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Singing Telegram 

"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. One Piece – Group of 6

    One Piece – Group of 6

    Fans of One Piece come one, come all! Take on the role of the pirate king wannabe and work tirelessly with your crew to get out of this deserted cabin together. By some weird circumstance, your sea voyage has taken you to a mysterious and deserted cabin with no recollection whatsoever.

    Decked out in the theme of the straw hat pirates of the One Piece universe, you will be presented with challenges of riddles and puzzles. Like a true pirate, one must be resourceful and pick up items in the cabin to use to full effect.

    As you explore further into this mysterious cabin, discover the means and reason as to why you and your crew were brought here in the first place. Be warned though as the secrets that lie ahead may not be secrets you would want to uncover.

    Package includes:
    • A dedicated game master to guide you through
    • Introduction to the game, setting and rules will be provided prior to commencement



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    Code: KCOPGO6

  2. Prisoner’s Torment – Group of 6

    Prisoner’s Torment – Group of 6

    Groupies of all things scary and grim; put yourself to the ultimate challenge and prove that you are indeed fearless. Much like a prisoner, have yourself intentionally locked in a cell and have the guards throw the keys away. Now it is time for you and your band of bandits to squirm your way out of the cell.

    Together with your band of brothers, you must work cohesively as a group to solve the riddles and mysteries of this entrapment through careful studying of the various items. Within an hour, decipher the codes and break out from this tragic reality and taste freedom that is more beautiful than paradise.

    Will you be able to break out of this grim and scary predicament or will you stay trapped long enough to finally feel the prisoner’s torment creeping over your restless soul?


    Package includes:
    • A dedicated game master to guide you through
    • Introduction to the game setting and rules will be provided prior to commencement




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    Code: KCPTGO6

  3. The Curse of Pharoah - Group of 6

    The Curse of Pharoah - Group of 6

    The chance to play Indiana Jones is yours to take should you feel like you are up for the challenge. Picture yourself in a desolate chamber in ancient Egypt where either great fortune await or impending doom (depending on how you play the game). Of course there won’t really be any real doom to it but if you believe in it enough, it would seem real and that is what this chamber does with aplomb.

    You and your ragtag team of researchers will traverse this chamber to uncover the tomb of Pharaoh Rmases II in limited time to get what you came for and get out. Many have tried but failed with one notable archaeologist paving the way for all who comes after him, leaving behind a note which will act as your first clue. As you trudge deeper into the unknown you will uncover items, clues, puzzles and riddles that will test your mettle not just as an individual but also as a team.

    Channel your inner-Indiana and pull through this challenging chamber of secrets. Will you find the light and be led to greener pastures just like Moses did or will the sleeping ghost of the Pharaoh lead you astray? Here lies thousands of years of the Pharaoh’s tomb waiting for you to uncover but be prepared for the cost of knowing such great secrets.


    Package includes:
    • A dedicated game master to guide you through
    • Introduction to the game, setting and rules will be provided prior to commencement



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    Code: KCTCOPGO6

  1. A Pottery Experience For Two

    A  Pottery Experience For Two

    Are you and your partner looking for different ways to spruce up date night? Looking for something a little different than the average date routine? Why not try something a little different,pottery making that is. Perfect for those who don't mind getting their hands a liitle dirty, this experience is sure to spruce some laughs and excitement into a previously mundane event.

    This beginner’s pottery workshop is designed to take the both of you through the basics of clay techniques and the use of the pottery wheel. So go on and feel the joy of creating a ceramic art out of clay, all from scratch and learn something new together, Thre's just no telling what you'll create.


    Areas of exploration:
    1. Experience (4) different methods of hand building and the basic clay forming techniques using the wheel.
    2. Gain an understanding of producing a finished ceramic piece.
    3. Learn to analyze and solve construction problems and enjoy the fruit of success and failure.
    4. Learn to Glazing (decorate) your own master pieces.


    Package Includes
    1 piece of work (or max of 750gm of clay)

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    Code: CCEAPEFT

  2. Creative Robotics Taster Course

    Creative Robotics Taster Course

    Calling all Robot enthusiasts! This experience will have you short circuiting with excitement especially if you’ve always wanted to build your own LEGO or electronic robots, or even design a game from scratch? Creative Robotics Learning Center (CR8®) is the place where its happening!
    This experience gives recipients a chance to experience the mechanism involved in crafting one of these bad boy robots from start till finish. So if you know a boy who LOVES his toys, then this gift may just be the mother of all gifts. Not only will you get major points for originality but you would have given a gift truly worth giving.
    CR8® (Creative Robotics™) is the FIRST robotic training centre in Malaysia. Since its conception in 2003, they've gathered vast experiences in the robotics field. Their syllabus is designed by the Khong Brothers – Malaysia's robotic pioneers! They have more branches around the country than fingers from which we could count them off, so go ahead and be a little different, give an experience which is sure to send someone to tech-heaven.


