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Glamping Rendezvous

First foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Red Ribbons for arranging such an wonderful experience. To further add on, I received EXCELLENT customer service from Ramyah which made the planning for this experience smooth sailing. The service was simply remarkable and should be adopted by all individuals in the service line.

On the other hand, Tanah Aina was simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the experience. The staff were well manner and possessed good hospitality. They were warm and welcoming. The environment was clean ( No flies were swatted) and the waitress were efficient and kept to  top cleanliness.

The experience was simply adventurous ( wasn't much rough and tough though... but enjoyable) and most importantly the concept of instilling about conserving the nature was an eye opener. 

To sum up, the ambiance in Tanah Aina was just breathtaking. Strongly recommended! Cheers and well done again!!


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  1. A Chrysler Stretch Limousine Experience

    A Chrysler Stretch Limousine Experience

    Crisp lines and sophisticated details make the Chrysler Stretch Limousine the ultimate status symbol, providing it’s travellers with an extra helping of stature and pizzazz. Award winning comfort and quality are benchmarks of top range quality limousines, presenting passengers with cutting edge style and impeccable interior space. With such exquisite craftsmanship, this Chrysler Stretch Limousine is perfect for events, weddings, a night out and about town or even to chauffeur your client for an important business meeting. The Chrysler is sure to make a big impression!

    Your journey begins with your personal chauffeur promptly waiting at your limo as he holds the door open and courteously greets each of you with a smile. Immerse yourself with its interior space concept, which makes for a first-class ambiance combined with outstanding comfort for you and your guest. Not to mention effortlessly superior handling, remains virtually unaffected. Your limousine will be fully equipped with amenities that are sure to impress.

    Our personalised services epitomise the finest in chauffeured opulence. It is unquestionably true that you can always rely on our team of professionals for a safe, reliable and stress-free ride every time. All that is required from you is to be prepared to be treated like true star for a day!


    This Package Includes:
    • A 5 hour chauffeured driven Chrysler Stretch Limousine experience
    • Be driven to anywhere within the Klang Valley
    • Includes two pick up and drop off locations. (within Klang Valley)
    • The car sits up to a maximum of 7pax and 1 chauffeur


    Note : Kindly take note that certain areas may not be accessible due to the size of the car.


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  2. A RM200 Dining Experience at Adeq Sue Ikan Bakar

    A RM200 Dining Experience at Adeq Sue Ikan Bakar

    Malay food is part of the colourful culture and lifestyle that makes Malaysia truly Asia. The people here are proud of their food and its world-renowned claim to being one of the most hospitable country’s here in Asia.

    Situated in a quant setting that is Trengganu, it is definitely the perfect excuse to give this experience a -GO. Be prepared for a dining experience with all the works that you’ll find from a typical Malaysian restaurant. From the excellent food and the warm and hospitable service by their team of dedicated staff who loves nothing better than to hear from our customer that they have had a lovely dining experience! Oh and don’t forget that sharing is caring so bring your friends.

    Package includes:
    •Redeem any item off the menu for up to RM200 (including government tax and service charges)

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  3. A Water Orbing Experience for Group of 10

    A Water Orbing Experience for Group of 10

    With school holidays being in session, this experience may just be the ticket for ensuring buckets of fun and laughter. Introducing - a Water Orbing experience! A fun acrobatic water sport that is a MUST TRY for everyone.

    Your senses will run wild as you roll in a huge 3 metre inflatable ball. Round, massive and bouncy; when it spins, so will you! If you’re wondering what Orbing ride is all about, come on over and experience it for yourself as all we can say is that it will leave you and your friends and family tearing with laughter and joy!

    Walk on the water, or even float on the water without getting wet as you will be protected by the giant phere which is the orb.  It’s been used by companies and malls all over the world for product presentations of all types. How to use the water sphere? Walk, run, dog paddle, roll around on the water and interact like never before. The rush is insanely exhilarating! Everyone will truly enjoy themselves and this is a day out that everyone will never forget!


    This package includes: 

    • An orbing experience for a group of 10pax.


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    Code: NCUEAWOEFG10

  1. An In Colonial Private Bespoke Dining Experience with Wine Pairing - Group of 6

    An In Colonial Private Bespoke Dining Experience with Wine Pairing - Group of 6

    With the countless lists of restaurants all over the city, one stands out as a hidden gem amongst them. In colonial is a charming restaurant laced with old world charm. Hidden strategically and conveniently on the ground floor of the Intermark building, this restaurant will woe you with its friendly restaurant staff and an ambience guaranteed to take you back in time.

    In Colonial, just minutes away from the Petronas Twin Towers, offers a dining experience faithful to Western-Chinese culinary traditions. Diners enjoy a menu designed to showcase Oriental dishes with a touch of British influence.

    You and your group will be treated to an exclusive bespoke menu which will be paired with wines to match your meal. Furthermore you will also have all the privacy you could possibly hope for as you and your group will be hosted in their private room. In Colonial is truly an old-world gem in an increasingly modern world worth every penny and chilling paid – a journey back to the exquisite British colonial era.


    This package includes:

    • An exclusive bespoke menu will be provided for your group
    • This Dinning experience comes with Wine pairing


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  2. A Taste of Malabar!

    A Taste of Malabar!

    “Malabar Palace” is a unique dining place which offers diners a southern Indian journey of gastronomical proportion. Behold, as you and your pallet are exposed to the authenticity and inventive creations whipped up by their cooking staff who continually strive to elevate the dining experience by following the changing food trends in the gourmet industry.

