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Singing Telegram 

"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. A Posh Gel Nail Jam Experience

    A Posh Gel Nail Jam Experience

    Are you an avid fan of posh nail designs? Do you like your nails to always look fresh and trendy? Welcome! You are on the right page! This is for those fashionistas looking out for that exceptional manicure experience. Why exceptional you say? This manicure service uses not the usual nail polish but the Vika gel nail!

    Did you know that Girls Generation are also into Vika? Originated in Korea, gel nails are gaining popularity since they are longer lasting, practically scratch-proof and simply fabulous! Unlike other gel products, Vika gel nail jam stickers leave no damage to your nails but only class and shine! With over 20 designs to choose from, you’ll be having a fun time deciding which one you feel best. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind manicure experience and show off your superbly done nails!


    Package includes:
    • Manicure Service
    • Shaping
    • Cuticle Cut
    • Nail Tonic
    • Nail Jam
    • Gel Top Coat
    • Hand Massage

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  2. Singing Diva for a Day

    Singing Diva for a Day

    Do you have that talent in singing? Have you ever dreamt of being a superstar someday singing your favourite songs? But how about imagine yourself singing an original song composed just for you?

    Lo and behold! A one-of-a-kind experience designed for those discerning singers who want to perform and feel how it’s like singing a song you can call your very own! A professional composer will compose a song of your preferred genre, music and language. Let the pros do the hard work for you – just show up and get in tuned for recording! Step up from singing in the shower to an actual recording studio!

    The great thing here is you can also dedicate this song to you your loved one! How does a composed dedication piece sound to you? Are you getting excited? Bring out that singing diva in you!


    Package includes:
    - Composed Song/Dedication Piece – Solo/Duet (2minutes)
    - New composition (genres/language – English/Malay/Chinese/Tamil)
    - Lyrics
    - Mixing

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  3. Recording Artist for a Day

    Recording Artist for a Day

    Are you curious to know how it feels like to be a recording artist? Always wished to be one? This experience gives you the opportunity to record yourself singing to a minus-1 (instrumental) track of your favourite song that can be presented as your very own demo track!

    Our recording studio is furnished with professional music production equipment. You will be ushered to a recording booth to be accustomed to the setting and equipment. The producer will then perform a recording trial run with your vocal samples. Following your warm-up, your recording begins. Upon completion, you will be invited to the control room where you will go through the entire recoded track.

    To make it more exciting, you can make also dedicate this song to your loved one! Voila! An experience you’ve been very eager to try! Perhaps this might spark for a path to professional singing? Yes?


    Package includes:
    - Karaoke Minus-One music
    - 2 hours recording studio time
    - Mixing
    - Song Format

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  1. Couples’ Canvas Experience

    Couples’ Canvas Experience

    Looking for a new and interesting date night ideas to occupy yourselves with? Or do you have a loved one who has the creative flair for painting and would love to spend his/her time painting away? Then how about surprising that special someone with this lovely experience.


    This experience includes: 

    • 2 x adult Art Jamming session
    • 3 hours Art Jamming session  
    • A 60cm x 60cm canvas
    • Instructions
    • Painting tools
    • Paint
    • Sponge
    • Apron
    • Artist's Briefing
    • Suggestions to Paint


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  2. Art Jamming™ for Children

    Art Jamming™ for Children

    Parents often do not realise that painting is a great activity for child development. When kids are exposed to creative activity as such, they are given the opportunity to experiment and express themselves - through their creation. Instead of bringing your kids to the mall or allowing them to play computer games, why not let them put on their creative hat and maybe you will be even surprise yourself with the hidden talent of your little one! According to some research, painting are associated to many social and language benefits. Not withstanding that, painting is also wonderful for kids to further develop skills such as hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and grass motor skills. There are just so many benefits a kid can gain from painting - and it is definitely an activity that parents should allow their children to engage in on a regular basis.

    So instead of getting yet another toy for a kids' birthday, why not get them this Art Jamming experience? They are bound to have heaps of fun drawing and painting their favourite character/objects. You might even discover a little Picasso in the making! 


    This experience includes: 

    • A 90 minutes Art Jamming session 
    • A 50cm x 50cm canvas 
    • Instructions 
    • Painting tools 
    • Paint 
    • Sponge 
    • Apron
    • Artist's Briefing
    • Suggestions to Paint



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  3. Adult Art Jamming™

    Adult Art Jamming™

    Know someone that loves to paint ? Art Jamming is an experience suitable for anyone! A perfect experience for someone who needs a stress reliever activity or for someone who loves to paint and even for someone who has never painted before! 

