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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. Tandem Trike Paramotor

    Tandem Trike Paramotor

    Love to fly and need a rush of adrenalin? Tandem Trike Paramotor is completely different to any flying escapade you have experienced before. The time is now for you to experience the excitement of taking the sky to uncover one of the best forms of flying.

    Paramotoring, which is also known as “Powered Paragliding” combines motor, propeller, harness and seat, all strapped to a paragliding wing which will help lift you up in air. This experience is suitable for beginners as you will be flying tandem (which means, you do not need to do anything or know anything - all you need to do is sit tight and enjoy the experience), together with an experienced instructor.

    The paramotor can fly up to about 3000 to 4000 feet up in the air, so you can imagine the views within this height! You can choose to do all 3 sorties/runs by yourself or grab your mates along and share the experience together! 

    Go ahead and give this exhilarating experience to someone you know who loves to defy gravity or even to yourself. It’s a great way to set eyes on beautiful surroundings of both land and water and experience how it feels like to be free as a bird! Ready for take off ?

    Note: Minimum of 3 pax or 1 participants to do 3 runs/sorties. Flying season is from April to October.

    Important Note: There will be a 10 % cancellation fee imposed once a booking has been made.


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    Code: PDCTTPI

  2. Ready, Set, Go-Kart!

    Ready, Set, Go-Kart!

    Have a passion for motorsports? Do you have the need for speed? Then it’s time to put your foot on the throttle and pedal to the metal! Have fun go-karting in a safe environment whilst satisfying your need for speed.

    Get a feel of what it is like to race on a track and who knows, maybe you will find a new hidden talent of yours. A quick and easy way to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing experience. No time is wasted as you will start almost immediately after your arrival.

    This 10 minutes thrill ride in a 80cc go-kart will give you approximately 6-8 laps of race action. After being provided with safety equipment on the day, you are ready to step on the throttle to start racing like never before. So, it is time for you to show off your skills and let the Sebastian Vettel in you run free.

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  3. Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Design and Make Your Own Designer Shoes

    Ever dreamt of being a shoe designer but that wasn’t the path you took way back when? It is never too late to realize your dream today! To all the shoe-holic girlies out there, this designing and shoe-making experience will offer you everything you need to know about shoes. Best of all, you will be going through this experience with the guidance of a true shoe-designer in Malaysia. She is known for designing and making stylish yet comfortable designs that screams fabulosity!

    During this experience, you will be spending 4 hours with the shoe designer on learning the ropes on becoming a shoe designer. You will be learning the whole process of making a shoe from (sketching, choosing material, heel design, height etc.) and the designer will be with you every step of the way. The entire process from start to finish will take place at the boutique designed to give you a hands on experience on making your very own pair of shoes!

    At the end of the experience, you are to bring home two pairs of shoes. One of which is ready-made by the designer from her wide array of collection and the other would be the pair that you have personally made and designed. You may collect it at the designer’s shoe boutique upon completion.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Crash course on designing and making a pair of shoe
    •    All shoe-making related materials will be provided
    •    2 pairs of shoes (1 ready-made shoe from collection and 1 designed by you)


    Note: This Experience can only commence from 3.00 pm onwards.

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  1. Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    Mother and Daughter VIP Shoe Experience

    It is time for all the mothers out there to be treated like a queen! After all, they deserve all the praise, care and love for bringing us into the world. We can often find a stylish looking pair of shoes at any walk-in shoe boutiques as many times, it will look good but very often, our feet will have to pay for it later. This is why this experience is perfect for all the mum’s out there to have total faith in looking for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Moreover, it is designer shoes that is hand-made to fit your feet like a second skin so long gone are the days where we are the slaves of the shoes we own. Not forgetting that the daughter will also get to select a pair of shoes from the designer’s collection at the end of this experience.

    During this experience, the shop will be closed to the mother and daughter for one hour on a private shoe shopping. There will be a personal consultation conducted by the designer herself to create the perfect pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes for the mother whilst the customer will also be exposed to a wide array of shoes in the shop.

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Personal consultation by designer.
    •    Mother will be bringing home 2 pairs of designer shoes [one (1) of which is custom made and one (1) from the ready available collection] *it may take 2-3 weeks for completion of custom made shoes.
    •    Daughter will be bringing home one (1) pair of shoes from the ready available collection.

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  2. Magician for a Day for Two

    Magician for a Day for Two

    Let us take you back way back when our parents used to bring us to magic shows or performances. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a magician? We’re pretty sure while you were watching those captivating magic shows, you would be itching to know all the secrets to the illusions that they pull off during a magic show. There will also be a little voice inside you that makes you wonder if they were really wizards or are they all really good tricks that lets your mind believe it’s real.

    Well, no need to wonder any longer for this experience will transform you into the next Malaysian David Copperfield or Houdini!  During this experience, you will be guided by a real magician and he will be bringing you through a crash course and practical ways of learning magic. It will be a hands-on lesson and you will be practicing your tricks and illusions with a real magician. Over a dozen of magic effects will be learnt throughout the course such as utilizing everyday household objects, turning them into tricks!

