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Discover Windsurfing 

"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

Discover Windsurfing

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  1. Make Your Own Chocolates for 5

    Make Your Own Chocolates for 5

    This is a class for all the choc-aholics out there. Do you love chocolates so much so you would learn how to make your very own chocolates? Well, this package offers you just that! Learn how to make your very own chocolates.
    Get your friends and spend a day learning the basics of chocolate making and bring them home for your loved ones to try. After all, chocolates are a symbol of love and rightly so, it is time to share the love. Learn the technique of filling with ‘Ganache’ – a filling consisting of chocolate chops and heated cream. You will also learn how to properly temper the chocolate to get a ‘couverture’ chocolate – a very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter. This class is designed for people with no prior experience and will run you and your friends through all you need to know about chocolate making from colouring to the technique of melting compound chocolate.
    There will also be lunch provided to make sure every is well rested and fed to continue on this sweet journey. Upon completion of the class, each participant will get a certificate of participation and we know that being around chocolate the entire day would definitely make you crave for some, so bring home the chocolates you have made yourselves and satisfy those cravings by nibbling on the chocolates.
    You will love chocolate even more than you already have after this regardless of whether you did this as a hobby, a passion or just something you need out of curiosity and fun. Turn your kitchen into the next amazing chocolate factory after this.
    This package includes:
    A private class with you, your friends and the instructor
    Chocolate making methods and techniques
    Sample chocolates
    Certificate of participation
    Bring your own chocolates back home
    NOTE: Participants are to bring their own Tupperware, apron and hand towel. Participants are to provide their full name and IC number to be printed on the certificate.


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  2. Fast & Furious for Four

    Fast & Furious for Four

    Do you have the need for speed? Love motorsport racing and you would like to see if you are cut out for the track? Get 3 of your race junkie friends and get your game on with this go-karting experience.
    Experience the rush of the swift corners or the thrill of having overtaken your friends with excellent driving manoeuvres. Be ready, be competitive and be quick on the track and out race your buddies to earn yourself the bragging rights of being the proven better driver amongst each other.
    This 10 minutes thrill ride in a 80cc go-kart will give you approximately 6-8 laps of race action. After being provided with safety equipment on the day, you and your eager friends are ready to step on the throttle to start racing like never before. So, it is time to put your pedal to the metal and let the Sebastian Vettel in you run free.

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    Code: KCKEFAFF4

  3. Videographer for a Day for Group of 3

    Videographer for a Day for Group of 3

    To those aspiring videographers out there, gone are the days of shaky videos with bad audio and lighting. Now, you are able to get a taste of what it feels to be a professional videographer for a day.
    Improve your video making abilities with a class that will provide you with all the basics of video making and film your videos with guidelines passed down to you by professionals. This experience offers you the chance to learn from professional videographers with over 10 years of industry experience and learn the various topics offered to you. You can only learn so much from articles and videos online. It is time to experience the real thing! This class covers various topics that will ultimately improve your abilities in making videos that are rich, entertaining and presentable.
    During this class, you will learn how to correctly expose your videos and never again will your videos appear too dark or too bright. See what professionals do to create that perfect frame and the formula to compose your subjects in such a way it gets you the look that you want. You will also learn the art of handheld smoothness without a tripod! Shaky videos are a thing of the past once you learn how to get stable, steady shots. Discover the technique of shooting using natural light as well as video lights that will make your subjects stand out even more. Ambience is very important in setting the tone and mood of your video, so learn how to get the perfect colours, be it warm or cool, to set the mood. Lastly, good audio leads to great videos and therefore, it is time you learn how to record crisp and clear speeches or dialogs to cap an amazing video.
    After this class, your videos will no longer look like an amateur video with all the basic techniques learnt during this class. It is time to make videos that looks rich, entertaining and presentable.
    This package includes:
    Guidance from professional videographers with over 10 years of industry experience
    Helping you to familiarise yourselves with your own camcorders
    Various topics on filming videos in a professional manner such as:
            o Proper exposure of light
            o Formula to properly frame your videos
            o Handheld smoothness
            o Shooting with natural and video lights
            o Colour temperature
            o Recording good audio
    Note: Students are required to bring their own camcorders for this experience.


