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"To the Management of Red Ribbon Day.TQ so much for providing the wonderful Singing Telegram experience.Last night they sang so well!! The birthday 'Doctor' was so happy..I would like to thank Alvin & the singer for bearing with a bit of delay on our side and the circumstamces of the hospital!
ONCE AGAIN TQ SO MUCH. I really look forward to celebrate more occasions with your services♥♡♥"

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  1. Floral Arrangement Fun for Group of 10

    Floral Arrangement Fun for Group of 10

    Thinking of having a day out with your family or friends doing something unique and fun? Why not spend 3 hours creating your own bouquet of flowers and arranging it all by your very own hands? This class for 10 will present to you the most basic of lessons on flower arrangement and designing that will give you an insight into a florist’s day.
    Everyone loves flowers especially when they are surprised by it and the beautiful colours and scent will help brighten anybody’s day. They say the best gives are the ones that are made from scratch by the sender themselves, so instead of buying a bouquet of flowers why not show them how much you care by putting it together yourself. This 3 hour class will run you through how to make flower arrangements using fresh and artificial flowers from designing and arranging it to be a table decoration to a hand bouquet. Top it off with a beautiful ribbon intricately tied around the flowers to make it that much more pretty. Then, to show for your newly acquired skill, you and your friends can bring home your very own creation to be given as a gift or as a decoration in your home.
    Like most companies, this florist started from humble beginnings and through hard work and determination successfully grown into one of the finest florist’ in the country. Renowned for a reputation of excellence on the highest level, this florist boasts a list of clientele serving as proof that you will be getting professional and experienced instructors on the art of floral designs and arrangements.
    A great experience that one can’t get to try out and learn every day, this package offers a unique insight into a florist’s life and you might just like it so much that you start your own business with it. After all, who doesn’t love flowers and it is a beautiful thing to be around flowers all day, every day!
    This package includes:
    Class on fresh flower table arrangements, artificial table arrangements, hand bouquet
    Learn ribbon tying and design
    All materials will be provided
    NOTE: Classes won’t be available 2 weeks before Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.


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    Code: KTOEFAFFG10

  2. Chic & Contemporary Dining for Group of 4

    Chic & Contemporary Dining for Group of 4

    Do you love all things chic and contemporary? How about a chic and contemporary dining experience with your friends? Sri Lankan cuisine is a rare one even in Malaysia and that is what makes this package so great! Enjoy the unique taste of Sri Lanka in a stylish and modern restaurant that draws its equal of stylish and diverse crowds eagerly making their way here.
    Set in the area of Plaza Damansara, the restaurant carries a mosaic of colours and decors – an ambience of relaxation and calmness that makes for a great rendezvous for an evening of delectable dining. This gastronomic experience will take you and your friends on a journey of discovery of just why exactly is Sri Lankan cuisine so unique and highly regarded the world over.
    Enjoy from delicious Sri Lankan tapas to feasting on rare Sri Lankan crabs. Now, a chic and contemporary dining experience wouldn’t be complete without a wee bit of whiskey thus, indulging in the largest collection of single malt whiskeys in Malaysia. From red chili style Tamil curries with tamarind and bountiful gravy from the north, to drier Sinhalese curries characterized by black pepper, coconut oil, and goraka (a sun dried fruit with a hint of sourness) from the south.
    Seeing as you will be with 3 of your friends, obviously you would want to enjoy as many dishes as possible and this is exactly what you will be getting. Order anything off the a la carte menu for up to RM320 collectively and you will get the chance to taste the diversity of Sri Lankan cuisine. The unique and complex cuisine of Sri Lanka will surely tantalise your taste buds and senses.
    Spoilt with unique and rare choices coupled with intoxicating ambience, your taste buds and senses are sure to be tantalised. So, what are you waiting for? Explore extravagant flavours in an elegant environment.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM320 (including GST and service charges)
    NOTE: Open daily from 12.00pm to 1.00am.


