! Are you and your friends looking for something different and exciting to do this weekend yet refraining from revisiting previous activities and hang out places? Why not gather your homies together this weekend (whether its just a weekly hangout, a bucks night or hens night!) and experience a masterclass experience (and not to mention a scumptious dining experience to top that)?

    RIL's offers the best steak in KL along with an expanded menu of other delicious options. Classy yet affordable, it is the perfect place for you and your mates night out! Your cocktail experience will take place upstairs at RIL'S Bar - and as you push your way through the heavy velvet curtain, be awed with the most exciting cocktail bar. A cocktail bar that is pushing the boundaries of the normal concept of bar in KL - RIL's bar is themed according to the classy, mysterious 1930s style. Be greeted by bartenders immaculately attired in suspenders and hats - and be transported back to the past! 

    You and your friend will be introduced to your instructor/bartender who will be running the masterclass for your experience. All our bartenders are trained, accredited professionals and we will ensure that you and your friends will walk away at the end of the experience feeling adequately trained with essential cocktail know-how and a great memories of the night! 

    We advise you and your mates to arrive on time for the masterclass session, so you can proceed after to the most amazing dining experience - for the tomahawk awaits you and your friends. 

    Your experience includes : 


    The Cocktail Masterclass 

                    Introduction to alcohol

                    Introduction to Cocktail Making 

                    Cocktail Making Class 

                    Cocktail Competition 

                    1 Welcome Drink

                    1 Make-Your-Own-drink

                    1 Finishing Drink


    The Tomahawk Dining Experience 

                    1.8 kg of Tomahawk

                    3 sides

                    6 glasses of house drinks


      Note: This package is only available from Monday's - Thursday's


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    Code: SRCMDARG6

  3. Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Ever dreamt of being a shoe designer but that wasn’t the path you took way back when? It is never too late to realize your dream today! To all the shoe-holic girlies out there, this designing and shoe-making experience will offer you everything you need to know about shoes. Best of all, you will be going through this experience with the guidance of a true shoe-designer in Malaysia. She is known for designing and making stylish yet comfortable designs that screams fabulosity!

    During this experience, you will be spending 4 hours with the shoe designer on learning the ropes on becoming a shoe designer. You will be learning the whole process of making a shoe from (sketching, choosing material, heel design, height etc.) and the designer will be with you every step of the way. The entire process from start to finish will take place at the boutique designed to give you a hands on experience on making your very own pair of shoes!

    At the end of the experience, you are to bring home two pairs of shoes. One of which is ready-made by the designer from her wide array of collection and the other would be the pair that you have personally made and designed. You may collect it at the designer’s shoe boutique upon completion.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Crash course on designing and making a pair of shoe
    •    All shoe-making related materials will be provided
    •    2 pairs of shoes (1 ready-made shoe from collection and 1 designed by you)


    Note: This Experience can only commence from 3.00 pm onwards.


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  1. Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    It is time for all the mothers out there to be treated like a queen! After all, they deserve all the praise, care and love for bringing us into the world. We can often find a stylish looking pair of shoes at any walk-in shoe boutiques as many times, it will look good but very often, our feet will have to pay for it later. This is why this experience is perfect for all the mum’s out there to have total faith in looking for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Moreover, it is designer shoes that is hand-made to fit your feet like a second skin so long gone are the days where we are the slaves of the shoes we own. Not forgetting that the daughter will also get to select a pair of shoes from the designer’s collection at the end of this experience.

    During this experience, the shop will be closed to the mother and daughter for one hour on a private shoe shopping. There will be a personal consultation conducted by the designer herself to create the perfect pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes for the mother whilst the customer will also be exposed to a wide array of shoes in the shop.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Personal consultation by designer.
    •    Mother will be bringing home 2 pairs of designer shoes [one (1) of which is custom made and one (1) from the ready available collection] *it may take 2-3 weeks for completion of custom made shoes.
    •    Daughter will be bringing home one (1) pair of shoes from the ready available collection.

     Note: GST of 6% will be charged on top of the published price at the end of the buying process.

