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Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two 

"Hi team, I really had a good time at the Carcosa last week. I took my best friend and we really enjoyed the time there. Having tea in a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, it was simply GREAT!. I wanted to also comment maybe the tea could have more variety of food being offered. Being ramadhan, maybe they could have thrown in some local kuih as well. Something for them to consider I guess. I am really thankful that you had this experience. I never would have thought that you can actually go there. So thank you again!! God Bless and keep up the good work.:) Cheers!" - Mandip Kaur 

Carcosa Seri Negara Afternoon Tea for Two





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  1. Modern Heritage Family Vacation

    Modern Heritage Family Vacation

    Dive into the world of antiquity and old world charms with this experience, taking you and your family to the historic state of Melaka. That is not to say you will be sleeping in anything less than luxurious because this is after all a modern heritage family vacation.

    Housed in a historic building, your home-away-from-home showcases the fine cultures of the Peranakan traditions such as the Chinese Baroque and Chinese Palladin Style House. What sets this boutique hotel apart is its ability to transport you back in time to the yesteryears of Melaka and this is evident from the moment you walk in; antique furniture, Chinese Victorian and Dutch interior designs gives it a certain allure that is hard to come by. Additionally, the hotel is but a short distance away from the ever-popular Jonker Street as well as historic landmarks (Christ Church and A’Famosa) and the Mahkota shopping mall.

    To further hammer across the modern heritage experience is a spacious room that brings out the best of worlds, exuding old world charms with its detailed carvings and dark wood furnishings together with modern amenities. With 2 Queen sized beds, this room is perfect for your family of 4 giving all of you ample room to freely move around the room. Lay in bed watching your favourite shows on the flat screen TV or catch up on the latest news with wifi connectivity. Looking to get some air rather than staying in the room? Fret not and trudge the streets of Melaka in search of local delicacies or sit in the hotel’s courtyard with a cup of tea to admire what is often lost to us, a moment of peace and tranquillity.

    Soaked up the peace and tranquillity, the old world charms and alluring Peranakan culture to forever hold with you a special place in your mind for this home-away-from-home because there is nothing quite like a modern heritage family vacation with your loved ones.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Heritage Family Room
    • 2x Queen size beds
    • 1x Breakfast for 4 pax
    • Room provides wifi, air-conditioner, flat-screen TV with Astro channels, coffee, tea and complimentary can drinks


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm. Price quoted is inclusive of government tax and service charges.



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  2. A BBQ Buffet Dinner

    A BBQ Buffet Dinner

    It is no secret that we love to eat. In fact, the only thing we love more than eating is to look for new places to further feed our desires of eating. Thus, when we are presented with the opportunity to gobble down copious amounts of sirloin beef, salads and cream brulee we will not shy away from it.

    Your gluttonous evening is set in a delightful Japanese restaurant in IOI Boulevard serving a fusion of Japanese and Spanish victuals. This is the best way to indulge in your gluttonous tendencies for it is a BBQ buffet dinner. Everybody knows what that means – all you can eat goodness!

    Just what though would you be going for first? That’s the beauty of it; it is entirely up to you! While some may be more inclined to sticking to the traditional ways of dining choosing to start off with a salad before moving on to the BBQ grilled items and finishing up with desserts; others may just dive straight into the stars of the evening – the delicious lamb shoulders, tiger prawns and zucchini among others.

    The choice is yours but regardless, you will be guaranteed the satisfaction of a hearty meal with this experience. But what fun is it to enjoy all these food at your disposal alone? You don’t have to! Bring a friend or a family member and indulge in one of the best Japanese BBQ buffet dinners ever. Bring more friends if you feel the need because we can always customize this experience for a larger group.


    Sample Menu:

    • Assorted Lettuce
    • Sauces & Condiments
    • Cut of Fresh Vegetables
    • Leek & Potato Soup with Soft Roll
    • BBQ Grilled Items
    • Assortment of Fruits
    • Assortment of Desserts


    Note: This experience is available on Saturdays from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. Wastage will be charged RM7.00 per 100gm by the restaurant.

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  3. Microlight Scenic Flight for Group of 4

    Microlight Scenic Flight for Group of 4

    Glide and cruise in the sky while enjoying breathtaking views with this unique flying experience! Microlight aircraft evolved from hang-gliders and have an excellent 360 degree viewing platform as you feel the wind in your hair as you fly! It gives you a feeling of freedom; like a bird soaring in the air. This makes a perfect experience for you and your friends who share the same passion for flying.

    When you arrive for your experience, your instructor will give your group a pre-flight briefing. During this briefing you will learn the basics of flying a Microlight and about the safety requirements. You will then be seated and harnessed in the aircraft. After the safety checks have been completed you are ready for take-off! Each of you will have a chance to glide in the sky for approximately 15 minutes each.

    Once you are airborne you have the opportunity to take the controls and get a feel for flying the aircraft. Otherwise you can just sit back and enjoy the experience, taking in the beautiful views. Look out over the city of Negeri Sembilan and the coastline.