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  3. Private Dining at Little Korea for 4

    Private Dining at Little Korea for 4

    Celebrating a birthday pretty soon? Looking for the perfect place for a family or friends gathering? This package offers you and your family or friends to indulge in great food, comfortable surroundings and good company giving you a little piece of Korea.
    Upon your entrance into this cute little place, you and your group will be greeted by a homely ambience with decorations adorning the restaurant bringing with it a little bit of enchantment. Get a mouthful of authentic Korean food while dining in your very own private room that ensures that you and your family or friends get all the privacy you are looking for – perfect for a quiet little celebration with only the closest to you.
    Contrary to the name, ‘Little Korea’ is not so little after all when it comes to the portions of their food and you can be guaranteed a full stomach once you are done indulging here. Basically, you and your group are entitled to order anything off the menu worth up to the denomination of your voucher. This helps avoid the issue of having a set meal that is not quite to your liking, you simply just pick whatever it is you would like or want to try.
    So, if you are planning a celebration or gathering over here, you will be guaranteed an absolutely lip-smacking taste of Korea. There are few places that offer a more authentic and delicious Korean dining experience than Little Korea.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM300
    Dine in your own private room
    Complimentary Korean pancake will be served during a birthday party (Verification will be required)
    NOTE: Any access of RM300 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day. This is a non-halal restaurant.
     Note: This price is inclusive of GST and service taxes
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    Code: KLKPDALKF4

  1. Unbuckle! At My Elephant

    Unbuckle! At My Elephant

    One of the great past times of the country is to head over to a restaurant with your friends and just catch up on things while enjoying delicious meals. One of the favourite places to go to is undoubtedly My Elephant where friends can unbuckle and enjoy the company of each other. Authentic Thai cuisine only for the most devout of eaters, My Elephant has garnered praise for never disappointing with its authentic Thai cuisines.
    The ambience of this restaurant is much like a fusion café; with a modern touch, predominant shades of monochrome being the theme. Simple yet neat and comfortable, the restaurant carries with it dim lightings and quirky furnishings that all adds to the comfort of dining.
    Enjoy any item off the a la carte menu for up to RM500. This gives you and your friends a great amount of flexibility and freedom in choosing what entices you the most. You can order various items and share it among your friends to get a complete explosion of flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. While you are there, we suggest you order the crowd favourite duck curry with lychee and dragon fruit. A dish that seamlessly blends authentic Thai flavours with a healthy twist.
    With the freedom of choice, an array of authentic Thai cuisine, great company and a relaxing ambience; you will be assured of a great night out with your friends filled with joy and laughter.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM500 including GST and service charges.
    NOTE: Any excess of RM500 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.