    The best part of this experience is that once the master magician thinks that you already have what it takes to be a real magician, you will be taken out of the class room and into a public place eg. a bar or  a restaurant to perform your tricks onto people around you! This is to give you an unforgettable experience to be a real magician, performing all the skills and tricks you have learnt to random people just like the ones you see on the telly! Do not worry as you will be under the guidance of the master magician throughout the performance. Now, are you ready to wow the crowd, Houdini?

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Over a dozen of magic tricks to be taught.
    •    All materials required to perform the magic tricks.

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    Code: SCMMFADC

  3. Magic Workshop for a Group of 10

    Magic Workshop for a Group of 10

    It is time to get everyone out of their office desks and experience some fun with magic.  If you have been curious about magic, this is the perfect experience to explore all the secrets and skills that a magician possesses. Also, it will be a great platform to bring everyone closer together away from the working place in a relaxing and fun environment.

    During this experience, you will be guided by a real magician and he will be bringing you through a crash course and practical ways of learning magic. It will be a hands-on lesson and you will be practicing your tricks and illusions with a real magician. Over a dozen of magic effects will be learnt throughout the course such as utilizing everyday household objects, turning them into tricks!

    This experience would be perfect for corporate team building/retreat because magic is fun and entertaining whilst helping us build up our self-confidence. For corporate organizations, magic would be a good tool to strengthen the relationship among co-employees. Also, not forgetting that magic can be an ice breaker for corporate teams who wish to sharpen their interpersonal skill. So, what are you waiting for?

    This package is inclusive of:

    •    Over a dozen of magic tricks will be taught
    •    All materials

    Note: Workshop to be held at the venue of the corporate organization, and additional charges may apply for a rented venue space within Klang Valley.

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    Code: SCMMWFAG10

  1. Italian Glass Bead Making Classes

    Italian Glass Bead Making Classes

    Ever wanted to melt glass and make a bead? This course will give you the experience and confidence in making your very own designer beads. Many students learn glass bead-making for a hobby, add to jewellery skills and just to relax as working at the torch takes you to another time zone.

    During this experience, you will be using a fuelled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and coloured glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with a variety of tools and hand movements. After designing a piece, you plan how to construct it. Once ready to begin, you will slowly introduce glass rod or tubing into the flame to prevent cracking from thermal shock. The glass is heated until molten, wound around a specially-coated steel mandrel, forming the base bead. The coating is an anti-fluxing bead release that will allow the bead to be easily removed from the mandrel. It can then be embellished or decorated using a variety of techniques and materials.

    The creative director and his panel of experienced instructors will guide you into learning the art of making lampwork glass beads with torches, tools as well as sharing lots of amazing bead making tips. After which, you may show it off by matching it with your favourite outfit! Get ready for all the attention that you are going to get!

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  2. Pamper Parties

    Pamper Parties

    There isn’t much that can really excite girls; spa sessions and massages are one of those few. Nothing is more comforting and pampering to girls than having full body massages. This is perfect for a girl’s day out just to pamper you.

    Call your besties and get together for one day to just indulge in a pampering treatment with macaroons or cupcakes coupled with a pot of tea. You and your friends are spoiled with choices from massages to scrubs, steam baths, sauna, Jacuzzi or a manicure and pedicure session.
    A real girl’s day out that is sure to be a memorable one. Especially when you spend it with your besties getting pampered to feeling great and looking fabulous.
    This package includes:
    Female masseurs only
    Choose between macaroons or cupcakes with a pot of tea
    Choose between massages, steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi or a manicure and pedicure session
    Option 1:
    60 minutes massage
    Body scrub
    Option 2:
    90 minutes massage
    Steam bath/sauna/jacuzzi
    Option 3:
    60 minutes massage
    Manicure and pedicure
    Note: Women less than 3 months into their pregnancy are not advised to undergo this massage and any women in pregnancy are not advised to use essential oils.
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    Code: KPOWSPP

  3. Basic Barista Workshop for Group of 4

    Basic Barista Workshop for Group of 4

    This workshop is dedicated to all coffee aficionados. You love your cup of coffee and would like to know more about the different types of beans and its origin. You also would love to try your hands on those expensive looking machine. Then this workshop is definitely for you. What’s more, you can also tag along 3 of your friends with you to join in 4 hours of a productive learning experience.
    You will start the class with a cuppa of illy’s best coffee. The classroom is conducive and the entertaining teacher will get you excited to learn more about coffee making. You will learn about the origins of coffee and how to differentiate between good coffee, over-extracted and under-extracted ones!
    Under the guidance of a Università del caffè teacher, you will be trying your hand at preparing espresso coffee with a professional machine. You’ll soon realise that stepping into the shoes of a barista is far from simple, but it is one of great fun.
    Your experience includes: 
    Inclusive of illy certification
    Experienced teachers from Università del caffè


    • The workshops are only available twice a month and the class requires a minimum of 4 pax to proceed.
    • Not available in the evenings and on Sunadys.


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    Code: NUDCBBWFG4

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