    Come on over and explore the joys of flying in a Microlight! It is definitely a unique experience which should be shared between your friends or loved ones.


    Package Includes:

    - 1x lunch meal set (prior to advance booking minimum of 1 week)

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  1. Hacienda Style Authentic Mexican Dining Experience for 4 at La Mexicana

    Hacienda Style Authentic Mexican Dining Experience for 4 at La Mexicana

    With several thousand miles between Malaysia and Mexico, it is not that hard to fathom the idea that there are very few avenues for Mexican cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. It has nothing to do with the difference in culture considering that the residents of both countries share one thing in common if there ever was one – our love for deliciously spicy food. So what is it then that leads us to the perception of a lack of authentic Mexican cuisine?

    We know you have probably heard it a million times about how this or that place is THE place for authentic Mexican cuisine but in this instance, there really is no hyperbole involved. So much so that even the decorative items of the restaurant are personally handpicked and brought back from the chef’s home country. Now that they have successfully transported you to Mexico, albeit for only a couple of hours, let’s get down to the sinful bits. Using age old traditional recipes and real Mexican ingredients (either home grown or flown in from Mexico), you will be introduced to an incredible variety of dishes from different parts of the country that reflects the gastronomy culture of Mexico under one roof.

    With RM600 to spare and 4 stomachs to fill, get in the thick of it with incredible margaritas mixed in perfect harmony – yes, no more Tequila burns (not as much anyway). Word of advice; order the ceviche Acapulco for it is to die for. Raw fish marinated in onion, lemon and Tabasco giving you an explosion of flavours to rival that of the famed sea port carrying the same name. That aside we have to ask you this; have you ever had pork tacos? No? Not yet anyway. One does not simply ignore pork tacos on the menu. The menu is elaborate and the food delicious that you might just feel like RM600 isn’t even enough.

    Are you licking your lips yet? We sure are! Such prowess in culinary does not go unnoticed so be sure to book well in advance or miss out on a Hacienda style authentic Mexican dining experience. Heck, even the ambassador of the Mexican embassy favours this particular joint (that in itself speaks volumes about the authenticity of the food).


    Package includes:

    • Redeem any item off the menu for up to RM600 (including government tax and service charges)



    • This experience is only available from Monday to Thursday 12.00pm – 11.00pm.
    • This experience can be customised to suit smaller groups.
    • This restaurant is non-halal and serves pork.
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  2. Tranquil Retreat For Two In Penang

    Tranquil Retreat For Two In Penang

    Take a trip to the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia for a tranquil retreat from the frantic pace of the city. Penang, a place where East meets West, is one of the hotbeds for vacations in the country and with treasures as precious as this it comes as no surprise.

    The resort has dedicated tremendous effort into building these traditional villas for the public and done so without affecting the integrity of the valley embodying this resort. It is by no means an easy task to upkeep these villas yet the comfort is of the highest order. Well furnished and equipped with quality amenities, you will probably not have a more comfortable encounter with nature. The highlight however, is nature itself and it is all around you. From tropical gardens to a pond-like swimming pool and a unique gymnasium; you are never out of reach with nature.

    As for the villa, your experience will entail a night in the Kemboja Traditional Villa set beside the stream that runs through the resort and a bottle of wine to make for a more memorable experience. As do all villas, you will find that space is something you have in abundance and fresh air is not even an issue here. It is especially tranquil when you spend time on the balcony where you are afforded views of the lush greeneries and clear skies almost inducing the God-perspective.

    Is it any wonder why people desire to have their own home tucked away in the mountains to retreat to every now and then? Sometimes a change of pace is all we need to rejuvenate our lives and this experience does that to absolute precision.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Kemboja Traditional Villa (by the stream)
    • 1 Complimentary Bottle of Wine
    • Air-conditioning and TV
    • Garden, swimming pool and gymnasium


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.



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  3. Perfect Hideaway for Two at Fig Tree Hill

    Perfect Hideaway for Two at Fig Tree Hill

    It has been far too long since you have last spent time with nature but that streak is about to end. Say goodbye to the concrete jungle for a night (or two, if you wish) and find yourself in the warm embrace of nature once again.

    Find yourself lost in the lush green valley of rich tropical surroundings in Sungai Ara, Penang for the perfect hideaway. This sanctuary can boast with conviction that the grass may not always be greener on the other side because you can hardly find any other place in Penang with such lush greeneries. No matter how many times you look at it, the beauty of nature hits home every time with sceneries of a placid estuary and tropical surroundings.

    Thus, spending a night here truly is an experience altogether. Spacious, beautiful, serene and most importantly eco-friendly; the Cempaka Traditional Villa will prove a worthy vacation home-away-from-home. While the idea is to spend some time away from the city and more time with nature, you will still have access to well-equipped facilities and an ever-attentive group of staff to cater to your every whim. As you wake from your slumber, trudge down the steps (made out of old train tracks), grab yourself a cup of coffee and step out to your balcony overlooking the resort. Greeted by the cool morning air of nature with scenic views and the morning sun shining upon your face – tell us that does not sound heavenly!

