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"Greetings! It was a great experience and Mr. Wilson was a great instructor...he was very friendly and very alert...A great experience and would certainly go for it again" - Melvin 

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  1. Children Fun Filled Jewellery Making Workshop

    Children Fun Filled Jewellery Making Workshop

    Is your child a little bit of art protégé? Got a little Leonardo da Vinci in their blood? Then help foster that creativity and ingenuity in them by opening up a channel for which they can get really creative with their imaginations. Who knows, they might just turn out to be the next big thing to hit the fashion world.

    Gather a mini-squadron of 4 little art protégés and let them have at it for 2 hours choosing and making exactly what they want. Not only will they learn how to make jewellery but the class will also help improve their fine motor skills such as grasping and manipulation of objects, improve their visual perception and hand-eye coordination skills, planning and calculating thought processes. With a goal of constructing something beautiful, the end result is as rewarding for them as the effort put forth and having created their own masterpieces they must be teeming with confidence and self-esteem; traits we all wish for them to acquire.

    To not distract the little geniuses at work as much as possible, we will be providing them with all the tools and materials so they can be doubly-focused on the task at hand. Come the end of the session these protégés will have created their own handmade necklace, bracelet and bangle.

    This package includes:

    • 2 hours jewellery making session
    • All tools and materials provided
    • Kids will bring home their own handmade necklace, bracelet and bangle

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  2. A Stan & Brew Roast Coffee Experience

    A Stan & Brew Roast Coffee Experience

    What is it with coffee houses that we just enjoy spending time there? Regardless of us spending it there with friends or a good book, we just enjoy it. So what is it that makes a coffee house THE place we think of when looking to have a relaxing day? That is aside from wanting some good coffee of course.

    With the entire craze about coffee houses right now, we are spoilt for choices but this is more of a prevailing topic in Kuala Lumpur and not so much Ipoh. That though is about to change as Ipoh is following suit and the first of many being Stan & Brew Roast Coffee. A coffee house is like a house with the added advantages of having good coffee and food readily available. Much like a house, Stan & Brew is as comforting as any other home with a clever play on decorations and design to give just the right ambience be it for a social gathering or just some alone time with a good book. That is just one half of it though, with the aromas of coffee beans being brewed almost instantaneously captivating your senses to step in and order up a cup.

    Now, you have the ambience and the coffee but what completes the experience is of course some delicious food. That too Stan & Brew has in spades but in the event you are not sure of what to order, you can always just “Play Along” and get yourself a lamb chop. No, seriously the lamb chop is called “Play Along” and frankly, just playing along to your meal of the day turning out to be a lamb chop doesn’t sound bad in any way. A mountain of well-marinated lamb chops; delicious and lightly greasy lamb chop staring at you is not a bad way to spend the day.

    Grab a friend (and a book, if you’d like) and spend the day relaxing in the most comforting house that isn’t yours sipping on excellent coffee and food – they say enjoy the simple pleasures of life and that you are doing my friend!


    This package includes:

    • You and your friend to order any food and beverages from the a-la-carte menu worth up to RM110.00 (exclusive of service charges)


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  3. The Ultimate at Home Kids Spa Party Experience

    The Ultimate at Home Kids Spa Party Experience

    Introducing the ultimate at home kids spa party experience, yes it is no exaggeration when we say ultimate. This experience is specifically catered for a kid’s party that brings with it the whole shebang and the best part, all of this is done within the comforts of your own home.

    Why go out when you can have yourself a wonderfully amazing spa party that promises everything you want and need? The little princesses will be treated by our professionals to a mini manicure, mini pedicure, a relaxing foot bath & scrub, a revitalising face mask & cucumber eye mask, a hand & foot massage and lastly a make-up makeover because why shouldn’t they look just like real life princesses. You get what you pay for and in this instance that is THE ultimate at home kids spa party experience

    By the end of the experience, they will not only feel great but look just as good too – silky smooth skin, beautiful nails and the confidence to match it.


    This package includes:

    • Mini manicure
    • Mini pedicure
    • Foot bath and scrub
    • Face mask and cucumber eye mask
    • Hand and foot massage
    • Make-up makeover


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  1. The Bath Project For Kids

    The Bath Project For Kids

    Kids will be kids and love to get their hands dirty, to get hands-on with whatever they are doing so why not grant them that wish. Put their energy and creativity to get use by bringing them to a beauty bar workshop to learn the basics of how beauty products are made.

    Consider this a different form of art that kids can get into that is just as rewarding as your conventional art classes. Using only natural ingredients spend 60 minutes to make their very own all-natural beauty product. Products range from making a soap to shower gel, lotion and body butter. With all the ingredients and materials provided, child friendly and safe as well, along with a professional; your kids will have a unique experience of making their own beauty products which they can then peruse after the workshop.

    Art workshops are known to help develop creativity and this is no exception albeit art in a different manner. Nonetheless, we assure you that your kids will have a blast making their own beauty products just the way they like it.


    This package includes :

    • DIY class of beauty products using natural ingredients
    • A choice of TWO of the following topics to focus on
    o DIY Soap
    o DIY Shower Gel
    o DIY Lotion
    o DIY Body Butter

    NOTE: All materials are completely kid friendly and safe. We also accept suggestions for other forms of beauty products to be made. Check with our Pleasure Team Consultant for more varieties.

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  2. Project Bath Works for Group of 10 Kids

    Project Bath Works for Group of 10 Kids

    Are your kids bursting with energy, creativity and confidence? Why not help them channel that energy into something beneficial, namely a DIY workshop with her friends on the process of making beauty products? This might even spark her interest enough to set her on a path to becoming the next Anita Roddick.

