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Singing Telegram 

"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. The Ultimate Flight Simulator Experience- Boeing 737 (60 minutes)

    The Ultimate Flight Simulator Experience- Boeing 737 (60 minutes)

    Experience how it feels to control a massive 737 commercial airliner with a flight simulator experience used by real pilots for training purposes. After a 10 minutes briefing session on safety and the controls by a qualified instructor, it is time for you to take-off from the runway and fly! 

    Choose from a selection of airports to fly between to. Your very own professional guide will help you throughout your experience and will make sure you learn and discover as much as you can about all the control buttons, how to maneuvre and tackle weather conditions to landing the plane. 



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    Code: CSSSTUFSEB73760MI

  2. A Sky Flyer Flight simulator - Boeing 737 (30 minutes) Experience

    A Sky Flyer Flight simulator - Boeing 737 (30 minutes) Experience

    Know someone that has always wanted to know how it feels to fly a plane - and not just any other plane but a real plane, Boeing 737 used by real life pilots? This is the best opportunity to help them realise their life long dream - a flight simulator onboard a Boeing 737! 

    The participant will discover all about the flight controls - from taking off, maneuvering to landing the plane. Your instructor will make sure to answer all the questions you have about Boeing 737. So for those plane fanatics out there, this is one experience you wouldn't want to miss! 


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    Code: CSSSASFFSB73730MEI

  3. The Wedding Balloon

    The Wedding Balloon

    Getting tired and sick of the conventional wedding portraits and the typical decoration items for your big night? Fill up the room with big balloons sized at 36" customised to your wedding theme color. We can personalise your wedding balloon to suit your preference and taste. 

    Standard Wedding Balloon comes with:-

    • 36" balloon (choose from red, black, white, pastel pink, yellow, silver, red, blue, pastel purple) 
    • 3 feet tassels (up to 3 colors of your choice) 
    • 1 or 2 honeycomb lanterns (depending on height of the tassels) 
    • Paper flowers 
    • Satin Ribbon 


    Our big balloon stays afloat up to 8 hours.  Don't throw the tassels away! They are great to recycle - use it decorate your desk,  room or keep it and use it for your next party. They are colorful and will bring colors to any dull room!  


    Note: Upon checking out, kindly choose "email option" as delivery, as price indicated is inclusive of delivery within Klang Valley 

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    Code: SBREDBTWB1

  1. Confetti Balloons

    Confetti Balloons

    Are you a big fan of balloons ? We simply love balloons - and all kinds of balloons! From our giant, massive 36" balloons, foil balloons to confetti balloons; we are simply fascinated with balloons. We are strong believer that balloons will cheer up anyone on anyday. Whether you are looking to send the balloons for a get-well soon, a congratulatory note or even as part of your gift pack for that special occasion - our confetti balloons never fails to bring a big smile to the recipient - or clear up any gloomy day! So go ahead and pop-em soon as you get them to get the most fun of of them.

    Details of our Confetti Balloons:-

    • Clear latex 12" 
    • Filled with confetti of various colors ( colors can be customised to your preference and can be personalised) 
    • 12 units  (helium-filled) 


    Important Note : This balloon is not treated with high float and due to the weight of confetti, balloons can only stay afloat for a maximum duration of 2 - 3 hours as such its best to pop them soon as they arrive.

    Upon checking out, kindly choose "email option" as delivery, as price indicated is inclusive of delivery within Klang Valley.

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    Code: SCB12

  2. Pierced by The Dragonfly

    Pierced by The Dragonfly

    Looking to get your very first piercing ? With something almost as important as getting a tattoo, it is very important your first piercing is done by professional so the experience will be pleasant. Dragonfly Tattoo & Piercing Studio has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and have been providing excellent service to more than thousands of satisfied customers. 