    To add to your experience is a bottle of wine to make for that tranquil night sitting in the balcony with wine in one hand and a book in the other. Or if you would like to get your sweat on then head over to their gym and we assure you have never worked out while staring at such stunning sceneries ever. A 30-minute drive from Georgetown is looking more and more like a fair trade-off now.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Cempaka Traditional Villa (overlooks the resort)
    • 1 Complimentary Bottle of Wine
    • Air-conditioning and TV
    • Garden, swimming pool and gymnasium


    Note: Check-in time is 2.00pm and check-out time is 12.00pm.

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  1. One Piece – Group of 6

    One Piece – Group of 6

    Fans of One Piece come one, come all! Take on the role of the pirate king wannabe and work tirelessly with your crew to get out of this deserted cabin together. By some weird circumstance, your sea voyage has taken you to a mysterious and deserted cabin with no recollection whatsoever.

    Decked out in the theme of the straw hat pirates of the One Piece universe, you will be presented with challenges of riddles and puzzles. Like a true pirate, one must be resourceful and pick up items in the cabin to use to full effect.

    As you explore further into this mysterious cabin, discover the means and reason as to why you and your crew were brought here in the first place. Be warned though as the secrets that lie ahead may not be secrets you would want to uncover.

    Package includes:
    • A dedicated game master to guide you through
    • Introduction to the game, setting and rules will be provided prior to commencement



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    Code: KCOPGO6

  2. The Curse of Pharoah - Group of 6

    The Curse of Pharoah - Group of 6

    The chance to play Indiana Jones is yours to take should you feel like you are up for the challenge. Picture yourself in a desolate chamber in ancient Egypt where either great fortune await or impending doom (depending on how you play the game). Of course there won’t really be any real doom to it but if you believe in it enough, it would seem real and that is what this chamber does with aplomb.

    You and your ragtag team of researchers will traverse this chamber to uncover the tomb of Pharaoh Rmases II in limited time to get what you came for and get out. Many have tried but failed with one notable archaeologist paving the way for all who comes after him, leaving behind a note which will act as your first clue. As you trudge deeper into the unknown you will uncover items, clues, puzzles and riddles that will test your mettle not just as an individual but also as a team.

    Channel your inner-Indiana and pull through this challenging chamber of secrets. Will you find the light and be led to greener pastures just like Moses did or will the sleeping ghost of the Pharaoh lead you astray? Here lies thousands of years of the Pharaoh’s tomb waiting for you to uncover but be prepared for the cost of knowing such great secrets.


    Package includes:
    • A dedicated game master to guide you through
    • Introduction to the game, setting and rules will be provided prior to commencement



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    Code: KCTCOPGO6

  3. Fly like an Air Race Pilot– 30 minutes (4 Seater Cessna)

    Fly like an Air Race Pilot– 30 minutes (4 Seater Cessna)

    Since its initial conception in 2003, the air race is definitely an event not to be missed for all aviation enthusiast. Held in putrajaya this year amidst its breath-taking scenery, this year’s show is bound to be a thrilling one. Which is why we are especially pleased to present to you our ‘fly like a Air Race Pilot-30 minute flying experience’ where you not only get a feel of being a pilot, but also get to invite two of your closest friends or loved ones to join in as passengers! This experience package is perfect for those who've always wanted to learn how to fly a plane. A great experience to get a glimpse of how to fly and who knows, maybe after the session, you may want to sign up for a pilot license?

    On the day, you will be greeted by your pilot who will bring you to the hangar area where the plane is parked. If you're lucky, you will also get to see up close other private planes, jets and even helicopters.

    Before you begin your flight, the pilot will take you through a pre-flight briefing session for you to learn some basic pre-flight inspection of your aircraft. This on-site briefing includes checking the condition of the plane such as oil and safety checking. This will take about 10-15 minutes.

    After your briefing and inspection, you are now ready to take-off and experience how it feels like to be a pilot! This part of the experience will take about 30 minutes, including taxing and landing the
    plane on the runway. You will personally see how a pilot controls a plane to take-off and land. The best part is you may get a chance to help manoeuvre the plane in the 'safe zone' - an aviation term for when the plane has stabilised and is up in the air. Depending on how confident you are, the pilot will allow participants to take over the controls 80% of the time as he will only be in charge of take-off and landing. Depending on sky traffic, total time in the air usually lasts for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

    Once you land, there will be a short de-brief and Q&A session between you and your pilot. What’s more is, we here at RedRibbon Days are taking this opportunity to give out complimentary weekend tickets to the Red Bull air show worth RM379 at Putrajaya- thus completing this experience. So go ahead and take advantage of this experience that is sure to re-hash any forgotten desires to fly and soar.

    Package Includes:
    1 Complimentary  Air Race-weekend tickets for the 17th & 18th May, 2014-Zone A, worth RM369.00.
    (This experience must be redeemed by May 10th, 2014)

    IMPORTANT: Please note that cancellation and reschedules has to be done 72 hours prior to the scheduled experience. Vouchers will become void for any no show or last minute cancellations.


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