    Famed for their specialities such as the Malabar biryani; which is exquisite in taste and aroma. Usually chicken is preferred as an ingredient but variants of mutton and egg are also used; another favourite is their Kallummakaya (Green mussel). Even their vegetarian options are great, as they’ve skilfully managed to incorporate a contemporary twist  on traditional recipes.

    So if you’re a true foodie at heart and enjoy weekend food adventures or if you know someone who is a foodie at heart then ‘A Taste of Malabar!’ experience may just be what you’re looking for. With this wide range of specialties to try from you will be spoilt for choices.


    This package includes:

    • This experience allows you to choose any food and beverages from our a-la-carte menu worth up to RM150.00


    NOTE: Voucher value is inclusive of goods and service tax.


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    Code: NCMPATOMG4

  3. RM100 Haagen-Dazs Gift Voucher

    RM100 Haagen-Dazs Gift Voucher

    Looking for a gift that guarantees a sweet ending? Look no further as this experience allows the recipient to enjoy a delightful, sweet journey with Haagen Dazs. This experience allows the recipient to order any items from the ala-carte menu up to the stated amount. We strongly recommend banana split - a timeless creative of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream served with caramel banana, strawberries and crispy waffle. Or perhaps, tease your palate and try a variety of our Haagen Dazs Shake or Sorbet Freeze.

    This experience allows you to choose any food & beverages from the a-la-carte menu worth up to RM100.00

    NOTE: Voucher value is inclusive of goods and service tax.

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    Code: SWHDRM100HDGVC

  1. Pits N’ Dips – BBQ Rendezvous

    Pits N’ Dips – BBQ Rendezvous

    Pits N’ Dips BBQ Rendezvous is an experience perfect for corporate events, team building or just a general day out of fun with your friends and family. It is all the fun of having a barbeque without the hassle of setting up before and cleaning up after.

    Held in the cozy, clean and safe neighbourhood of Park Lane in Kuching, Sarawak; your experience takes place in a big beautiful detached house within the residential area of Park Lane. A compound consisting of a beautiful garden and a dip pond, it offers ample room to relax and mingle while enjoying great food.

    For 4 hours and everything provided, all you have to do is decide how you want to cook your own food. Chew on delicious marinated BBQ chicken wings and sausages, lamb chops, salads and the staple diet of rice and noodles. Decorations are also provided albeit simple and themed according to the nature of the event.

    Pits N’ Dips BBQ Rendezvous promises that fun and the food keeps coming fast because there is nothing more frustrating than having to stand and wait for your food.


    This package includes:

    • Decorations – simple (according to nature of event)

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  2. Beach Villa Escape for Four – 2D/1N

    Beach Villa Escape for Four – 2D/1N

    If a family east coast beach holiday is what you're looking for, then look no further as we present to you a free and easy getaway experience in a tropical paradise! Located in Bachok, just 48 kilometers from Kota Bahru, this makes a great beach getaway. The unparalleled beauty of nature and the luxury of creature comforts are brought together perfectly here at Villa Danialla.

    This experience is an overnight stay at our Villa Sarah, where the whole family can relax and unwind at this Mediterranean styled abode, which is outfitted with one king sized bed and two single beds. This two bedroom villa also offers the unique option of a large indoor bathroom or an outdoor bamboo stick shower.

    This holiday is just about you and your loved ones spending time together – so feel free to do whatever you want; whether it's lazing on the beach or at our infinity pool. Alternatively, you can partake in the various sports activities such as beach volley ball, table tennis, American pool or you can speak to our friendly receptionists if you'd like to visit Kota Bharu town.


    This package includes:

    • 2 days, 1 night stay in the Villa Sarah
    • Complimentary breakfast for four
    • Room facilities include TV, air-conditioned rooms, mini bar, hot shower


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  3. Be the VIPs at Torii’s – Group of 4

    Be the VIPs at Torii’s – Group of 4

    Would you just look at them, that group of sharply dressed people being wined and dined to perfection in there? I wonder who they are and what I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes, both literally and figuratively. Oh wait, that’s just a reflection, it is in fact you staring back at your own reflection.
    Indeed, for tonight you and your merry band of friends are the VIPs at Torii’s and man is life good or what. As you walk in the cast iron swing door, you are greeted with an atmospheric, wood accented sanctuary filled with the aromas of fine Japanese food. From there you are escorted to your not-so-humble abode – the VIP room. Fitted with brown sofas of the 1960s surrounded by Japanese-style wooden walls, the VIP room is on a separate world isolated from the rest for maximum privacy. One can say images of top executives with a cigar in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other pops into mind when presented with such a lavish room.
    Now, we can’t be having what everyone else is having, not for a VIP. For you VIPs, a customised menu will be prepared beforehand and is exclusive to you and you alone. Inform us prior to your arrival of your exquisite taste and the kitchen will work tirelessly to please your discerning taste buds. To ensure you will be carefully attended to every step of the way, the head chef himself will be hosting your sojourn and cater to your every whim.
    Oh bless the perks of being a VIP. Here at Torii’s, when you are a VIP you are the cream of the crop. Treating you with such style and substance, you may as well redefine the expression of dining in style to this experience at Torii.
    This package includes:
    • An exclusive bespoke menu hosted by the head chef (Menu is customised and not available to anyone else)
    • Being wined and dined in Torii’s VIP room
    Important Note : This experience requires one week's prior notice at the very least.
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