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    Code: KWDVFADFG3

  1. Film Editor for a Day for Group of 3

    Film Editor for a Day for Group of 3

    Always dreamt of becoming a great video editor? Love editing videos into a completely immersive and entertaining video to captivate your audience? Imagine making videos that looks and feel like it was a Hollywood production.
    Immerse yourself in this class that will guide you through the basics of video editing. Learn the skills and obtain the tools of the trait from professionals with over 13 years of industry experience. You can only learn so much from articles and videos online. It is time to experience the real thing! This class covers various topics that will ultimately improve your abilities in editing videos that are rich, entertaining and presentable.
    During this class, you will learn how to import videos from your camcorders in the right file format for ease of editing. Wonder what professional editors do to give their videos a sleek Hollywood quality? Get an insight into how the professionals achieve this through the correct application of colour grading. You will also learn the technique on how to enhance your scenes through the application of video titles and also learn how to cut as well as when is the appropriate moment to cut your videos and scenes. Grab your audiences’ attention with powerful narrations and learn how to add in these voice overs to further enhance your videos. Lastly, give your video a polished feel by completing it with music that will create an immersive watching experience and how to properly make a DVD of your video with the right formats.
    After this class, your videos will no longer look like an amateur video with all the basic techniques learnt during this class. It is time to make videos that looks rich, entertaining and presentable.
    This package includes:
    Guidance from professional video editors with over 13 years of industry experience
    Various topics on editing videos in a professional manner such as:
            o Importing videos from your camcorder
            o Application of colour grading
            o Application of video titles
            o How and when to cut scenes
            o Additions of voice overs
            o Additions of music audios
            o Proper way to make a DVD video
    Note: No prior experience is needed for this class.


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  2. Taste Malaysia for 4 Kids

    Taste Malaysia for 4 Kids

    Do your kids love food as much as you do? Do they aspire to be a master chef? Well, there is no better time to start than when you are young and so start giving your kids the opportunity to groom themselves into future master chefs in this 4 hour cooking experience.
    Known as one of the best academies for young chefs in Kuala Lumpur, Young Chefs Academy is situated in Desa Sri Hartamas and is well prepared to provide all the tools and secrets of the trade to aspiring young chefs in the country. For 4 hours, the kids will immerse themselves in a hands-on cooking experience that will teach them how to cook Malaysian traditional dishes consisting of 1 main dish, 1 side dish and 1 dessert.
    Each of the 3 dishes they will be preparing will be chosen to give a diverse menu each originating from a different state in Malaysia. To further make the experience whole, the kids will participate in activities that help them learn the diverse cultures of Malaysia giving them a better understanding of each local delight they have prepared. Lastly, to commemorate an eventful and memorable day, the kids will be bringing home their very own personalized apron with their names on it.
    To all the junior master chefs and aspiring stars out there, come on over and get a taste of Malaysia like never before. A complete experience offering delights of Malaysia and the rich history of each dish, each kid will leave the academy with a new found appreciation for local dishes and the art.
    This package includes:
    4 hours of hands-on cooking experience
    Learn how to cook traditional Malaysian dishes (1 main, 1 side dish & 1 dessert from 3 different states in Malaysia)
    Malaysia diverse cultural learning activities
    Personalized apron to bring home at the end of the experience
    NOTE: Suitable for kids aged 7 to 17 years old. No prior experience is needed.


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    Code: KYCATMF4K

  3. Kids Baking Class

    Kids Baking Class

    Here is something fun for your child to get into. A kids baking class to keep them occupied while also providing an outlet for creativity. This is a unique experience which offers classes to your child in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity.
    The classes are available every Friday for 1 hour where you child will get a full hands-on baking experience learning kitchen safety, proper food handling and baking techniques. Located in Desa Sri Hartamas, each visit to the acclaimed Young Chefs Academy is a new experience as the themes and recipes change from week to week keeping things fresh for the children. Not only will your child be baking, they will also plunge into knowledge from the basic cognitive subject.
    The staffs are highly trained and qualified teachers, chefs and nutritional experts all looking to make this experience as fun and interactive as it can be developing a life-long love for culinary arts. Each class is designed to make it memorable for the children and you would be surprised to see how your young chef grows in confidence and knowledge as they practice their new found skills.
    Your child will never go bored in any of the classes as each one is a new discovery as they familiarize themselves with various techniques and recipes to make for a vast experience of culinary arts even at a tender age. This is so much more than just a baking class as they learn how to socialize, develop new skills and expand their creativity along the way.
    This package includes:
    1 hour of hands-on baking experience
    Learn kitchen safety, proper food handling and baking techniques
    NOTE: Suitable for kids aged 3 years old and above. No prior experience is needed. Classes available every Friday from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.
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    Code: KYCAKBCI

