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Pilot for a Day

"My girlfriend and I received this RedRibbon Days experience gift from a friend of ours for Christmas. I must say that we truly enjoyed the whole experience. Our pilot was very professional and friendly at the same time. He did a complete briefing on what we needed to know about the plane and how it operates. My girlfriend was the co-pilot for the day and she had a blast maneuvering the plane for a brief moment.To those aspiring to be a pilot, I would recommend this experience to start with. As for me, I wouldn't mind to go for this experience again :)"  

(Posted on 9/3/13)  Gunter 

Pilot for a day - 30 mins

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  1. Spa French Mani-Pedi

    Spa French Mani-Pedi

    French nails are versatile which is why it goes well from work to drinks to red carpet, in short it is simple and elegant to go along with any occasion. They can also be one of those makeup tricks that make you look naturally, effortlessly perfect. People standing 10 feet away may wonder if your beautiful nails are polished at all. French manicures were popular in the 1920s and 1930s and it is still in demand till today.

    One may ask what is the difference between French manicure and basic manicure? This experience is done on short to medium-length nails. The nails are shaped, either into a more rounded or squared shape. The tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nails are polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade unlike basic manicure where the whole nail is painted with colour.

    If you’re the kind that likes something simple, get this experience and be ready to SHOW off your nails!!

    This package includes:

    • Soak
    • Shaping
    • Cuticle Cleaning
    • Massage
    • Buffing
    • Nail colour

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  2. Basic Pedicure & Treatment for Her

    Basic Pedicure & Treatment for Her

    We usually pamper our hand fingernails more compared to the feet which is why we usually go for manicure treatment but little do we know caring for our feet fingernails are equally important too. Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point of time in their life partially due to lack of care for the nails this is where pedicure is recommended to clean and pamper your feet. Plus this experience also includes the whitening treatment that helps in discolouration of the nail.

    Get this experience and get your feet treated so when you go out you not only be able to FLAUNT your hand fingernails, you can also proudly FLAUNT your feet fingernails!!!

    Or if you know of a friend who have been whining about how dull her nails look, you can then get this experience for her as a gift to pamper herself.

    This package includes:

    • Soak
    • Shaping
    • Cuticle Cleaning
    • Scrub
    • Massage
    • Buffing
    • Hydro Whitening Treatment

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  3. Rejuvenating Enzymatic Facial

    Rejuvenating Enzymatic Facial

    Have you been wanting to treat yourself to a good facial? You may want to give this a try as this facial consist of fruit extracts using natural AHA enzymes bromelain and papain to exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance regeneration and renewal. This facial is a synergy of customised essential oils and natural skin renewing benefits combined to smoothen and nurture fine lines, balance skin tone and restore the skin natural luminous appearance for a bright fresh look. This experience starts of with a brief consultation with your therapist followed by removal of your make-up, cleansing your face and then continuing with your full treatment leaving you fresh at the end of the experience.

    Get this experience to enjoy a good 90 minutes relaxing fruity based facial for yourself or in fact it can be a nice gift for your special one as it is also suitable for men.

    This package includes:

    • Make-up remover
    • Face cleansing
    • Exfoliation
    • Steaming
    • Extraction
    • Mask
    • Face Massage
    • Moisturiser
    • Sunblock
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    Code: JMVFBCREF1

  1. De Infrared Rejuvenate Retreat For Couple

    De Infrared Rejuvenate Retreat For Couple

    An all planned out series of treatment experience is ready for you and your partner! Too lazy to plan? We got it covered!

    Infrared sauna helps your body to detoxify, relax and meditate! It also comes with a hyperthermia therapy that can heal chronic pain, muscle spasms, injury or scars.

    But wait, this experience is followed up with good old upper back massage followed with good old foot massage! Wait no more and indulge yourself in this healing journey.

    For this experience each of you will enjoy

    • Infrared sauna (20 minutes)
    • Upper back should message (40 minutes)
    • Foot massage (30 minutes)

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  2. De Foot Reflexology For Two

    De Foot Reflexology For Two

    Looking for a short and quick fix spa treatments with your partner? Enjoy this one hour experience with your partner! Our feet are known for having many reflex points that correspond to different body organs and systems. This is why we call it short and quick.

    Plus, they are working hard, it could not have been a better time to pamper than now! Focusing on massaging specific pressure points, internal organ functionality is enhanced throughout the experience.

    This experience includes

    • 60 minutes foot reflexology for two

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    Code: KADVDFRC

  3. De Guasha Traditional Massage Experience For Couple

    De Guasha Traditional Massage Experience For Couple

    If you are looking for a more traditional treatment, then look no further! For couple who truly love traditional chinese treatment, this would be perfect for you both!

    Guasha - For those of you whose wondering what Guasha is, Guasha or its literal meaning scraping, is a traditional chinese medical treatment to release unhealthy elements from the body and stimulates blood flow. This treatment produced light bruising as the skin is scraped.

    Sounds painful? Well, this treatment is acknowledged as traditional chinese medicine weight loss program as it seeks to activate and flushing the fluid fat cell. We know that we got you at 'weight loss'.

    This experience includes:

    • 2 hours of Guasha Traditional Massage For Two

    Just don't be suprised at the scraping marks after the treatment!

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  1. Thai Herbal Compress Massage For Couple

    Thai Herbal Compress Massage For Couple

    If you and your friend/partner a fan of medicinal herbs, this is perfect for you two! Natural herbals such as tamarind leaves, turmeric, bergamot peels, camphor, citronella, lemon grass, and black herbal seeds are compressed together to help to stimulate and relax your body.

    It is designed relieve pain and inflammation and the compressed ingredients are then applied  to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements. Fun fact: Thai royalty in the ancient times are totally into this. So now it's your turn!

    Pamper yourself together with this experience.

    This package includes:

    • 2 hours of Thai Herbal Compress Massage For Two

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  2. Malaysian Dining Delights - RM 200

    Malaysian Dining Delights - RM 200

    Come along with your friends or family to enjoy a good local meal in a contemporary restaurant setting. Grandmama's has delighted both local and foreign patrons with its renowned local delicacies. Each dish is prepared by the chef’s experienced hand, using the best ingredients just like our grandmother would.

    The dishes served here is a mix of Chinese, Nyonya and street food in large portions. A good place to unwind and relax to share the joy of everyday life.

    This package includes:

    • Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM 200

    Note: Price is inclusive of GST and service taxes

    THIS EXPERIENCE IS ONLY VALID UNTIL MARCH 2017. Vouchers bought should be redeemed latest by 31st March 2017. 

    . more >

    Code: JMGMDDRM200G4

  3. A Japanese Dining Experience - RM 200

    A Japanese Dining Experience - RM 200

    Planning to take your family for a good Japanese cuisine? This would be a good choice as they are known for their signature dish which is the deep-fried pork cutlets. Besides that, the other items on their menu are also worth trying.

    Their tonkatsu is well known for its tender and juicy pork fillet concealed in a layer of crunchy panko. Savoured with their signature sesame home-made sauce, one serving can always satiate the appetite but can never quench the craving. 

    You might be hungry already just reading this, so don’t waste any more time, get this experience and go ahead to treat your family!

    This package includes:

    • Redeem for any item from the menu for up to RM 200

    Note: This is a NON-HALAL RESTAURANT. Price is inclusive of GST and service taxes

    THIS EXPERIENCE IS ONLY VALID UNTIL MARCH 2017. Vouchers bought should be redeemed latest by 31st March 2017.

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    Code: JMTAJDERM200G4

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