    The best part of all is there is no experience required at all. All the participant need to do is simply turn up on the experience day. We will supply all the canvas, paint, brushes and easels. At the end of the 3 hours, participant will create his/her own masterpiece and it might even turn out to be a piece proudly displayed on his/her office or home wall.


    What is included in this experience:-

     • A 50 cm x 50 cm canvas
     • Painting tools (brushes, easel)
     • Unlimited paint
     • Apron                                                                                                                                                                                      • Artist's Briefing
     • Suggestions to Paint



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  1. The Dark World!

    The Dark World!

    If you enjoy puzzles, teamwork and working under pressure, then the real-life escape rooms cropping up all over Penang are going to make your shortlist of favourite activities. If you don't think you like those things, you still might be suprised to find yourself having a great time trying to solve your way out of a locked room. It sounds like an odd concept - you pay someone to lock you in a room for an hour while you try to solve a series of challenges, riddles and puzzles to get back out again.

    You may have played something similar as a video game or a mobile game (The Room and Forever Lost are popular ones). Your character starts out in a room and must explore. Frequently, you'll come across a box that requires a passcode to open, or a door that needs a key. With enough searching, you'll be able to successfully figure out codes, open all locked containers, root out hidden objects and passegeways, and work your way into either the next room or to freedom. Some games are simply rooms with no specific theme while other more complex games come with backstory, horror elements, or other mysteries that the player solves as they advance.

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    Code: NCXPTDWG4

  2. Kumdo Taster Course for Two

    Kumdo Taster Course for Couple

    Are you and your partner looking for new ways to spice up the relationship? The hectic lifestyle which involves work and other obligations will surely take a toll on the relationship if you both do not spend time doing fun things together. And instead of doing the same old thing at every spare moments you have, why not spend 2 hours on learning a new skill and whilst you are it, have a good work out and fun? 

    Kumdo as according to Wikipedia is a modern Korean martial art proceeding from Japanese Kendo. Kumdo which means "the way of the sword" is a widely accepted Korean culture. Although Kumdo is very much related or similar to Japanese Kendo, minor differences exist between these two martial arts. Differences includes but not limited to the use of native terminology, choice of colors of flags for referee and minor modification to the uniforms. 

    Kumdo is a unique Korean sword martial art developed from the ancient elite warrior class who dedicated their lives to the study of martial arts and the protection of their country - the techniques are a modern adaptation of sword techniques and other Korean martial arts. The techniques and movements are dynamic, beautiful with a balance of speed, power and accuracy aligned with one's body, mind and spirit. 

    Our trainers are very experienced with up to 7 years of experience in the field of Kumdo. You will learn the basics of Kumdo, self defence moves and most importantly the discipline of Kumdo. 


    This experience includes: 

    • 1 x session
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  3. Private Baking Class

    Private Baking Class

    Do you have a little Master Chef-In-The-Making in your very own home? How do you know – simple, see if they have any one of the following traits:

    • Always tries to be your side-kick in the kitchen
    • Loves watching the food channel especially any show hosted by Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Rachel   Ray, Kylie Kwong and company.
    • Gives you pointers on how to improve your own cooking? Yikes!
    • Always keen to try out new recipes and invent a few of their own.

    Then this may be the best experience for the budding Trainee Chef and as a added bonus have their siblings or friends tag along for the experience or be part of the experience and join in with the kids. They’ll get to try their hands at preparing a recipe from scratch with guidance from a professional cooking instructor as well as learn the basics of proper kitchen protocol. A great gift for young food enthusiasts, not only will they learn loads they’ll also have the personal satisfaction of making something that is entirely theirs. The best part of this experience is that, not only will your little one get to explore the joys of cooking (and the mess that it entails), as a bonus this experience guarantees that your kitchen stays clean and spotless the way God intended it.


    Recipe Options:

    1) Mini Cake baking and Decorating
    2) Funny Face Pizza Pockets
    3) Banana Cream Pie /Apple turnover
    4) Soft Cinnamon Rolls
    5) Shepard’s Pie (Chicken or beef)


    Available timing:

    • Weekdays: Tuesday-Friday
    • Time: 11am-12:30pm or 2pm-3:30pm


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