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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

Singing Telegram 

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  1. Of Prosecco, Cupcakes and Shoes Affair

    Of Prosecco, Cupcakes and Shoes Affair

    Looking for something different yet exciting to do this coming weekend with your girlfriends? Or are you looking for something unique to do for your hens’ day out? Pamper and indulge yourself - with a day of shopping coupled with prosecco and cupcakes!

    You and your friends will be treated like a VIP over the duration of your experience! You will get your very own stylist who will give you all the pointers and tips about shoes! You and your friends will have the whole shop to yourselves – the shop will be closed to public and made exclusively for you and your friends. Kick-start the experience with a glass of prosecco – your stylist will then give you some advice and tips on shoes – and what types of shoes suits you best. You may wish to walk around the store yourself looking for the perfect shoes or anything else that cathes your eye to buy within the RM300 voucher value – or if that sounds tiring for you, then make the most out of this VIP experience by putting up your feet, sip prosecco, devour cupcakes and leaf through a magazine while your stylist hunt down the perfect shoes for you to try on. You’ll each have a RM300 voucher to spend!

    Shoe shopping with friends has never been so much fun!

    Perfect for the ultimate girls-day-out or part of a hens night out experience!

    Package Includes :

    1. 1 Personal Stylist for your group.
    2. Store to be closed for an hour as this is a private session
    3. Each customer will have RM 300 voucher to spend including GST.
    4. Prosecco and
    5. Cupcakes



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  2. High Ropes Little Kids Adventure for Group of 10

    High Ropes Little Kids Adventure for Group of 10

    Organise one of the most exciting school field trip and treat the little ones to an adventure they have always dreamt of! This adventure enables them to tackle varying types of high and low rope element courses. Whether it is climbing, walking through the canopy walk, swinging or gliding from tree to tree- they are sure to get a kick out of it! The kids will get a chance to go through 15 adventure challenges with various levels of difficulty from easy to difficult.

    This course is specifically designed for kids to develop agility, hand and eye coordination, as well as tests themselves to the balancing act. The plus point? The activities are carried out within one of the largest agricultural park in the world- which allows them to discover first hand of National Geographic brought to live rather than have them read about it in textbooks!

    They will be at the watchful eye of our team of experts -guiding them through every aspect of Personal Protective Equipment Procedure and ensuring their safety with the usage of safety harness and belay protocols.

    Grant them the gift of self-discovery while feeding their minds on nature’s diversity!

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    Code: SAHRLKAG10

  3. High Ropes Big Thrill Family Adventure for Four

    High Ropes Big Thrill Family Adventure for Four

    Gather your troops and challenge yourselves to an outdoor high ropes adventure. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of tackling 23 varying types of high and low rope element courses.

    Have a go at this adventure as you glide through the canopy from treetop to treetop. Fly with the birds and slither through the rainforest along a series of flying fox cables. Stand and wonder at the many levels of the ancient forest on viewing platforms high on towering trees.

    Familiarise yourselves with our ‘Bunny Trail Circuit’ as it is a great prep-up before you venture into the great unknown of the Big Thrill- consisting activities such as ‘Bermuda Triangle’, ‘Wobble Trouble’ and ‘Wild Revenge’.

    Whether it is swinging upside down, finding your balance on a high beam or walking across cable bridges - prepare yourself as you will be left screaming at the top of your lungs in exhilaration!

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    Code: SAHRBTAF4

  1. High Ropes Big Thrill Adventure for Group of 10

    High Ropes Big Thrill Adventure for Group of 10

    Take part in one of the best high rope courses in Malaysia with this challenging team bonding experience! We have everything from climbing ladder, high wires, balancing bridges, flying fox and a whole lot more! This activity is perfect to get your work mates out of their comfort zone.

    The rope course begins by facilitating the team challenges at ground level and safety procedure briefing. Participants are required to learn about Personal Protective Equipment before commencing the team activity. This eases your team into the course and adds value by letting them areas of concern. This also helps the team discover management skills and cooperating to meet objectives.

    Teamwork and communication becomes essential component for the group in order to excel in this team problem solving event. Participants are bound to discover some of the traits within them that they never knew they had!

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    Code: SAHRBTAG10

  2. Little Pampered Princess Birthday for Group of 8

    Little Pampered Princess Birthday for Group of 8

    Throw your pampered little one a bash worthy of socialites complete with a guest list of mini moguls at our specialised beauty and spa boutique. These half pint celebrities will be ultimately spoiled with our customised head-to-toe makeover carried out by our highly qualified spa therapists.

    Upon arrival at our spa facility, all 8 young ladies will be invited to slip into cute little “SPArty” robes as they kick off their shoes and socks, while their personal massage therapists begin to work their magic.