  1. Father & Son Day Out

    Father  & Son Day Out

    They say we are all King of your own kingdom which is usually our family and of course, we would want nothing but the best for our own Prince. So, take your son out and have a father and son day out to experience grooming like a King and Prince.
    Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barbershop and the best possible grooming services. It serves the distinguished society and to do so there must be an exceptional standard in their practices. 200 years of experience to be exact, is their standard – all those years has seen Truefitt & Hill cater to the exacting standards of gentry until today, when vanity and good grooming are still the essential marks of a true gentleman.
    That is all very charming but what can you expect from this experience? Well, for starters your son will be receiving a Kids Cut that lets your little Prince experience a grown up haircut like no other. One that is so prestigious that your son will no longer shy away from a haircut like they normally do. As for you, be treated like a King with a Spa Pedicure where you can rest your tired feet in a luxurious and purifying foot bath before having your feet pedicured to perfection and nails buffed followed by a skin smoothing massage.
    On top of that, you also get a complimentary shoe shining service that is of the highest order. But what makes this an even more extraordinary experience is that you will be experiencing this in the Duke’s Parlour – a private room fitted with a flat screen television furnished for your ultimate comfort. Enjoy the luxuries of coffee on the house and maybe fancy buying yourself a cigar or two at the Cigar Lounge.
    Setting the standard for men’s grooming, Truefitt & Hill enjoys a reputation as a world-renowned barbershop offering a wide range of treatments and services designed to groom gentlemen to perfection and unparalleled service befitting a King just like you!
    This package includes:
    1x Kids Cut (Under 12 years old for 30 Minutes)
    1x Spa Pedicure (75 Minutes)
    Access to the Duke’s Parlour
    A complimentary shoe shine service
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    Code: KTHFSDOC

  2. Go-Kart Formula One Challenge

    Go-Kart Formula One Challenge

    Enjoy the sport of go-karting but don’t want to do it alone? Come race with your friends and feel the rush of a race driver. This racing adventure will satisfy any need for speed and pit your driving skills against one another.

    A competitive and fun sport for you and your friends to enjoy. It will give you some bragging rights after you out race each of them on the track. Driving a go-kart may seem easy but one will find out first-hand the challenges of a race driver.

    This racing adventure will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour with a 2 stroke engine 80cc go-kart with safety equipment. There will also be race management and timekeeping to show who will clearly be the winner of the race. So, no arguments on who was the better driver there. This entails a 12 minute practice session, 12 minutes of qualifying and 12 laps to race and determine the winner. All in the name of good fun, so be a sport and come with your friends to race!

    NOTE: This package is valid for 1 pax and requires a minimum of 10 pax for the race to proceed.



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    Code: KCKEGKF1CI

  3. 2D/1N Eco Farm Retreat for Group of 10

    2D/1N Eco Farm Retreat for Group of 10

    We all love going for trips and adventure with group of friends. Overdone with Bali or Phuket? Why not do something different this time and you can even save a lot of money without having to pay for flight tickets, expensive hotel stays and what not.

    Or if you are looking for a venue to celebrate a buck/hens/ birthday party - but with a twist - this would be the ideal experience for your group. Forget your luxurious 5 stars hotel stay, flashy travels as this is an experience to be humble, back to basic kind of lifestyle. 

    Sprawled across 260 acres lies the first and only Certified Organic Rice Farm in Malaysia. This unique farm in Johor provides easy, back to basic farmstays, for those who wants to be reunited with life at its simplest form without modern facilities. This farm is a fully integrated agro eco farm with unpolluted river water irrigating the farmland. The best part of all - this farm cultivates and produce genuine, best quality organic rice, vegetables, fruits and herbs and at the same ensuring that they are available at prudent and affordable prices. 

    Amenities in this farmstay is at its most basic level - a simple floating chalet with non-branded mattresses, pilows - surrounded by unpolluted river water. Challenge the group further with a mountain climbing at Gunung Lambak experience. This 4 hour experience will bring you and your group up close and personal with nature most natural flora and fauna. 

    Meals provided are mostly organic - such as organic rice, to locally grown vegetables and their very own Koref reared farm fish. It couldn't get more basic and organic and healthy than this! 

    This experience includes:-

    • 2D/1N stay at the floating chalet 
    • 4 meals : tea break, dinner, breakfast & lunch
    • Mountain climbing at Gunung Lambak for 10 pax with a guide (4 hours) 





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    Code: SKEFR2D1NEFRG10

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