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    Code: KMEUAME

  2. Petaling Street Heritage Food Walk for 2

    Petaling Street Heritage Food Walk for 2

    Visiting Kuala Lumpur for the first time and you want to taste something great in a foreign place but you don’t know where or rather you have no clue what it is to try? Or maybe you have tried it before but just don’t know what it is that you tried? Maybe you have heard of Petaling Street or maybe you haven’t but regardless of it, take this opportunity to head on over to Petaling Street to experience the heritage food walk.
    Petaling Street is a street in the heart of Kuala Lumpur famed for its great food. This street market is filled to capacity and often serves as an important journey for tourist and locals alike in discovering the cultures of the country’s past as well as present. Petaling Street goes by many names such as China Town and ‘Chee Cheong Kai’ named after the introduction of the noodles known as ‘Chee Cheong Fun’. The street welcomes its visitors with two large Chinese arches with a signage of the famed street’s name on both ends of it and is covered throughout with a green roof cover now dubbed the ‘Green Dragon’. Regarded as a heritage site of the country, the street is completely pedestrianized meaning the entire street is used for shoppers to walk on without the disruption of vehicles passing through.
    If you are looking to see the city of Kuala Lumpur, there is no better way to start it than to take a heritage food walk through Petaling Street. Come and discover Petaling Street with us and explore the small alleys where hawkers and small restaurants have been selling their dishes for decades.
    During this walk, you will get an understanding of the different types of food and the traditions related to them. You will get to taste a selection of delicious local delights such as the national favourite Char Kuey Teow (Stir Fried Rice Noodles) and Yong Tau Fu (vegetables with freshly stuffed fish paste, local seasonal fruits and pastries). Also, you will explore the world of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and its herbal properties, and refresh yourself with a sample of herbal tea. What else you can expect during this walk is you will get a glimpse of our local produce from vegetables to various selections of seafood and poultry.
    Additional to this Petaling Street experience, you will get the chance to see the heritage buildings, shopping and to relax in one of the oldest kopitiam (a local coffee shop) with its delicious local brew the Liberica bean coffee.
    It can be quite daunting to traverse through the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur without the proper knowledge of your surroundings and as such, you will be provided a tour guide to take you through the busy streets of Petaling Street. This helps ensure that you get the best experience of Petaling Street and sample only the best that Petaling Street has to offer.
    The street is always crowded with not only tourists but locals as well. So, come join us for a walk in Petaling Street and eat till your stomach and heart’s content! Overall, the whole Petaling Street experience!
    This package includes:
    A guide to take you through the famed Petaling Street
    Food and beverages introduced as part of the food walk
    NOTE: Experience starts from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Any additional purchases outside of what is provided by this package are to be paid by you and are not included in the price of this package.
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    Code: KSEPSHFWF2

  3. Farm to Plate for 4 (Penang)

    Farm to Plate for 4 (Penang)

    Have you ever wanted to visit farm here in Malaysia? There is no better way to visit it other than here in Penang. Our farm is inside a really beautiful countryside. Nearby our farm, there are fishing village, fruit farm and plenty other places that will really give you that 'kampung' feeling.
    The experience starts with a round of introdution to our local produce (mainly vegetables) in a local farm. After you have been introuduced with them, you may harvest them and guess what? You shall use them for your own cooking experience! The cooking experience will take place in a farm, what a cosy feeling! Our guide will be making sambal (Chili and shrimp paste), rempah (curry paste) and rempah ikan (stuffed fish with spices), mmm yummy!
    Malaysia’s reputation as a diverse and vibrant country especially when it comes to food is one that is well-known but you will only know what it means by trying. So what are you waiting for? Come discover, learn, smell, taste and feel it yourself! Truly a nice experience!
    NOTE: This experience is available on last Saturday in every month
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    Code: KSEFTPF4

  1. RM400 A Li Yaa Dining Experience

    RM400 A Li Yaa Dining Experience

    The Sri Lankan people are known for their ingenuity in culinary arts, a culturally unique experience that opens your mind to a whole new world of gastronomic excellence. Gone are the days when you and your friends crack your heads thinking of what to eat and where to go because you can now explore extravagant flavours in an elegant environment.
    This package takes you and your friends on a journey through Ceylon Island cuisines served up in the intoxicating ambiance of the restaurant located in Plaza Damansara. The modern black, white and grey themed decors of the restaurant compliments the uniquely spiced creations served from a kitchen of experienced and talented cooks. Now, you have the place locked down but you still have to think of what to order. However, instead of being confined to ordering just 1 dish as usual, you and your friends can now sample various dishes. Yes, you can order anything off the menu for up to RM400 giving you the ultimate flexibility in choice.
    That being said, the people of Sri Lanka make a mean crab curry and this is a must-order for anyone dining in the beautiful restaurant of A Li Yaa. There is no better way to savour authentic Ceylon Island cuisines prepared in real Sri Lankan spices than to feast on rare Sri Lankan crab curry. The Sri Lankan mud crabs are flown in live ensuring only the freshest ones being served up. The crabs are slathered in thick masala sauce that is spicy and delicious. These crabs are also some of the meatiest crabs you can find in the city so wait no more and feast away on them. By the end of the night, treat yourselves to a drink from a wide array of colours poured behind a bar stocking the largest single malt whiskey collection in Malaysia.
    Unforgettable food, a massive collection of single malt whiskeys coupled with a tastefully decorated restaurant in modern black, white and grey theme – this a Sri Lankan delight for anyone looking to taste the flavours of Sri Lanka.
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM400
    NOTE: Open daily from 12.00pm to 1.00am. Government tax and service charges will also be charged into your RM400 voucher and any access of RM400 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.
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  2. Mexican Dining Experience – RM200