    The little divas have an option to choose from one of the following packages below:

    Party Princess
    Includes a ‘Fantasy Facial’ which consists of a chocolate face mask, a mini face massage, and fresh sliced cucumber for those tired eyes. On top of that, a ‘Princess Flower Bath’ overflowing with deliciously fizzy bath bubbles and freshly handpicked flowers. Plus, a ‘Manigirl’ and ‘Pedilady’ session at their very own Spa Station equipped with petals soak, nail buffers, sparkly nail stickers, and girly lacquer, along with hand and feet massages.

    Glamour Girl
    Includes a ‘Fantasy Facial’ which consists of a chocolate face mask, a mini face massage, and fresh sliced cucumber for those tired eyes. Plus, a ‘Manigirl’ and ‘Pedilady’ session at their very own Spa Station equipped with petals soak, nail buffers, sparkly nail stickers, and girly lacquer, along with hand and feet massages. To top it off, a makeup makeover session is provided for each ‘glamazon’ by our therapists.

    Definitely a birthday party with a difference which will be the talk of her friends! Go ahead and give your little loved one and her friends an experience she will remember for years to come.

    NOTE: This experience is not available on Wednesdays.


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    Code: DSSLPPBG8

  3. Head Massage for Group of Four

    Head Massage for Group of Four

    Go ahead grab three other friends or family members and take some time off from your busy schedule to experience a massage which relieve tensions and restore clarity. A perfect pick-me-up during the week! Alternatively, this experience can be perfect for a girl’s or hen’s day out or even a buck’s day out – what better way to end the outing day! Let us help you get that heavy feeling out of your head with this 40 minutes relaxing head massage – where you’ll fall head over heels with!

    Release the pressure and tension as our masseuse uses pressure point massage on your head, scalp and neck to help improve blood flow and relieve tense muscles. This experience is a great gift for those who work in the office and sit in front of the PC the whole day or for those who just wants to clear their head.

    Go ahead and take a 60 minutes break from your daily routine for this quick and simple stress-relieving experience that’s effective.

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    Code: SRHMG4

  1. Makeup Workshop for Corporate Groups

    Makeup Workshop for Corporate Groups

    Need to revamp on the outlook of your female employee? This is the perfect experience for your company secretaries and employees. This is a half day session that will give your staff the insight to a perfect makeup. No more thick foundation that melts when they are out there doing sales, no more scary eye shadow colors and no more smudging mascara. Corporate makeover is an excellent way to make your employee feel good about themselves, better personality and bring up their level of confidence.

    This corporate makeup workshop is simple and does not take up too much of their time. For a half day session, this workshop can take place during the weekends or anywhere between the weekdays. These modules are tailor-made, depending upon what the organisation seeks to achieve.

    Our makeup guru will equip your employee with the right makeup techniques to enhance their overall look, which indirectly will boost their confidence level. It is critical for employees to not just look their best but also project the right image for the company.

    Session time:-

    • 10.00am to 1.00pm
    • 2.00pm to 5.00pm


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    Code: SCMWFCG20

  2. Hand Reflexology for Four

    Hand Reflexology for Four

    Grab three other friends or family members to give your hands that extra attention and pampering! Give your hands a calming touch with our hand reflexology experience. For those who are uncomfortable with foot reflexology, hands reflexology is a great alternative which provides the same benefits as foot reflexology. Give your hands a break with a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.

    Hand reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the hand with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect to specific organs and glands in the body. Practitioners believe that stimulating those reflex points promotes health in that organ via the body's energetic pathways.

    This treatment is a great pick-me-up during the week which definitely helps relieve stress and tension. All of you can sit back and relax as our skilled masseuse work on your tired hands. This is bound to be pure bliss for your delicate hands!

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    Code: SRHRG4

  3. Paintball Adventure for Group of 10

    Paintball Adventure for Group of 10

    Arm the troops for a paintball adventure in a rugged battlefield! Equipped with 400 paintballs per person, paintball marker (semiautomatic paintball gun) and a face mask, you and your troops will storm the terrain commando-style in search of your enemy, testing your wits, strategy, stealth and while having lots of fun!

    Throughout the day you will play approximately 7 – 8 games (depending on start time) on a specially designed paintball field with inflated obstacles and take cover points. Our team of paint balling experts will first brief you on the necessities from safety procedures, equipment usage to tactical manoeuvres and even sparing some pointers to further enhance your game. All the group of you have to do is dodge and “Eliminate”!

    Paintball provides a thrilling day for people from all walks of life. It’s a novel idea for buck’s or hen’s parties, social club days, product launches, corporate events and birthday parties. Otherwise, it’s just a great excuse to spend a fun day out in the open air!


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    Code: TAPG10

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