    Using materials that are kid friendly and safe along with a professional, your children are in safe and fun hands for the duration of the experience. The workshop will detail the steps of producing a choice of two products from a list of four – a choice of either the bath salts, body scrub, massage oil or face mask. These products will be made entirely from natural ingredients and of course, there are many more choices but upon advise and with added cost.

    We do also welcome your suggestions on any particular beauty product you would like to learn how to make so don’t be shy now! Regardless, this workshop promises to not only be a fun experience but also an eye-opening one for all who are interested in one day becoming the next Anita Roddick.


    This package includes:

    DIY class of beauty products using natural ingredients.
    Choose any of the TWO following topics to focus on:

    • DIY Bath Salts
    • DIY Body Scrub
    • DIY Massage Oil
    • DIY Face Mask


    NOTE: All materials are completely kid friendly and safe. We also accept suggestions for other forms of beauty products to be made. Check with our Pleasure Team Consultant for more varieties.


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  3. A Mobile SPA Party Fit for a Princess

    A Mobile SPA Party Fit for a Princess

    Your daughter is having a slumber party and you don’t exactly have the time to take them out for a pampering mani-pedi any time soon. Rather than making the troublesome journey out for their mani-pedi party, wouldn’t you rather just have them do it at home?

    Have our expert manicurists drop by your place and carry out a pampering kid’s spa party. Your daughter and 3 of her friends will be able to enjoy treatments of a mini manicure, mini pedicure and a foot bath and scrub for each of them. No need for the commute out or looking after your daughter and friends when you are all in the comfort of home.

    That being said, it is time to get comfortable and just enjoy the experience as our expert manicurists work their magic on those pretty nails.


    This package includes either one of the below options:

    Option 1 :                                                                                                                                                                                       

    • Mini manicure

    • Mini pedicure

    • Foot bath & scrub


    Option 2

    (This service is suitable for kids between 9-13 years old. Not advisable for kids below 9 years old.)                                                                                                                                                                                   

    • Foot bath & scrub                                                                                                                                                        

    • 30 minute Fullbody Massage


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  1. An Occasion to Celebrate

    An Occasion to Celebrate

    It isn’t often that we have an occasion to celebrate so when we do, it helps and comforts us to know that there is a nifty little “hauz” to go to for celebrations. Peruse of the space afforded by Monster in the Hauz and have every little detail taken care of.

    Details such as having a buffet style menu with 7 dishes to choose from as well as 2 choices of drinks ranging from juice to tea, cordial drinks and sweet soup ensure that you will only need to bring your appetite and enthusiasm for a great time here. Lastly, you can’t have a celebration without themed decorations so be sure to let us know early enough of what look you’re going for in this party.

    At times, less is more and this is the same in this case because the less you have to worry about, the more you find it an enjoyable time with friends. Therefore, why burden yourself with the petty planning rather than having the monsters in the “hauz” put everything in place for you.


    This package includes:

    • Buffet style with 7 dishes
    • 2 types of drinks served (1 juice/tea/cordial drink and sweet soup)
    • Themed decorations based on request and availability


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  2. A Surprise Party Experience for Group of Ten

    A Surprise Party Experience for Group of Ten

    Planning a surprise party for a friend can be a tough thing to do – having to not only do all the planning but also the inviting, the ordering of food and of course, decorations before having to clean up. Instead you could just have us do it for you!

    Banners, flowers, food, decorations, drinks and finally a cake if there is a birthday to celebrate – all the mainstays of a surprise birthday party will be taken care of. Just bring your friends and enjoy yourself like you would in your own home minus the cleaning up. Now, when we say like you would in your own home we do mean it. Simplistic interior designs and decorations make the place look as homely as possible.

    So really, all you have to do is just call us up and let us know what you want. Grilled pork burgers, spagheti and fine wine to entertain not just the unsuspecting birthday person but also their friends.


    This package includes:

    • Banner
    • Flowers
    • Cake
    • Themed decoration based on request and availability
    • 2 bottles of wine
    • Food


    Important Note: This experience is available on Monday to Saturday from 12.00pm – 11.00pm and is closed on Sundays.

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    Code: KHASPEFGO10

  3. A Kids Spabuloso Spa Party for Group of 5

    A Kids Spabuloso Spa Party for Group of 5

    Kids, they grow up so fast these days and before long, your daughter will be asking you to take her to a spa to be pampered like a lady should. Where exactly do you take her though for such an experience? Think no further than a spabuloso spa party for your daughter and her friends.

    Kick off the party with some welcome tea beverages (especially in this hot weather) before commencing their pamper treatment of a lime foot soak, an invigorating shoulder and back massages, mini manicure session and lastly, a DIY plaster of Paris clay making session. The party doesn’t end there though as snacks will be served with a choice of nuggets, hotdogs, Milo or cupcakes.

    Now, what is a party without some crazy fun picture taking opportunities right? So whip those cameras and start snapping away at the stars of the evening to cap off a memorable evening with friends.


    This package includes:

    • Lime foot soak
    • 30 minutes of shoulder and back massage
    • Mini manicure
    • DIY plaster of Paris clay making session


    Sample Itinerary:

    5.00pm – Arrival & welcome tea beverages
    5.30pm – Treatment begins
    8.00pm – Snack (Nuggets, hotdog, Milo or cupcakes)
    9.30pm – Picture taking session
    10.00pm – End of experience

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