    Mexican Dining Experience – RM200

    Are you all about experiencing the various foods of the world? How about experiencing the flavours of Mexico? Enjoy this great Mexican dining experience your family or friends and taste for yourself just why exactly Mexican cuisine is regarded as one of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. The many flavours, the colourful decorations and abundance in spices and ingredients at this restaurant are like your trip to Mexico.
    A casual place where you can dig into some great Mexican cuisines, the restaurant is available in Ampang, Subang Jaya and Damansara Heights. With easily accessible outlets, you can now tick “convenience” off your list but of course there’s the food aspect but we’ll get to that in a bit. Just to paint a picture for you, the restaurant is decked out with great decors giving you a feel of Mexico from hanging guitars to a beautiful chandelier made out of tequila bottles. Amazing isn’t it? It is after all a Mexican restaurant so you can expect some light tunes and colourful decors to take your mind to Mexico.
    Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for. The food – needless to say, Mexican food is so varied that you can’t just settle on 1 dish and so, this experience gives you and your fellow eaters the chance to sample multiple dishes of Mexico. For RM200, you will be entitled to order anything off the menu that amounts to that and this gives you freedom and choices in choosing what you’d want most. While we’re at it, we feel that we should recommend you order the sweet and juicy mussels in coriander and habanero or perhaps the superbly tender beef marinated and charbroiled to falling-off-the-bone perfection.
    Hungry yet? Why wait? Grab 3 of your family or friends and enjoy a real Mexican dining experience – the colours, the music and of course, the great food. Not to mention that this is THE place to go to for some of the best Margaritas in town! So, “Viva Mexico” and enjoy the great food and awesome Margaritas!
    This package includes:
    Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM200 inclusive of taxes
    NOTE: Any access of RM200 is payable directly to the restaurant on the day.
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    Code: KLCMDERM200F4

  3. 2D/1N Eco Farm Retreat for Group of 10

    2D/1N Eco Farm Retreat for Group of 10

    We all love going for trips and adventure with group of friends. Overdone with Bali or Phuket? Why not do something different this time and you can even save a lot of money without having to pay for flight tickets, expensive hotel stays and what not.

    Or if you are looking for a venue to celebrate a buck/hens/ birthday party - but with a twist - this would be the ideal experience for your group. Forget your luxurious 5 stars hotel stay, flashy travels as this is an experience to be humble, back to basic kind of lifestyle. 

    Sprawled across 260 acres lies the first and only Certified Organic Rice Farm in Malaysia. This unique farm in Johor provides easy, back to basic farmstays, for those who wants to be reunited with life at its simplest form without modern facilities. This farm is a fully integrated agro eco farm with unpolluted river water irrigating the farmland. The best part of all - this farm cultivates and produce genuine, best quality organic rice, vegetables, fruits and herbs and at the same ensuring that they are available at prudent and affordable prices. 

    Amenities in this farmstay is at its most basic level - a simple floating chalet with non-branded mattresses, pilows - surrounded by unpolluted river water. Challenge the group further with a mountain climbing at Gunung Lambak experience. This 4 hour experience will bring you and your group up close and personal with nature most natural flora and fauna. 

    Meals provided are mostly organic - such as organic rice, to locally grown vegetables and their very own Koref reared farm fish. It couldn't get more basic and organic and healthy than this! 

    This experience includes:-

    • 2D/1N stay at the floating chalet 
    • 4 meals : tea break, dinner, breakfast & lunch
    • Mountain climbing at Gunung Lambak for 10 pax with a guide (4 hours) 





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    Code: SKEFR2D1NEFRG10

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