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  2. Kelantan Cooking Adventure for Group of 4

    Kelantan Cooking Adventure for Group of 4

    Planning a vacation down to Kelantan with your family or friends but have no idea what to do? Spend 3 days and 2 nights in a homestay with an eye opener of a cooking lesson where everyone can be involved in. Try your hand at the 10 local dishes that Kelantan is known for and see how you fare in it.

    A vacation for the simple group without the hotels and the fine dining, just enjoy the simple yet delicious local dishes of Kelantan. Bring your family or your friends and just spend some time together to experience something that can be so simple yet fun.
    On the first day, you will learn a total of 3 dishes to warm yourselves up to the Kelantan cooking style. The following day will be a lesson on the remaining 7 dishes. On the last day, you and your companion will be treated to a tour of the local food outlets around Kota Bharu.

    Considering that this is a 3 days, 2 nights experience we took the liberty to arrange for a humble accommodation to make your time in Kelantan as a cultural experience. So, come and learn the local dishes of Kelantan and surprise your family and friends with some new tantalising dishes.

    This package includes:

    •    3 days, 2 nights stay in Teratak Mas Homestay
    •    5 meals per day
    •    Learning how to cook the 10 famous dishes in Kelantan on the first 2 days
    •    Participants will be guided for a tour of local food outlet around Kota Bharu on the last day
    •    There will also be an English translater for the non-Malay speaking participants

    The 10 dishes are:

    •    Nasi Kerabu (Herbal Rice)
    •    Nasi Dagang (Pasty Rice with Tuna Curry)
    •    Ayam/Ikan Percik (Roast Chicken/Fish Bath in Special Gravy)
    •    Gulai Kuning Ayam/Ikan (Kelantan Malay favourite Chicken/Fish in Yellow Gravy)
    •    Gulai Kawah (A must menu for malay wedding feast beef curry)
    •    Ikan Singgang/Daging (Favourite Kelantan fat free plain soup of fish or meat)
    •    Kerutub Ayam/Daging (A must menu of thick chicken/beef curry for prominent dinner or grand wedding)
    •    Satar (Popular fish cake wrap in banana led, skewed by bamboo stick and roast)
    •    Solok Lada (Green chili stuffed by mixed coconut grate, fillet, onions etc as appetizer for main cuisine in special feast)
    •    Keropok Lekor (Most all round popular Kelantan and Terengganu Malay fish sausage with chili sauce)


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    Code: KTMHKCAFG4

  3. Recreation Experience and Learning for a Couple

    Recreation Experience and Learning for a Couple

    Finding it hard to spend some quality time with your partner? Want to take a few days off and just get away with your partner to enjoy some time together? Come on over to Kelantan for 3 days and 2 nights to experience a simple life where every moment is cherished and special.

    This 3 days, 2 nights package will take you into the traditions of ‘Wau Bulan’ (a traditional Malay moon kite) making, ‘Chek Mek Molek’ (Kelantan cakes) to casting a fishing net otherwise known as ‘Menjala’ to the locals. There will also be a chance to experience rubber tapping, kickboxing, ‘Silat’ dancing among many others.

    The various activities on offer are a great way to bond and do something together with your partner. Help each other complete each individual task which helps create a better understanding with each other. Accommodation and meals will be provided during the duration of your stay.

    This package includes:

    •    3 days, 2 nights stay in Teratak Mas Homestay
    •    5 meals per day
    •    Various activities such as ‘Wau Bulan’ making, ‘Chek Mek Molek’ cake making, kickboxing classes, ‘Silat’ dancing, ‘Batik’ printing, ‘Dodol’ making and more

    Sample Itinerary:

    •    Day 1
    o    Participants will be practicing some community activities
    o    ‘Wau Bulan’ making for the guys and ‘Chek Mek Molek’ making for the ladies
    o    Practical lesson on the casting of fishing net (menjala)

    •    Day 2
    o    Participants will be experiencing rubber tapping / climbing the mini hill
    o    Helping the paddy field workers
    o    Kickboxing lessons for the guys and traditional ‘Silat’ dancing for the ladies

    •    Day 3
    o    ‘Batik’ printing at the local ‘Batik’ cottage, can be taken back as a souvenir (White T-shirt will be provided)
    o    ‘Dodol’ making at the local ‘Dodol’ cottage


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