    Package Includes
    • 1 (2-hour) session, where the individual will be introduced to building & programming.
    • Robot’s are not to be taken home by the student.

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    Code: CCRECRTC

  3. A Starry Movie Night Experience

    A Starry  Movie Night Experience

    ‘Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper “I Love You”, birds singing in the sycamore trees....’ wait, do we even have sycamore trees in Malaysia?
    This outdoor experience will bring the sparkle of romance to your relationship, whether you’re experiencing the first blooms of love, or long-run lovers looking for an extra-exceptional night out.
    Perfect for a specail night, or even just a regular date night, this ultra distinctive experience is definitely for out-of-the-box thinkers, long-time love birds and unconditional romantics – after all, can you imagine the look on your special someone’s face when you say ‘movie night’ and then present them with a private, exclusive film screening under the stars. 
    The Starry Movie Night Experience will see you and your lucky date, enjoying a flick of your choice at a venue of your choice, All you have to do is provide us (i.e. the experts) with a space for which we can set up, and we’ll handle the rest to ensure a dreamy, romantic night to remember.


     Package Includes :

    • Screen and sound system set up.
    • A Romantic Flick of your choice from our selection.
    • Picnic mats for the both of you.



    • The Image used for this experience is a mere representation of what the experience could look like.
    • Should you like for us to arrange for a picnic basket, throw pillows, light decorations and bean bags to enhance your movie experience kindly contact our Pleasure Team Consultants and they will be happy to assist you accordingly, additional charges will apply.


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  1. A Mixology Masterclass Experience

    A Mixology Masterclass Experience

    Learning new skills can be oh so fun! Especially when it involves learning how to mix drinks and let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than someone who knows their way around the kitchen and its even better if they know their way around the bar!

    For those of you who have always harboured secret desires to unleash your inner ‘Bartending God or Godess’ this experience is exactly what you've been looking for. Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Twentyone, rest assured that for this experience you will be in excellent hands. Their bartending professionals will have you mixing, shaking, swirling and stirring in no time.

    By the end of this experience, you will have acquired the basic bartending skills to add to your skillset and you would have made yourself standout from the crowd. Whether this is a hobby, a potential career opportunity or just you being adventurous; you will definitely come away from this with an uncommon skill that is sure to impress-wink.


     Package Includes:

    • An Introduction to Cocktails and it's origins.
    • You will be taught techniques and recipes.
    • Canapés.


    Note: This experience is only for participants who are legally above 21 years old and strictly prohibits anyone below 21 years old from participating.


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    Code: CTTTAMME

  2. A Middle Eastern Soiree

    A Middle Eastern Soiree

    Celebrate the hen’s night for the bride to be’s up and coming wedding and get the girls together to shake and enjoy the sensual art of belly dancing. You and your friends will get the chance to mingle and learn the art of belly dancing by the most highly sought after Middle Eastern Dance instructor in Malaysia with experience and expertise in wide variety of field such as Arabian, Turkish, Kordish and Persian dance styles.

    This is one dance you can really get your hips moving, so let your hair down, and shake your way through the session with jingling belly dancing coin belts. Feel free to take a break from the work out and help yourselves to delicious Middle Eastern appetizers and refreshments .You never know, a few of the moves may just come in handy later on at other important functions with your loved ones.

    This package includes:

    • 3 hours Belly Dancing session
    • Middle Eastern appetizers and refreshments

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  3. Belly Dancing Telegram

    Belly Dancing Telegram

    So you have picked up the perfect gift for that special someone but you now need to make sure that the gift is being delivered to the recipient's door step with the right impact. Whilst we can deliver our gift pack with our signature balloons and/or bespoke balloons, you may also be looking for that little extra punch and something truly memorable for that special recipient. 

    So we decided to bring the delivery fun a notch higher and package this truly memorable and flamboyant or rather outlandish belly dancing telegram. Imagine the look of excitement on the recipient's face when your gift arrives at the recipient's door step with a belly dancer - dancing away to your chosen songs suitable for the recipient! 

    This experience includes:

    • 1 belly dancer (dance to 3 songs)
    • Location is within Klang Valley only 
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