    This experience includes:-

    • 1 x session of piercing (naval, tongue or eyebrow) 
    • Accesory for the pierce
    • 1  x complimentary coffee / soft drink at the Cafe 
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  3. Kumdo 101

    Kumdo 101

    Kumdo as according to Wikipedia is a modern Korean martial art proceeding from Japanese Kendo. Kumdo which means "the way of the sword" is a widely accepted Korean culture. Although Kumdo is very much related or similar to Japanese Kendo, minor differences exist between these two martial arts. Differences includes but not limited to the use of native terminology, choice of colors of flags for referee and minor modification to the uniforms. 

    Kumdo is a unique Korean sword martial art developed from the ancient elite warrior class who dedicated their lives to the study of martial arts and the protection of their country - the techniques are a modern adaptation of sword techniques and other Korean martial arts. The techniques and movements are dynamic, beautiful with a balance of speed, power and accuracy aligned with one's body, mind and spirit. 

    Our trainers are very experienced with up to 7 years of experience in the field of Kumdo. You will learn the basics of Kumdo, self defence moves and most importantly the discipline of Kumdo. 


    This experience Includes: 

    • 1 Training session per week (4 sessions)
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    Code: CSMKKDK101I

  1. Belly Dancing Telegram

    Belly Dancing Telegram

    So you have picked up the perfect gift for that special someone but you now need to make sure that the gift is being delivered to the recipient's door step with the right impact. Whilst we can deliver our gift pack with our signature balloons and/or bespoke balloons, you may also be looking for that little extra punch and something truly memorable for that special recipient. 

    So we decided to bring the delivery fun a notch higher and package this truly memorable and flamboyant or rather outlandish belly dancing telegram. Imagine the look of excitement on the recipient's face when your gift arrives at the recipient's door step with a belly dancer - dancing away to your chosen songs suitable for the recipient! 

    This experience includes:

    • 1 belly dancer (dance to 3 songs)
    • Location is within Klang Valley only 
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  2. Kuriya Taster Menu for Two

    Kuriya Taster Menu for Two

    Located on the 3rd floor of the most prominent shopping centre in Bangsar, BSC, lies a Japanese restaurant that will not only welcome you with the warmest reception but also serves you the most scrumptious Japanese cuisine in KL. The interior of the restaurant is modern, yet exude a certain authentic Japanese vibes. 

    Before you are spoilt with the options of dishes here, you will most probably be spoilt choices on where to sit and dine for your experience! You can choose to either sit inside by the bar, in the cozy tatami room or outside on the terrace. 'Kuriya' also means 'aristocratic kitchen'  - found only in the homes of the nobles; it is also the place where dishes are prepared for important guests. 

    The restaurant housed a chef hailed from Tokyo with 24 years of experience behind him. The restaurant also have an open kitchen concept which allows patrons to watch the masterful chefs at work while dining. Freshness of produce are almost guarateed as they are flown in from Japan twice a week. 

    So if you know of someone that deserves a truly authentic Japanese dining experience or simply love their Japanese cuisines, this is one dining experience perfect as a gift for any occasion! 

    This experience includes (for two) : 

    • Zensai (Appetiser)
    • Otsukuri(Sashimi)
    • Chawamushi (Steam Egg)
    • Main
    • Makimono or Sushi 
    • Dessert 
    • Also includes a Pre dinner drink, Apperitif, Palate cleanser, Wine, Digestive  



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    Code: SKKTMC

  3. Celebrity Hair Make Over with Shaun Yap

    Celebrity Hair Make Over with Shaun Yap

    When someone with great talent/skills meet another one that is looking for new challenges in life - a new business idea was born. Putting their heads and skills together, Marion Caunter & Shaun Yap brings to life a hair salon aptly named "HairPlay". 

    Shaun Yap is incredibly talented with his skills and he can most definitely transform any dull plain looking hair looking like a million bucks! So if you know of someone that is desperate need of a hair makeover, this experience will be worthy and you can be assured that you are in good hands of the experts. 

    This experience includes:-

    • 90 minutes hair make over 
    • 1 wash & 1 cut by Shaun Yap 
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